Monday, February 23, 2015

Bits of Creative Time...

With all the sweeping, dusting, vacuuming and schlepping I am doing with this downstairs renovation I have NO time to spend in my studio or sewing room.  Quite frankly I cannot be in my rooms for all the demolition dust that is in the air.  So...I managed to steal a few bits of time here and there and make my own mess.  Do you ever save the fronts of cards and then reuse them?  I do!!!

I am using lots of cards each week with my Random Acts of Mailing and such that I thought I should use those card fronts.  Out came my fancy tapes and blank card stock and paper cutter.  Instead of merely have a card front for I have an entire folding card for mailing.

I had fun combining the tapes with the cards and stickers to create "new" cards.  I even had a lot of blank cards and envelopes that I combined together.

Who wouldn't want to receive these cute cards in the mail?  I love sending them to friends and family as well as the random mailings.  It is surprising how quickly you can have a completed stack of finished cards ready for mailing.

This is a fun card/tag pocket I found online one day.  I am sorry I cannot link as I can't find the source.  It begins with one 8 1/2" x 11" piece of double sided paper which results in two tags with pocket holders and a place to write a message.  Very clever indeed.  Thank you generous person/blog/pinterest (?) who shared this.  If anyone knows the link please let me know and I will give full credit where credit is due.

Here is where the note can be written.  I embellished with some fancy tape.

Here are the tags I included.  One I made very thin intentionally although it could be much wider. This was quick and simple to make and lots of fun to decorate and mail.
I shall be busy with our home project for some time to come.  It is a huge and very messy time-consuming project.  We are definitely at a no return point.  The concrete floor is having to be diamond blade ground clean of mortar and grout and stuff!  Mr. C is working very hard and non-stop. Bless this man for how hard he works and in such horrid conditions.
While so many of you are freezing and buried in snow and rain we are merely having wind with colder temperatures.  No moisture for us still.  Maybe March will bring us much needed snow and rain.  Prayers for your safety and warmth.  I cannot even fathom how cold it is for so many of you.
The daylight minutes are at least allowing us a little bit longer day...or so it seems.  I do love it when we have daylight longer as I feel I have more day to enjoy and accomplish tasks.
May you all enJOY Creative Bliss as February comes quickly to an end...


  1. Bits? Looks as if you spent hours on all this creativity! So inspiring!

    Happy week,

  2. Isn't it lovely when the sun comes sooner and stays later. Good bless our men that tackle these projects. Hmm, we could send them a wonderful card! ;^)

  3. Glad to see you found time for some fun crafty fun. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. What gorgeous cards!! So creative to reuse and repurpose!! I love the card/tag pocket!! It's beautiful!! I hope the project is coming right along!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. You are so creatively clever in creating these recycled greetings. They all look so great. Your tape collection is making me drool. So many that I have never seen. But I don't get around much, so......

  6. You got quite a bit done despite the remodeling project going on all around. I do re-use cards, usually by gessoing them and then Gelli-printing on the surface, then into a book or journal. Fun stuff. That tag/note holder is very nice!

  7. So many wonderful papers and tapes, and sweet and beautiful cards, created from it all, I also love the pocket dear Sherry,and your lovely tags. Here we also have longer days, and even the sun shining today--I so hope for you, you will soon have rain or snow, to fill the well.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. A great way to recycle those cards that are just to pretty to toss. Cards are so costly that it is nice to have a way to reuse them. Hope the dust is getting less and less each day.

  9. More fun ways to recycle and delight, Sherry! Hope you have lots of fun in those stolen moments. We finally got out start date--a week today.

  10. Yep...I save the fronts of cards and those tiny, tiny pieces of wrapping hard to throw anything out isn't it!! HA But I'm sure you're making the best use of both of those! HA

  11. Just love card making. Yours are wonderful. I always make them for friends and family for any and every occasion! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love it, I have not been able to work around the dust in my house from my master bath remodel. I love the pocket card...What a great gift!


  13. Hi Sherry, So enjoyed catching up on all I've missed with your renos and creating. Love to collect and keep old cards to repupose and you have designed some real charmers. Love your darling tags too. The designer tapes are awesome, but it's your talent that knows how to put it all together my friend.
    Enjoy your little creative getaways when you can.
    Have a great mid week. I'm going on a little birthday trip and will see you when I return.
    Snow coming down here now~~ We were iced in earlier in he week. This is Texas and the weather is crazy this season.
    Hugs, CM

  14. Hi dear Sherry, sorry for taking so long to visit your beautiful blog and admire the many facets of your creativity! I hope that my giveaway "Feather and Steel" has reached you by now and made you happy. I am very grateful for your interest in my blog and I have to say that I am going to take my time now, to delve into your work. I love the way you are sharing processes, as I am just starting to try stitching myself. I found some beautiful inspiration already and I am off now to dive into it!
    Greets from Manu

  15. Your re-constituted cards looks lovely Sherry. I haven't done that myself, although do peel off and keep any little embellishments that look re-usable. Love your tag card too.

    Good luck with your renovations - keep Mr C supplied with lots of mugs of tea, sounds as though he's doing a grand job xx

  16. Well, I just received one of these "hot off the presses" recycled cards and I had to look twice to be sure that is what it was! The decorative tape ties it all together. Thank you for the thank you!

  17. I always like to recycle cards when I can. I look on it as a challenge to recreate . Your cards all look lovely especially the one where you created tags to go with it. Good luck with the continued renovations. We are about to undergo some major work with the last bedroom which badly needs storage pace created. Have accepted the quote and work starts mid April. It is all the dust it makes that I can't stand. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Sherry- you are always so imaginative. These are beautiful cards-- so unique and lovely. You must have the most amazing stash of items to use in your card making!!



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