Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lucious Lace PinKeep...

This is the most delicious lucious Lace PinKeep.  My friend Judy of Judy's Fabrications makes these and so many more amazing things.   This one is my birthday present from Judy and her very generous, kind and giving heart.  I commented on the lace "needlekeeps" she was creating and I am so blessed to now have this one in my very grateful hands.  Thank you Judy!

Here is the book opened up to show front and back.  No it isn't angled but my camera shot is bad.
I am sew in love with all these laces and buttons and charms Judy has included.  All in yummy creams and ecru and white.

This is the inside front cover with lots more buttons, lace and a little sewing machine charm.  In the lace pocket Judy has included a little pincushion with pins and needles.

Now we are seeing the inside back cover with another lace pocket and some more beautiful buttons. Between the front and back cover are wool felt pages to hold lots of pins and such.  As I was swooning over this beautiful keepsake I decided what I would keep withing its lace covers.

Because Judy is such a wonderful Angel to so many with all her charity work and generosity to all I just knew I would keep my Angel pins in this lovely lucious pinkeep.    Here are a couple of my pins.

On another page I put two more angel pins.  The top pin is adorning a silk flower and this is how I usually wear this angel pin on my blazer.  Judy I hope you like how I am using my Lace Book.  I am truly grateful for our blogging friendship.  You are clearly an Angel Judy Dear.  Blessings My Friend.
Now with Judy's encouragement and this lovely lace keepsake in my hands I shall try to make one.  I have always wanted to make one but just didn't know how and where to begin.  When you visit Judy's blog you will find a wealth of links for so many things she is busy creating.  I shall post my progress soon.  I have some great least I think they are.
We got some rain yesterday and are so grateful for the moisture.  The heater is working to keep us warm.  Fall colors are fantastic.  I did get THE question at the Chamber many times Friday. Thankfully the weather was glorious and visiting people were overjoyed with our little town and beautiful surroundings.
Welcome to my newest followers.  Thank you to my faithful commenters.  I do cherish each and every one of you.  May you be doing exactly what makes you happiest.  Creative Bliss...


  1. such a beautiful gift, it is so glamorous, it is amazing!

  2. I would love to get a peek into Judy's stash of vintage laces and trims! This is absolutely lovely. I like the brooches and pins in your book. Off to visit Judy's blog.

  3. a beautiful birthday present you have here

  4. What a lovely parcel you've received. My, my, my.

    Hugs and happy week,

  5. Oh you lucky girl, Judy creates the most beautiful things and this needle book is stunning. What a beautiful gift to receive from a friend.

  6. Wow! That is just lovely. I'm off to check it out!

  7. Judy creates the most wonderful things, doesn't she! Your new pinkeep is the perfect place for your angel pins!

  8. Dear Sherry,
    what an amazing and beautiful gift you recieved from your friend Judy .
    It is so lovely ,and romantic, and filled with gorgeous fabrics and laces.
    A fantastic gift, dear !!

  9. A beautiful gift! I love Judy's stuff and we have traded many times and I have her gorgeous art all over my house!
    hugs Karen

  10. Sherry- what a beautiful and precious gift from your friend. Her work is truly stunning-- already you have put it to wonderful use:)
    It's truly a treasure...

    Thank you for your visit-- your beautiful words-- and the loving support you send my way--

  11. Just lovely!!! So delicate and beautiful.

  12. Sherry , you really have an eye for layering, lace and delicate projects

  13. oh wow, such precious and beautiful gift you received! I love that you keep your beautiful pins in there. And yes do make one of your own! I know you can do it! It makes me happy to think that a gift of a lovely friend encourages you to make something you wished but never got to it.
    Happy sewing! Hugs, Wendy

  14. What a gorgeous gift this is!! It's so beautiful!! I love the pretty laces!! Your angel pins are fabulous!! I hope you have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. Dear Sherry, Firstly wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Your gift is gorgeous and I love the layers of tone on tone and laces with fabric. I know you are blessed by this beautiful gift.
    Lovely angel pins you added too.

    Enjoy the last days of October my friend.

  16. What a gorgeous gift, that looks like it would be so fun to make with left over bits and pieces. Heater, can't believe you already have your heater on!


  17. Oh, now that I see this, I recall having something like this once....I must look for it. It was a gift from a friend and I know I have it somewhere....but isn't this the sweetest gesture? To take delicate materials, craft them together, just because? How lovely my dear; this is a keepsake indeed of gentle friendship. And thank you so much for coming by to comment and leaving such kind words! Yes, my home is a haven of such peace, laughter and dreams. Sweet day to you! Anita

  18. What a lovely gift!! You are certainly using it well! Your pins are wonderful too!!
    I'm glad you got some rain. Stay warm my friend!

  19. Lucky, lucky girl! (Just like when I'm called "S.P.O.I.L.E.D." !!! lol
    Judy does wonderful work and her little Lace Book is luscious with all those gorgeous, vintage laces.
    Just the perfect gift for her friend's Birthday. xoxo D


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