Monday, October 13, 2014

Art Exchanges Friendship...

We all know I love blogging and creating things and sharing with other creative minded people. Well a couple of years ago in one of the swaps I was participating in I received an ATC from Theresa.  She does not have a blog so I have no link for you.  However, Theresa and I have been swapping artful ATCs and cards and tags ever since.  I am ashamed to say Theresa has been much more giving than I. I can also admit that I am remiss in never sharing her beautiful art she creates.  So I went into my special treasures and gathered some to share with you now.  The leaf card is one of T!m's newest relief dies and has fun dimension on the card.  Theresa has colored it in Fall colors to perfection.  The other two ATCs are amazing.  Fall into Autumn with embossed copper is perfect for this season. The other ATC reads, "Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering." This is something I should do each and every day.

Here is a complete calendar year of ATCs.  Theresa tries lots of art mediums and creates little works of art with her talents.  I received these last year each month and what a wonderful gift that lasts forever.  

This is one of her beautiful cards with stenciling and lovely clear decals that add dimension and beauty.  Receiving anything from Theresa is a JOY to behold.  I am very grateful for every piece of art she sends me.   Thank you so very much Theresa.

 This is an amazing tag with so many layers and techniques and lovely embellishments.  Theresa is inspired by T!m Holtz along with so many others.  She could easily be on designing teams and add such a wealth of inspiration to any lucky company.

This ATC is front and center this month as it is October and the little silhouttes are clearly on their Trick or Treat way.  I realize I have not done my fair share of sending to Theresa and I am promising to be a better friend and art exchanger.  We live on opposite coasts and yet we have found out we are very similar in many ways.  I am happy and proud to share Theresa's friendship and art talents.
Our weather has been beautiful.  I spent my day at the Chamber helping lots of visitors.  A couple from the Netherlands were very interesting.  I am always amazed at how people from far away find their way to our little town to visit.  I also had visitors just because they watched the Hallmark movie "The Christmas Card" which was filmed in Nevada City back in 2006 I think.  They want to visit the actual spots that were in the film.  Some come year after year and just to be in the magic of it all.
Not much happening here in the creative front.  I have been trying to catch up from being gone so much.  My brain is busy thinking of all the wonderful projects I should be working on.  At least that is a start.  Next I just need to put my thoughts into action.
Saturday I literally ran away.  I even told Mr. C that I was running away.  I drove down the hill and met with my sister.  We managed to flitter away the day just talking and sharing a long leisurely lunch.  I didn't even do any responsible errands like grocery shop which is almost mandatory when down the hill.  I just needed space and time to relax.  Thank you Marie for indulging me.  Thank you Mr. C for understanding my lapse in responsible errands.
May you each find your peace and enjoy Creative Bliss...


  1. All of the cards are beautiful and you are very lucky to have her as a swap friend.

    Taking some time to spend with your sister is so special - chores and errands seem to get in the way so often. Enjoy your time with loved ones!!!

  2. what a very talented friend you have in Theresa lovely cards. Good to escape sometimes, wish I could drive down the hill to see my sister but she is in Australia!

  3. I'm jealous of all the creativity! WHAT FUN YOU GALS HAVE!

    WOW... WOW is all I can say!

    Hugs and happy week,

  4. Everyone needs to runaway from home, once and makes you appreciate the return.

  5. Run Sherry, run! lol That will recharge the creative batteries for sure. Great ATC's!

  6. Love the specialties from Theresa. Glad you spent time with your sister you are lucky to have her so close.

  7. I have no doubt you are as good a friend to Theresa, as she is to you...that's you're way, I know, being on the receiving end. The ATC's are delightful - I especially love those little October silhouettes! Creative love to you, my friend - Happy Tuesday, Sherry! XOXO

  8. Wow, what gorgeous gifts you've received!! They are all works of art!! Your friend is very talented!! It sounds like a fun, relaxing time with your sister!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Thanks you for the inspiration of sharing all this beautiful and creative bliss.
    Light and joy to you

  10. They are all so awesome! I just purchased a zentangle ATC kit to give my niece for her 14th birthday. ATC's are so much fun.

  11. Nice you got to "run away from home" for awhile! HA
    Your friend should have a blog or web site to share her talents!! You are so lucky to have these beauties to look at!

  12. Beautiful cards! Sometimes we just have grab those moments when we can and enjoy it...nice that you did just that!

  13. Those ATC look so beautiful and fun to swap them too. Glad the fire is mostly contained near you too.

  14. My goodness Sherry, I get as much as I give. Fun to see my work in one place I will admit. I had so much fun making each and every piece for the exchanges. Let's me experiment and play with new techniques every month. Glad you got to play with your sister. We all need to run away sometimes. love and hugs, Theresa

  15. Seeing these all together is very impressive. Wide variety of styles and techniques. I can relate to your being away and feeling like day-to-day things have fallen through the cracks! Glad you had a day to just relax.

  16. Your friend Theresa is one very talented lady. Thanks for sharing her wonderful work.
    It looks like you had a wonderful trip and congratulate Mr. C for me. I have been away from blogging for a few weeks and am playing catch up.

  17. Hi Sherry, what beautiful treasures of art you have from your dear friend. She is one talented artist. Thank you for sharing her work with us. It is always inspiring to see gorgeous works like this.
    Have a great weekend and Blessings be yours!!

  18. The cards are beautiful. Your friend Theresa is very talented, beautiful collection. Have a great weekend.


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