Thursday, October 23, 2014

Christmas Children's Pillowcases...

This year I adopted a wonderful Pillowcase Project.  I have shared about this in previous posts.  As this year is drawing to a close I wanted to make some Christmas themed fabric pillowcases and get them mailed in time.   Here are the six I recently completed.

As I had done before I went to my cherished vintage fabric stash.  The softness of the fabric and charm of the motifs are unlike any of today.  Many of these fabrics I have had since my daughter was little and that was a very long time ago.

Here are some that I chose to work with.  Each standard size pillowcase takes one yard total.  Three coordinating fabrics of 27 inches, 9 inches and 3 inches.  Yes, I had just the right amounts.

Cutting them out is probably the most time consuming part.  I do enjoy selecting the coordinating fabrics for each pillowcase.

My very old Serger (actually belonged to my mother and now my sister has it on loan to me...Thank You Marie) was broken (again) and I had to thread it from scratch.  It is so old that it must be threaded in perfect four thread sequence.  Very time consuming.  I managed to do it (correctly) and surprised Mr. C when he saw me sewing the side seams on it.  He was leaving for an appointment and we joked I had 5 sewn and would it last for the 6th.  No sooner did he drive down the road and Serger completely went berserk.  Thread everywhere except to hold the seam together.  Alas it sits and waits (again) for my attention.  I finished pillowcase number 6 on my sewing machine instead. I must admit I would love to have kept the little happy mouse pillowcase for myself.  I have no more fabric for another.  It has made me proud and content to know that little children in the hospital will be getting their very own pillowcase this December.  I wish to thank Kelley of Kelley Highway blog and her wonderful mother-in-law for sharing this opportunity with us.
I already have an idea for next year that I may choose to participate in.  I need to do my homework.
Thank you each for your comments and help on my last post about Bowties and Suspenders.  I checked out each link and have a better idea of what I shall do.  I'll update when I have made some progress.  Mr. C may be my handsome "test" man.
We have very overcast weather and possibility of rain this weekend.  I shall be spending my day tomorrow at the Chamber of Commerce.  I fully expect to get the usual phone calls asking when visitor's should come to see the Fall colors.  I have gotten these phone calls for sixteen years and I still cannot know the answer.  I must put on my smiling face and be polite.  What I really want to say is, "Call Mother Nature as she is the only one who knows the best time for Fall colors!"  Fortunately we have trees that span days and weeks depending on the cold snap and rain or wind damage.  When some trees have fully put on their show then there may be other trees just getting ready to dazzle us with their brilliant colors.
Mr. C has some projects he is very busy with and I hope to share those soon.  Meanwhile I am behind in sharing and thanking some very generous and creative and wonderful blog friends.  I am truly blessed.  Please enjoy every moment and do what ever makes your heart happy.  Creative Bliss...


  1. what a sweet idea to make pillow cases for the sick children. They will love all the fun patterns you used.
    I wish I could sew. Maybe one day I will go take some classes even though they are only offered at night time.
    Have a great weekend and happy crafting.
    hugs, Ana

  2. I love the pillowcases. And am so glad that you are putting those vintage fabrics to use for a special cause. We put so much value on material things and then just let them sit because we don't want to use them or lose them. Much better knowing that sweet little children will have a handmade pillowcase of their very own for their tired little heads and bodies to rest on. Bless you, Tammy

  3. I am sure these pillow cases will brighten the day for the poorly children sick in hospital and what a lovely idea to have Christmas themed ones, so sad for the children to be in hospital for |Christmas

  4. What a great use of your vintage fabric stash. I too have fabrics from when my girls were young...I think it is high time I used them!
    Enjoy your day tomorrow helping out the CofC and take a sweet pill on your way there! LOL

  5. Your Christmas pillowcases are beautiful and will certainly cheer up the lucky children who receive them. What a kind and thoughtful gesture! Hard to use your carefully saved vintage fabrics, but all for a good cause.
    Have fun answering those Fall Color questions!
    xo Jane

  6. Hi, Sherry!

    On October 25, your pillowcases will be featured along with many others on Kelley Highway! My camera doesn't photograph RED as well as yours, however...

    Love x 18 and thanks SEW much for your generosity!

    Can't wait to see your bow ties and s'penders!

    Hugs and hap-hap-HAPPY weekend,

  7. Dear Sherry,
    you are such a kind woman, sewing such sweet lovely pillows for children not feeling well, for christmas.
    I can`t imagine that you are to deal with such impossible askings , as when the leaves will be in fall colours !!! Yes a polite answer and face, will be needed ,dear ,even we wanted to say something else...I know those situations from before ,in my shop !!!
    Have a great time , and hugs to you!

  8. What a beautiful thing you are doing sewing the pillowcases for the children!! You are so sweet and generous!! The fabrics are so gorgeous!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. One of my groups made tons of pillowcases for Konker Cancer. It was fun to see all the colorful fabric combinations. Yours are lovely Sherry.

  10. Your Christmas pillowcases all look wonderful Sherry. It is such a nice idea and will be great gifts for the children. Every time I sit down to use the serger I pray that nothing will happen and I won't have to rethread it. Such a pain. Have a lovely weekend and I hope the phone calls will all be pleasant ones :)

  11. Your pillow cases are gorgeous and I am sure they will be loved by the sick children, what a beautiful idea. ~Diane

  12. How great to have a 'vintage' stash!!!

  13. beautiful pillowcases! I recently sent some to a childrens cancer hospital & have sent Christmas ones to one in Austrailia in times past & would love to find more outlets to send sweet pillowcases to as I believe happy pillows make for sweet dreams !


  14. I can just see the smiles on those little faces at Christmas! Such cute pillowcases you've created Sherry!

  15. I am just catching up on reading blogs...but I'm not surprised that you are once again giving of yourself and your talent!!

  16. Nice project. You are a very lovely lady.
    Rain. Rain. Oh, wonderful rain.
    Hugs to you.

  17. I'm just getting into making pillowcases and feel lucky that I've made are amazing! What a great gift to share with children who are ill. Sweet!

  18. Great use for your fabric stash! Oh the serger story- aaargh!

  19. What a wonderful way to share your talent. No doubt the children will have sweet dreams on your pillow cases
    Hugs Lynn

  20. I love what you have done. The children will love these precious cases. What a sweet idea and so thoughtful.


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