Friday, October 17, 2014

Sewing Origami Bags...

Our weather is turning cooler and the daylight is getter shorter.  We had a glorious partial day of rain which gave us about 3/4 inch.  We need feet to end our drought however I am grateful for every drop. It did at least water our plants.  While it was raining I was lucky enough to sew.  I have made Origami Bags before  and shared them with the link to the tutorial I used.  This time I used this one from YouTube.  I adore this sunflower fabric and lined each bag with a different complimentary fabric.

When I ran away to spend time with my Sister I gave her this Origami Bag...just because.  I knew she would love it and she did.  I know the photo is blurry but you get the idea.

Here I tried to short-cut the sewing process.  I began with a linen napkin.  No lining.  Very fast however it is rather limp.

I do really like the feel and size.  It was very quick and simple to make.

I purposefully sewed it with the pockets on the inside.  This bag was put to good use recently.  It held my techy chargers and cords.  No extra weight from this bag and I could easily find what I needed.

Here is another Fall themed fabric and I really like this one as well.  Pockets on the outside and hand stitched buttons to give it more personality and shape.

Here is the Origami Bag flat without drawing the ribbons up.  You can see it is fun to pair fabrics and play with buttons and ribbons.  Yes, my ribbon rack is getting lots of excellent usage.  What a joy to see and access just the right ribbons.

This is my shortcut that the tutorial does not do.  I didn't like measuring and chalking sewing lines so I use tape (masking or painters) to mark my center line and a perfect one inch width to sew the bottom.  It works every time and I can even use the same tape numerous times.  I do enjoy sewing and filling my gift cupboard.  The holidays are upon us and I want to be prepared.  I think these Origami Bags would even make a wonderful hostess gift which would be unique.  I can even see these used as bread roll baskets.  What would you use one of these for?
I am seeing so many bloggers and emails and FaceBook and comments regarding how fast the time is going.  How busy everyone is and with that comes the stress of trying to do it all.  I, too, was feeling overwhelmed with so much to do and so little time.  I thought about it for a few days and then that little voice (totally sounds like Mr. C and his wisdom speaking to me) gave me the path I was seeking.  If I cannot do it all then I need to prioritize how and what I want to accomplish.  This is no simple task as you all know.  I made a few decisions and decided that I am going to pare down my tasks and how I spend my time.  First to eliminate was my French class and lessons I signed up for.  I will try to schedule French in 2015.  Next is to actually say NO to volunteering.  Not all of it...just too much of it.  Most importantly is to spend each day being grateful for every minute and all I am blessed with.  I shall truly give Thanks for every day.  I shall enjoy my journey.  As I write this I am realizing it is easy to say.  Now to actually live this...
I look forward to reading your comments and I am grateful for the time you take to read my blog.
Dare to Delight and Create What Makes You Happy...


  1. Sherry,

    Awesome bags... and do you feel as giddy as I do when I discover a great shortcut on my own?!

    I just listened to a September broadcast about "The Best Yes," which often sounds like "no." You are a wise woman!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  2. Bags are adorable!!! And appear to be so practical to use!! Love the tape idea! Aren't you clever!!!

  3. Oh wow, your bags are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the designs!! How clever you are to use the tape!! The would make perfect hostess gifts!! I'm glad you got some rain, even if just a little bit. Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Oh I just have to make some of these Sherry!Thanks for the link.I just some some fabric that will be perfect.Love what you've made.

  5. Oh I just have to make some of these Sherry!Thanks for the link.I just some some fabric that will be perfect.Love what you've made.

  6. Oh I just have to make some of these Sherry!Thanks for the link.I just some some fabric that will be perfect.Love what you've made.

  7. OOps, you might want to delete 2 of these.
    Judy xx

  8. I'm the blessed recipient of one of your acorn-themed origami bags. I love it and it's where I can see it - or grab it and go! I think of you whenever I look at it. Your friendship is the best gift, but this little bag ranks right up there!

