Thursday, December 5, 2013

Checking Off Lists...

Not very much is happening in the creative studio.  I stitched some tissue holders.  I used some fancy fabrics that have metallic silvers or golds.  I like these to hold tissues for pockets or purses.  And they are easy for gifts that require mailing.  With the high costs of postage these are fairly affordable to mail inside a Christmas Card.  I wrap them in lightweight tissue paper to keep the envelope from getting too bulky.

Since I have not been very productive in the sewing room or studio I can show you my desk the past few days.  Lots of packaging and mailings.  I prefer to still hand address and hand write each and every Christmas card I send out.  Yes, it takes a very lot of time however I feel it means more to the recipient if they see I have taken the time to relate to them with a personal message.  Am I checking off my lists?  Yes! Thank goodness I wrote out my lists as they are helping me stay focused and on target.  Today Mr. C and I had a list of errands and we thankfully accomplished every thing...except the smog test on our vehicle in order to register it before time runs out.  Can you believe two smog stations are swamped with work and have approximately 4 hour waits?  Who knew?!!!  
Our weather is extremely cold.  The decks have ice on them that hasn't melted in two days.  The pond is frozen and I could have sworn I saw Zippy Chippy the chipmunk and his squirrely friends ice skating across it singing Christmas carols and having a winter blast.  Well at least it made me smile.  I hope you are safe across the states as the snow and ice are causing great difficulties.  We are expecting snow very soon.
I am enjoying everyone's holiday decorations.  Many are very serene and calm in theme and that is so refreshing during this hectic busy season.  Thank you bloggers for always sharing so generously.  As always I love reading your comments and suggestions.  Mr. C says I am addicted to blogging and comments.  I say that is a very reasonable and healthy addiction.  Oh yes...chocolate too!  My latest craze is See's Sugar Free Dark Bar.  At first I thought why bother?  Then I tasted them and they are yummy.  I feel like I am being a bit better than bad.  Well, it makes sense to me and I am the one who has to weigh in each week and be accountable.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Enjoy Creative Bliss and December Delights Dears...


  1. I am getting lazy in my 'old' age...only write messages on family (out of towners) Christmas are very thoughtful.

  2. Sounds like you're doing great with your lists. No impersonal group letter from me either. I hate those. Each card and note is hand written and directed at the individual recipients.

  3. Those tissue holders look like very sweet little somethings to mail out this time of year. It sounds like you're being very good at knocking off your to-do list items. :-)

  4. My, you are a veritable factory of good things! Bloggers are wonderful. My hubby was gone 12 hours today and I'm home in the boonies so blog comments are just like having company! ;)

  5. little purses are very nice. Wrote my cards yesterday, I have only a few to send, about 20, will post the overseas ones on monday, another job out of the way

  6. We have such hot weather here in Florida, it is horrible. The humidity is horrible as well. I so wish we could have some cold weather. I am not asking for much, just in the 60's and not the 80's and 90's.
    I guess we would have to move inorder to get cold weather.
    Glad you are able to accomplish some of your gift giving. I have had not time to even take pictures of my home decorations and share them on my blog. I am busy this week shopping for an evening dress for the Christmas party. I did find 2 yesterday but now I need the shoes.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Ana

  7. I am in awe of your organizational skills here. Your tissue pouches are amazing! You are a beautifully, talented, creative elf! xo

  8. Those tissue pouches are so creative and fabulous!! I love that you can mail them as gifts!! So awesome!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Dear Sherry,
    For me to see you are creating so very much, and finishing so many lovely gifts, so I don`t agree with you, that you made only a little , you are very productive my friend.
    The tissue holders are wonderful gifts.
    Here it is so col d, too, and we are having a huge storm, yesterday and today ...I hope it will soon end!!

  10. More beautiful creations Sherry, they look great! ~Diane

  11. I can see the post office will be busy with your upcoming visit! Glad to hear you are enjoying the decorations. Window shopping at this time of year is one of my favourite things to do. Bitterly cold here today too but am thankful the sun is out. Just came back from a very brisk walk!

  12. Oh how I love checking things off my many lists. Great job, Sherry. ...and I am going to use your phrase "a bit better than bad" if Santa asks me whether or not I've been good this year. LOL

  13. You must have had more elves to come over to help! You get so much done! It is very cold here as well one snow storm yesterday and perhaps another tomorrow! I did get some cooking done today, boiled custard...I think it would have been easier to buy it! I does taste good though.

  14. Your little tissue holders are a great way of using up all those oddments of material. I like to hand write my cards at christmas time too and put a note in each one of what we have been up to in the past year. Tailor made for each friend as they all have different interests. Takes time but I feel it is worth it. Thankyou for all your kind comments on my blog. I very much appreciate each and every one.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  15. What cute and practical little gifts-/ your tissue holders are just so pretty and perfect-- I love that they mail so easy.

    It must feel good to be checking things off your busy list-- same here.

    Oh it's so miserable cold here too-- I'm so not a winter person!!


  16. I remember one year my mother made a slew of little tissue holders in pretty fabrics like this! They really are useful, and so cute! Love yours! Happy Holidays and Best wishes from Texas! :)

  17. Sherry your posts are always such a delight and straight from your heart. I too hand write each and every card I send. They have all gone out right after Thanksgiving as I started early this year. Love your darling tissue holders. These are so nice for gifts.

    Glad your list was checked off. Always a great accomplishment. Enjoy the season and wishing you a wonderful December day.
    Hugs from bitter cold Texas,
    Celestina Marie


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