Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Favorite Month...

August is my favorite month of the year.  I love Summer and August is all Summer for me.  There are also eleven birthdays celebrated in this month of August.  My daughter is the very most special as she was the first person I ever knew with an August birthday...except me.  Happy Birthday Jenifer Michelle!    I know I have shared in past years that having an August birthday growing up was not much fun.  No cupcake school class parties...summer and school was out.  Now I know lots of August people and I am so happy to celebrate them.  I made this Peridot colored pearl and Swarovski crystals bracelet for my "twin" birthday sister...of course she is years younger than I.  Happy Birthday Suz.

I also made this fabric envelope and gifted it in August.  It has a little green bead zipper charm.

My neice is August born and I recently got to visit with her when she and her husband flew out here from Michigan for a West Coast vacation.  I created this blue bracelet with a very blingy skull bead just for her. Happy Birthday Meg.

This is one of those wonderful pocket cards I have been making and it contained a gift for someone else this month.

Now for a "little" project I am working on.  Most of my ribbons are jumbled in this container.  When I need a ribbon I either cannot find it, cannot untangle it, or I don't even bother to look.  I hate to stop what I am creating and run to the store for ribbon.  So I decided it is time to untangle this mess and see what I do and do not have in the ribbon department.

Of course I had a rack of hooks I paid 25 cents for at the thrift store one day.  Mr. C grumbled a lot but hung it up for me where I wanted it.  Thank goodness we agree this is MY room and I can close the door so it doesn't have to bother him with its artsy cluttered ways.  I even had the large binder rings to hang on the hooks.  Tiny investment for a big return.  This is just the beginning and now it is much fuller. I love how the colors and widths of ribbons look hanging where I can see and utilize them.  Note to self:  "Do not buy anymore ribbon for a really long time!"

And Happy Birthday to Sandy along with a huge Thank You for these beautiful pink roses, tulips and carnations she sent to me.  Happy Birthday Blessings to all August born.  Thank you to each of you who wished me Happy Birthday here and on FaceBook.  I am very blessed and grateful.  Mr. C was extra generous to me this year and I no longer have to want for an iPad Air, Invisible Glass Shield or Zagg Keyboard and cover.  (I normally do not announce gifts but this was such a surprise and now I shall no longer be whining about not having one!)  Thank you Mr. C so very much for such a wonderful surprise! He knows how terribly non-technical I am and couldn't imagine why I wanted such an item.  Now to learn how to use this amazing gift.  I know lots of you have iPads and know lots of tips so I am all ears.
Our weather continues to be Fall like and cooler than normal and still with no rain what-so-ever.  Today I saw trees that are already turning Fall colors.  School is back in full session around here.  Summer is over and so quickly I might add.  Now on to lots more as August comes to a close.  Creative Bliss and may you be enjoying your days to the fullest...


  1. What beautiful bracelets! Lucky you for such a nice birthday gift, that Mr. C is a keeper! The trees are beginning to show their fall colors here as well.

  2. Hi Sherry. What a sweet posts for those celebrating birthdays. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Enjoy your new technical toy. So well deserved. By the way I love the organization of your ribbons. You are right about now it being much easier to grab the right piece. I am sure it took a while to separate and untangle, but well worth it.
    Our weather is so hot and muggy and rain rain. Can't seem to stop raining here in the Sunshine state.
    Happy crafty hugs, Ana

  3. Wow, what gorgeous bracelets and gift bag!! They are so beautiful!! Happy belated birthday!! Enjoy your new toys!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Happy Birthday Sherry! Such pretty makes...inside and out! I don't think I've ever seen that much ribbon outside of a store! LoL

  5. beautiful creations, beautiful gifts, clever ribbon organization and a wonderful husband, what more could you need, lol, take care,

  6. Happy Birthday Sherry for the other day!
    My ribbons aren't all that neat either, but your way of organising them has inspired me. I tend to just have them in bags, colour day I'll be organised!!! Hhahaha (mad laughter!!).
    Judy xx

  7. Happy Belated Birthday. Great ribbon idea. I need to sort my ribbons also. Your Mr. C is definitely a keeper.

  8. You've been such a busy bee, my dear! I'm sure your gifts will be appreciated and cherished! August Birthday Blessings!
    Donna and Tag

  9. Lovely gift projects! And the ribbon- wow. I must admit that I like looking at the jumble with all that color heaped up and overflowing. But certainly your storage solution is clever and you can actually get to the color you want now. Sorting and storing is definitely a challenge will all the supplies in our workrooms!

  10. Happy Birthday Sherry! No August birthdays in our family, but hubby and I celebrated our anniversary almost 2 weeks ago. Love your ribbons! I wind my ribbons around old thread spools and clothespins to keep them from getting tangled up, but they look so pretty the way you have yours hanging.

  11. You have made August special. Good for you!!!

  12. Oh, sorry, dear Carolyn but a belated birthday greeting to you- I have been so occupied lately . I hope your day was wonderful, -the gifts from your husbond are great all.
    The bracelets you made for other birthdayes looks beautiful both, and the envelopes are wonderful, both the paper one, and your sewn one.
    Here fall has also slowly arrived!!

  13. Sherry, thank you so much for the wonderful birthday gifts! You spoiled me, indeed! i love my bracelet and fabric envelope.
    Yes, i always felt a little sorry for myself having an August birthday. There were seldom parties with everyone on holidays, or preparing for back-to-school. I only ever knew 1 other August Birthday lady until I met you! Now, celebrating is twice as much fun!
    Oooh, Mr.C did good! We don't usually do prezzies--dinner out and a movie is the norm. But, wow!
    Happy Birthday Sis!!

  14. Goodness happy birthday to everyone, they sure were lucky to get such beautiful gifts from you.....Now, lets talk about your ribbon....What..I'm so OCD I get the shakes just looking at the "Before" pictures lol! Ribbon searching will be so much easier now! Enjoy the cooler weather...We should have it here in Orlando in about 2 months!


  15. Wish I could send you a cupcake!!! Happy end of August and happy belated BD!

  16. Happy belated Birthday wishes to you. All your made presents are lovely especially those gorgeous bracelets. The weather is supposed to be hotting up here I n the UK so hiope we are in for a bit of Indian Summer. It has been nice today. hugs Mrs A.

  17. happy birthday to all you birthday girls, think Suz is the Suz I follow so special greeting to her and you. Ribbons now look all tidied up. trust they will stay that way and I am sure you will be using them far more often now they are untangled

  18. Hi Sherry and Happy Belated Birthday. The roses are gorgeous.
    August is a favorite of mine too as our anniversary is the 11th and our son was born 3 years later on the 10th.
    We have other family members sharing their days in August too.

    Love your ribbon organization. Mine are in a drawer and I am constantly trying to keep them straight on their roll. Your hooks are a great idea.

    Happy Creating and enjoy the new season soon.


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