Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Hearts Everyone...

February seems to be a month of Hearts.  I love Hearts all year long however this month they are especially near and dear.  I had this lovely chocolate colored heart fabric in my stash and there wasn't much left so I used it for a kitchen towel band.  Jenny of elefantz has a wonderful tutorial that gave me this inspiration.  Thank you Jenny!  Just click on her link and you will be embellishing a towel today.

Here is a close up of the pretty band of hearts on the towel.

I received the very best mail this week.  Robbie of Robbie's Paw Prints creates the most beautiful fabric postcards and I was very fortunate to receive one.  Thank you Robbie.  I LOVE it!  When you click on her link you will see the detailed process she goes to in order to create them.

Even the "backside" is a work of art.  The mail seems to shred and lose simple ATCs I mail with extra "hand cancel" postage inside of sealed cards but somehow this arrived safe and in perfect condition of which I am very grateful.

Here you can see the details Robbie puts into her creations.  Hand dyed fabrics, quilted Hearts and French Knots!!!  Even the French Knots are in perfect order.  I am amazed as my French Knots don't even make it from my needle to my cloth without ruining.  I think I need lessons from you Robbie.

So in honor of Valentine Day I have displayed lots of ATC's received through the years along my hutch as it has a built in tiny little rail that holds them perfectly.

And on the dining room table next to the hutch I have displayed a few of my Heart themed goodies.  I try to keep my display small and away from Mr. C as he seems to be "allergic" to holidays.  There cannot be any other explanation than him being allergic...who doesn't love Hearts and Chocolate and Love?!!  I know for a fact he will enjoy his card and See's Butter Cream Heart from me tomorrow.
Lots of Love and Hearts and all that makes you Happy as we celebrate Valentine's here in the USA.
Spring is truly here and glorious Sunshine and Blue Skies.  Daffodils are blooming and trees are showing gorgeous blossoms of whites and pinks.  Of course it is too early for Spring so we are wondering when and if Winter will arrive.  We still need tons of snow and rain to help our drought.  I pray for warmth and safety for all who are in the throes of Winter and too much snow.  The news across the East and Midwest shows just how bad the weather is for some of you.  I think the new normal is nothing like we are familiar with.  Prayers and Safe Keeping My Friends...
Do you know if you have "word verification" required on your blog comments?  At some point Blogger automatically attached it to our blogs and it is certainly annoying.  I don't mind typing "word salad" (dating myself with Boston Legal and James Spader) once but sometimes it takes two and three times of trying to guess what letters, numbers and now photos (yes, select the soups or pizzas or whatever they want) are correct.  If word verification is attached to my blog...again...please tell me so I can somehow disengage it.  There just cannot be that many "robots" trying to leave us wonderful comments.  Spam still gets through!  Creative Blissful Hearts...


  1. Lovely Heart-Felt post Sherry!Must have been fun getting such lovely mail!!
    I've begun my ETSY shop to help raise funds for my charity work.

  2. Really cute towel. Nice fabric. I have been wanting to take out some of my pretty laces and fabrics to decorate some hand towels or even bath towels for the guest bathroom. Maybe sometime next week or the week after or even the following week. LOL. Have a great valentines day and happy crafting. Hugs, Ana

  3. Hearts and hugs to you, Sherry. The robot thing is often on blogs and I'm thinking it isn't necessary to click it but Publish still works. Happy Valentine's day to you and Mr.C!

  4. So many lovelies. Have a Happy Valentine's Day Sherry!

  5. That chocolate heart fabric is gorgeous!! What a great idea to add it to a towel!! And wow, the fabric postcard you received is amazing!! I love all of your heart-themed goodies, too!! Enjoy your Valentine's Day with Mr. C (allergies and all ;)!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. So glad you like your Queen of know you are a Queen in my book in all you do!! I certainly look up to you and your work! Such a delightful lady..wish we lived closer!!!

  7. It looks like you are ready for Valentine's Day! I have absolutely nothing heart related out right now. I'm not allergic to the day, it simply snuck up on me!

  8. very cute towel and lovely decorations :)

  9. Your towel makes me think "chocolate". nice! I watched Robbie's process and am so glad the mail was kind to your card! They are wonderful. Like you, I'm aiming to conquer the French Knot! Getting better, but they're wily little things with a mind of their own.

  10. I love your chocolate fabric, but then again, I love all things chocolate! Your home looks all lovey dovey...sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Everything is sweet as can be looking! Happy Valentine's Day! I just can't imagine living with such a holiday Scrooge. One or two specific special day hates maybe. But all of them? Luckily you have enough holiday happy for the both of you. LoL

  12. Hello dear Sherry,
    your crad is truly so beautiful, what a work of art from your friend. And your towel looks so happy and wonderful ,with the haerts attached , a lovely idea.
    I`m sorry ,you still don`t get any water, Sherry, and yes the weather situation around the globe is totally out of normal,-here it has not been extreme ,but still weird.
    My husbond is also very allergic to all holydays and not very romantic, eighter ,so no Valentines celebrating here :-( - but I do have a few hearts hanging around in my home :-)
    Happy Valentines Day Sherry.

  13. By the way NO word verification , here :-)

  14. I did not know about the word verification flu being passed around! Like you when I have to guess several times at the correct letter/number is just too much!
    Beautiful ATC's and a stunning postcard you have collected, nice memories too.

  15. Hi Sherry, I hope you Valentine's Day was lovely. btw, I love your china cabinet decor :-) hugs and JOY, Kim

  16. Hi Sherry, Love your dishtowel and that awesome fabric you used.
    Love your darling tags and how nice to display them along your hutch to enjoy. Even your table display is so charming.
    How nice to receive such a beautiful gift from your friend.

    About the word verification. It is a glitch and it you see it, just ignore it and publish your comment anyway. It will by pass and go through as normal. This has been going on for months and I have never put in the numbers or word and my comment always goes through.
    Another glitch is comments going to the dashboard instead or our inbox. So for the last 2 years I have had to check the dashboard comments and click on awaiting moderation to see about 80 percent of my comments. Some go to the inbox while others go to spam and the dashboard. It is very frustrating but no fix in sight and I don't think it will change anytime soon after this long.

    Have a blessed week my friend.
    Hugs, CM

  17. Lovely towel, Sherry, and nice to see you celebrating the month of hearts.


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