Monday, December 16, 2013

Beautiful Bella Bunny...

This is Beautiful Bella Bunny.  She is my gift from my friend Kay.  Kay is my sister Marie's best friend yet I am happy to say she is also my friend.  Kay's daughter Star actually hand made Bella.  Star has made many bunny girls and boys and Kay had shown me some of them earlier this year.  Star does a wonderful job on every detail.  Bella (I named her) has a lovely grey dress with red and black accents.  She also has soft grey eyes to match her dress.  Her long pink lined ears are very sweet and she has a flower bow adorning one ear.  I am so in love with Bella.  My heartfelt thanks to Kay and her daughter for gifting me this bunny.

Here is the back of Bella showing more details.  Star even hand makes the little ribbon roses that adorn her belt.  Bella is posing on the top of my bedroom wing chair for these photos.  

Being a proper lady Bella did want to let you have a peek at her matching red bloomers.  I must say I wasn't quite so ladylike in the restaurant opening my gifts.  Every table around us knew exactly how excited I was to receive Bella.  Hand made gifts from the heart are the very best kind of all.  Thank you Kay and Star!!!

This is proof that you can have a holiday open house for neighbors and keep it very simple.  Mr. C invited the neighbors for a Road Maintenance meeting without even thinking of the fact that is was December 15th and holiday time.  I put the fun in the gathering with some food and hot mulled cider.  We still have snow so I knew warmth would be good.

Simple nibbles...pistachios, crackers, salami and cheeses.  I think my toothpicks were a hit.  I have shared them before.  Easy and quick to make up.  I glue small sparkly beads onto wooden toothpicks and they add to the festivities.  No close up photo this time but you get the idea.

And my favorite foods...sweets.  Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, iced gingerbread cookies and some very delicious dark chocolate with almonds, cranberries and ginger.  Thank you Trader Joe's for being so awesome and having such excellent options.  I did bake the cupcakes at least.  There were 11 of us and it lasted about 4 hours.  Everyone left with smiles and happy tummies.  One neighbor was sick with a cold and said the hot mulled cider really helped her feel better.  Festive and simple afternoon.
I will be playing Santa's elf wrapping gifts and organizing more of my lists today.  I am afraid I have repeated my every year affliction...I am never done until the morning of December 25th and the day has begun!
Looks like many of you have gotten organized and finished early this year.  Able to enjoy the magic of the season and truly relish every joyful moment.  Maybe next year I will be better...hmmm...Santa, I was better than bad this year.
Merry Christmas Bliss to all...


  1. Love your Bella. I love bunnies and so did my mom. I have a couple she had given me and put them out for Easter, but there is one in my craft room I have out year round.
    Would love to see your toothpicks. I just bought some today to put out on Christmas day for the finger founds. Maybe I can make some.

  2. Can see Bella is going to be well loved and love the bloomers, think I could do with some for when the cold weather hits us.

    Have not had mulled cider, sounds delicious, is it easy to do? I do love a glass of cider in the summer, this sounds good for an Xmas treat

  3. Bella is Beautiful. What a great treat for you and then returning the blessing for the neighbours!

  4. Oh Sherry, I want to come over~~ What a wonderful time you all had. Love your kitchen and island filled with goodies and mulled cider to share with your gathering neighbors.
    I am sure all really enjoyed a festive time!!

    Bella is adorable. What a gorgeous bunny!! Love those red bloomers!! Your friend is very talented!!
    Enjoy the day and stay warm.
    XO Celestina Marie

  5. I'll be wrapping right along with you! : ) I'm not expecting the last of my gifts to arrive until Thursday {according to Amazon}. I ordered 2-3 weeks ago, too, so it seems like they took longer this year to get stuff to me.

  6. Bella is so sweet! Homemade gifts really are the best kind, so thoughtful of her. Did you say pumpkin cupcakes? They sound delicious!

  7. Sherry ,you are amazing, all you accomplish is fantastic.
    So many gift wrappings, the party, filled with yummy things to eat, and even you have Traders Joe, it takes a lot of time, and heart to do such!! Remember not to stress, my dear.
    Your sweet bunny gift Bella is so sweet looking - how lovely of your friend and her daughter .
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. A fabulous simple (I'm sure it wasn't as simple as you say) gathering, and a chance to show off your sweet Bella - love that she has red bloomers! Happy Holidays, dear friend...can't wait for Christmas!

  9. Bella is absolutely gorgeous!! What a sweet gift!! I love her red bloomers!! And your arrangement of goodies for your neighbors looks so delicious!! Pumpkin cupcakes...yum!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Your friend Kay did a beautiful job, I love your Bella and her little red bummers are so cute.
    I so agree with you, can have a simple open house. Your set up looks beautiful, warm and welcoming. The best part is to spend the time with our friends. Wishing you and your Mr. C a Merry Christmas and a new year full of blessing.

  11. You turned a necessary meeting into a wonderful holiday gathering. No wonder everyone left happy. I love the idea of fancy handmade toothpicks!!

  12. Sherry, you leave me breathless. Handwriting Christmas cards and package labels alone overwhelms me. Sometimes it takes me an hour of shifting between this that and the other just to get a letter in the mail. FOCUS becomes my mantra. Thank you for your sweet comments on my little blog posts. It makes me happy that you take the time to cheer me on. Wishing you warm and crafty holidays. Let's hope that cold weather goes some place far far away. Charlotte

  13. Bunnies are the best! What a wonderful gift to have from a special friend. Handmade gifts are so much better than ones bought from a store.

    hugs, Lynnie

  14. What a charming bunny Bella is! Thanks for sharing your tips on sparkly toothpicks - great idea!

    Enjoy your holiday season!

  15. Just a darling bunny.

    Hugs Diane

  16. Bella is a pretty lady, love those bloomers!

  17. Bella is adorable!!! And she now has such a wonderful home!!! Your food looks so inviting...lucky folks! Happy Holidays!!!

  18. What a cute bunny! I made some similar to that for my mom years and years ago. ;-)
    Looks like your spur of the moment holiday/road maintenance party was a success. Definitely proof that all you need to have a good time are good friends and a wee bit of cider and snacks.
    And thank you so much for the tissue keeper and shoe ... they're so very sweet!!!!

  19. I hope you-all have a very happy, happy, happy New Year!


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