    Praying for continued gentle rains to restore your water, dear one.

  9. Oh, I am so thrilled to read that you at least signed up to take a French class; I am a French teacher you know, have been for 12 years and it is such a joy to have taught 4th graders, 8th graders and now, high school.

    I too, with my wild high school schedule, have had to pare down on my blogging posts! I host a poetry group in my home every two weeks and I need to come up with a poem for those meetings, so like you have mentioned here, I have prioritized. YOU ALL are a very happy part of my life, so I still visit everyone as I can, post only every 2 weeks, dedicate my weekends to my writing, and work during the week. So much to do!

    Thank you kind one, for coming to visit. Home is truly settled for a cozy fall. AND I LOVE THIS BAG! Precious, useful, FUN!

  10. Love the bags and I will check out the tutorial...I am going to a friend's home this evening for dinner...good idea about it being a hostess gift!

    I like the idea about using the masking tape, I have it on my sewing machine to help with seam allowances but never thought of using it to mark a seam are full of good ideas!

    Saying no to the volunteering...I have had to give up some of my volunteering due to health reasons and I am seeing the time I spent with certain things took away from the things I truly loved. Quietly hand sewing, keeping my house and being peaceful is what I need. We have to take care of ourselves to be able to give to others.

  11. I just watched the video...very well done and I see she has many others too!

  12. Beautiful origami bags Sherry. I love the sunflower fabrics and that you turned up the flap with a button so you can see the other fabric looks great.

  13. There is no stopping with these bags- they are lovely. Thanks for the link and the shortcut tip. A perfect and pretty place for the charging cords ad you mentioned. Prioritize... yes! Like you, I get a bit scattered because I want to make one of everything. So lots of projects underway and time slips by. Good luck with the priorities!

  14. Oh, these bags are so lovely in the fall colors, such a unique design!

  15. Although drawstring isn't a style I enjoy, your little bags look gorgeous in your wonderful fabric choices. I think I need a special gift cupboard. Then I wouldn't hear myself saying "now where did I put that. "

  16. Dear Sherry ,
    your bags are so beautiful, both with the pockets out and inside !! The linen napkin one is great with the inside pockets to bring the sewing notions and a cozy piece of creation.
    You are so right in trying to relax from too many tasks, and to be thankful for each and every day we have ,Sherry, we are blessed to live where we does and not have war and other heartbreaking things happening in our surroundings !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  17. These bags are so clever and creative. I can't believe you have a gift cupboard, I need to borrow that idea then maybe I won't forget about where I stash things.

  18. Those bags are delightful, Sherry! What fun you must have been having-- sorting, matching, cutting, sewing-- and, I hope, singing with each happy moment.
    I'm so glad you've had some rain. I hope you get lots more to fill your reservoirs. Hugs

  19. I love your bags, you are always going in different directions with your crafting, I so admire that! Oh goodness, I would use the bags for travel, jewelry, cosmetics, intimates. Hope you can slow down and smell the roses. I can see the older I get, I feel a need to fit everything in before I am to old to do it


  20. very nice bags different from the ones I usually see makes a very good gift

  21. Hello Sherry! Your bags are so pretty! What a great way to store cables and charger cords, I like that idea very much! I'm glad you are enjoying life's sweet little pleasures more, and relaxing a bit more! It is good to pare down a bit, be in the moment, and not fill up every bit of space...I am learning this, also! Happy Autumn, my friend! Kath

  22. Your bags are gorgeous! I too have been slowing down by not filling my plate so full. It has allowed me to enjoy this fall season. Thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog. Hope you enjoy your day!

  23. your bags are beautiful, I had always wanted to try this pattern but my list of things became to long and my sight left me a bit too soon!!! Such beautiful colors, I think your husband gave very good advice,,,

  24. Sherry these bags are darling and so useful. You are so talented and having gifts made ahead is a huge help.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful project.
    Hugs and Blessings


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