Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Banner Swap...

I am happy to say I am participating in Linda's A Swap For All Seasons 2015 Banner Swap.  It is a monthly swap that you can participate or elect out of depending on your time availability.  Last year I was able to participate in several months of ATC swaps and I was never disappointed.  Thank you Linda for being a wonderful hostess and for sharing great inspirations.

I have received my package from Bev and it is glorious.  Thank you Bev.  You can check out her blog Country Frog Creations.  It is always such a pleasant surprise to find extra goodies in the package.

Bev made a beautiful pink card with a tiny little heart brad in the corner.

She also included some fun Heart themed supplies for me to be creative with.  I love them all. Her banner is full of love.

Bev created this with upcycled Disney clothing bits and lots of charms.  I am such a Mickey and Minnie fan that this is perfect for me.  Thank you Bev.  You couldn't have created a more perfect banner for me even if you knew my likes.

Here is the back which she personalized for this swap.  Hearts do make me so happy.

This is the Banner I created and sent to Bev.  Funny how we both thought of hearts.  The only criteria for the banners is that they are 4" x 6" either sideways or up and down and that they be sewn, either by hand or machine or both.  This fits my talents as I love fabrics, lace, ribbons, buttons, beads and sewing.  Bev also has a birthday this month so I included some Sparkles and giftie for her.

Here is another Banner I created and mailed as a surprise.  I have not heard if it arrived so hopefully this won't spoil the surprise.
On another note...yesterday my FaceBook account was hacked and I had no idea until a few friends asked me if I unfriended them and was now re-friending them.  What?  I had been chatting on-line with my daughter and then my sister when this was all happening.  Fortunately my daughter was smart enough to recognize the damage (after she thought I was just lame and had messed up) and blocked and reported to FB.  Mr. C spent the next five hours working on my computer to clean out any viruses that our expensive software didn't catch ( I had two at least).  FB never got back to me or acknowledged me or anything.  I posted an apology to my true friends today and I WILL NOT be posting again.  I had responded to two requests from personal friends to participate in the current ART challenge of posting my art five days and nominating someone else each day.  I did it one day only...yesterday...and no more.  Fortunately my sister Joyce Berube posted her beautiful photography. I am one of the most careful computer users due to Mr. C having very strict rules and reasons about the computers.  They have been his lifeblood and source of earnings for many years.  He has very good reasons and I shall not explain them here (online).  So for me to get hacked is very upsetting and scary.  I even considered not blogging.  What?!!  I can't not blog for I would miss each of you too terribly for words.  I have met such wonderful people and opportunities to share with others and be of help to less fortunate than myself.  It would break my heart to not be able to blog.  I wish for our World to respect others and not invade where they do not belong.  Let Good overcome Evil...Please.
As I type I am happy to report that we are finally getting some really good rain.  High winds that are dangerous but glorious wet rain is falling upon our ground.  I have my lantern ready if the power goes out.  Thank you for all your good thoughts and rain dances.  You are the best followers and friends!
Now I think I shall have a nice warm cup of tea and try to de-stress while doing a bit of hand-stitching.  Creative Bliss...


  1. You are always "participating" in some exchange...and aren't we lucky you do!! We get to see items from both ends!!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  2. Your banners are so gorgeous!! I love the beautiful designs!! The banner you received is beautiful, too!! I'm so sorry your account got hacked :( Sometimes it doesn't matter how careful you are, the hackers are just too devious. I am so glad you are getting rain!! Hopefully the wind will die down. Enjoy your warm cup of tea!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. What fun you're having swapping! Such adorable swapping indeed.

    As for the hacking, NOT FUN. I am truly sorry this has happened!

    Happy weekend,

  4. Now that's a fun swap! How exciting to get all the banner flagie things in the mail and string them together at the end. Love what you created and received. Too bad I'm a couple of months late.

  5. Well, in an effort to make you feel better about your facebook account being hacked, we are among the 80 million that was caught up in the Anthem Blue Cross hack - oh joy! Your artwork ALWAYS brings a smile to my face, and puts "happy" in my heart! I can always see YOU in each piece - just lovely...and from the looks of things, you're going to be receiving some pretty special pieces, too. Happy Saturday, my friend - XOXO

  6. Bev and you both made such adorable swap goodies! ...I'm so sorry to hear about your fb problem. :( I'm continuing my rain dancing for you! xoxo

  7. Beautiful banners, both made and received. Swaps are so much fun.

  8. Oh my, such wonderful eye-candy here! Your swaps are such a treat. Those compromised FB accounts are a headache- but noted Tanya's post above is really a major problem. Glad your husband could get rid of those viruses, but 5 hours- he must have been ready to take a hammer to it!

  9. What I don't get is what exactly is the purpose of hacking someone's personal Facebook account? I've never done Facebook and have no interest in doing so. Blogging and instagram are enough for me. Both have led me to meeting wonderful friends, virtually and up close and personal. Your swap items are lovely! We had lots of wind today, a few drops of rain and then dust, dust, dust. Bleh! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. Dear Sherry , what an awful experience,- I also saw that you refriended me in a mail, but never did anything about it, as I thought it was the system making problems, and therefor just throw the message in the garbage bin !"!" You say you will not post anymore -does that mean you are not more on fb? Then I will miss you.
    Also don`t close your blog,- we can`make those awful persons winn ,Sherry.
    A lovely swap, with pieces from the heart sent to -and from each other. Happy rainy new week for you, I hope.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  11. Love your swap banners...such lovely pieces of art.

  12. Beautiful banners! As for the hacking, that happened to my friend, too. I asked her why she was refriending me and that's how she found out. So annoying! Hackers just clone a page and steal your friends...weird! I got some nasty viruses, too, and I'm so careful just like you. I'm glad you chose to keep your blog going because I'm very selfish and like to visit you. :O)

  13. What fun, a Valentine banner!
    So sorry to hear about your face book, can't these sort of people find anything else to distressing indeed.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my Valentine snippet roll post. It is always so wonderful to have you stop by for a visit.
    Happy Valentine's Day

  14. Sherry, how unfortunate and frightening to have your account hacked. I understand your decision not to post on FB any more. Both banners are perfect for February, and how neat that your banner was so perfect with the Mickey & Minnie theme! Happy creating.

  15. All the banners are gorgeous Sherry. Sounds like a great swap.

    Sorry to hear about your FB problems - and glad that Mr C was able to come to the rescue xx

  16. Such great samplers! And that surprise sampler? Well, I am the proud owner! It arrived safely and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for thinking of me- you are a sweetie! xox


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