Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lotus Paradise Gathering...

Last evening Mr. C and I hosted one of our car clubs at our home.  This is our Sacramento chapter of the Golden Gate Lotus Club located in the San Francisco Bay area.  Normally we drive "down the hill" and all meet at a restaurant.  It was suggested to round robin and meet at our homes so I volunteered to be first. What was I thinking?  Ahhh...Yes, this is so worth all my anxiety and preparations.  You probably know by now that I am a certified car enthusiast.  This is my driveway and there are nine (9) Lotus's parked here. Three of which are very rare and here they are at my home (of course one of them lives here).  Isn't this just a beautiful sight?!!

If you are eagle eyed you will see an interloper amongst the group...a Mini Cooper S but it is still British and the owner does have a Lotus that he couldn't bring last evening.  He drove quite a long way to be here.

No bad view in my opinion.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a BBQ on the deck.  Then Mr. C previewed some car and motorcycle events that the boys loved seeing.  We girls chatted and enjoyed the late evening.  Even with long drives ahead of each of them they didn't leave until after 11:00 pm.

The little green Lotus is an Elite and very pristine.  Under the "bonnet" is an engine that is immaculate.  The entire car is so beautiful.  I had not seen this car before and it was such a treat.  Absolutely gorgeous!

This is another of the rare ones.  It is an Elan and so little and well maintained.  It was nice to meet the owners as I had not done so before.

It was a wonderful evening of beautiful cars, great people and lots of enjoying one another's company. I am so glad I volunteered and was the first to host the group.  My driveway never looked so awesome! Thank you for indulging my car passion.
Our weather has been very much like Fall.  Days are pleasant and not too hot and nights are cool.  Leaves are falling from the Oaks along with Acorns.  Still no rain and we have had to cut so far back on watering due to our well running dry at times.  I have become very frugal with my usage of water and not letting the faucet run mindlessly.  Water is such a precious commodity.  Still praying for rain.  I know some of you have too much and would kindly share if only you could.  Mother Nature does her own thing.
I have lots to share in upcoming posts.  It seems I am so far behind.  I still have some trip photos and I still have some studio photos.  I have not just been sitting idly by eating bon-bons as Mr. C would say.
Today I will spend sorting all the leftover party stuff and canning tomatoes.  One of our couples brought gallons of tomatoes from their farm.  Freshly picked just before they arrived.  I'll be in the kitchen...
Creative Bliss and Waning Summer Smiles.  What are you busy creating or doing or enjoying?


  1. beautiful cars, oh my, Gary would love that!!! I have been busy cleaning this nest, its amazing how dusty it gets in here, its humid today, too,

  2. Wow, the cars are so beautiful!! What fun this must have been!! We were having a pretty mild summer with cooler temps but they are climbing now and we are going to hit the mid to high 90's. I do wish I could share some of our rain with you. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. What an incredible line-up, those cars are sooo gorgeous! You are one lucky lady to have had all those amazing cars in your driveway, even if it was just for one day.

  4. Swooon... these cars are spectacular! Seeing so many all together in your own driveway is a memory for sure. I'm sure everyone parked very carefully. Hope none of those early acorns bounced off a hood or anything.

  5. Wow what a treat to have all those beauties in your driveway. I am sure MR. C was in car heaven. Gorgeous cars.
    Our weather has been very very hot, humid like no tomorrow and lots of thunder, lightning and rain. I wish I could send you some, but like you said mother nature has a mind of its own.
    I have been busy in my craft room and doing chores. I did post on my blog this morning some cute mini banners I have created. Hope you will stop by.

  6. What gorgeous cars, looks like you all had a wonderful evening visiting and catching up. ~Diane

  7. I'm not really a car person, but these are beauties!!
    Hope you had a lovely laughter-filled evening.

  8. My husband drooled on my iPad over those cars.
    I am STILL trying to get settled into the new lake house...hooray, the ranch sold last month. My Itsty-Bitsy Studio is almost finished. Oklahoma weather has been surprisingly 100 degrees....YET.
    Thanks for the post.

  9. Lotus are such sweet little cars ... almost street legal race cars in some cases. It looks like your hosting of this event went over very well. It's nice to see them all together in your driveway too. :-)

  10. What a great sight!!! Our nearest town just had their 'back to the Bricks' this past week...lots of old, old cars but nothing like what you had! Very cool!!!

  11. I can see how well loved these cars are and sounds like a great time was had by you all

  12. Wow, those cars are so beautiful! Aren't you smart to be the first hostess - set the pace for the rest. Hope you'll get some rain soon!
    VERY HOT here - paying the electric company a fortune for A/C!
    xo Jane

  13. Goodness-- the cars are just amazing. My husband would just go crazy here with all these great cars. Looks like it was a wonderful-- perfect evening.

    Nothing like canned summer goodness in the middle of winter:)

  14. Oh my goodness!!! And all in your driveway and all in one place... Wish I could have been there.

  15. This looks like so much fun, your very own car show! I guess the neighbors knew what was happening and were probably jealous they couldn't attend. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Dear Sherry,
    one day of fantastic cars visiting your driveway- how wonderful to be able to watch them all, and also to have a great time with the owners.
    Thank you dear for your loving comment on my blog- we burried my mother thursday, and I now try to get back to normal life, even it will never be that normal anymore without my mother.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  17. Car mania must have been happening at your home. Sounds like a great time. I am re-arranging my art room, stitching and writing for StitchMAP, gardening and enjoying the spoils, getting ready for the installation of new windows throughout more than half of the house, and trying to get some of my own stitching done. I want to finish those paintings,but today is laundry/housework/spiffing up day as tomorrow we have family visiting....... hoping for rain to come your way.

  18. Good for you being the first to host. I'm sure everyone had a lovely time. You've got a mighty big driveway to fit all those cars. Praying for rain. Water really is so precious ... nothing and no one can live without it. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  19. Wow! All in your drive. I would be taking double takes. Can your neighbors see your driveway. I can only imagine what they would be thinking!!!! We are having thunder and the clouds are piling up against the mountain but no rain. I stopped working in the garden because it was a tad scary and the pups were afraid.

  20. Oh it is a beautiful sight for sure!! I know how much you love your Lotus!! Looks like you had a blast!!
    Hoping you get rain soon!!

  21. Hi Sherry, looks like an amazing time for all showcasing the gorgeous cars at your home.
    To have all those beauties in your drive had to really be a treat. Each one is fabulous and the colors are stunning.
    Thank you for sharing your car passion.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments and anniversary wishes.
    Have a great rest of the week and Labor Day Weekend.


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