Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Texture - Good and Bad...

This is a card I received from my dear friend Theresa (no blog).  She really needs to be on a design team because her work is so fabulous!  This card is her version of T!m Holtz's Tag techniques.  I assure you this photo does not do justice to the texture and sheen Theresa has created.  I am so happy to receive this in my mail this week as my studio is off limits right now.  Thank you Theresa Dear!!!

Here is another view and if you click on the photos they should enlarge so you may see her incredible texture results that are so Good!

Now here is texture that is bad.  The tile has been removed from our concrete floor and stairs leading out to the garages and Mr. C's "Toybox".  Thankfully Mr. C had a couple of helpers who with him managed to get a lot accomplished in just one day.  This renovation has taken on a bigger spectrum than we anticipated.  But then I believe all projects tend to expand as they begin to take on their own lives.

Lots of angles and curves in this project.

Here you can see the stairs that lead up.  We tried to minimize the spread of dust and debris with plastic sheeting.  But alas we all know when dust wants to travel and settle where it shouldn't...well it does what it wants no matter how much we try to prevent it.  While the stairs are in essence closed off we are having to travel upstairs and downstairs by going outside and around.  Not very convenient...especially when we forget and leave the keys on the wrong floor.  At least I am getting my exercise...Oh but then I am eating way more chocolate.  A girl must have energy you know!

Here is a picture of the actual gutted bathroom.  All those studs you see at the end shower wall are for the curved stairs which are just on the other side of this bathroom.  I am amazed to see how things are built and this is truly interesting to me.  Lots more work ahead...and we know we will have some delays in the next few weeks due to other committments.
We still have no rain or snow and we are being reminded and warned how this years drought will be much worse than last year.  I am loving our Spring weather however I am praying for Winter.  I shutter to think of another Summer with fire danger and our well running dry.
Nothing creative for me at this time due to the renovations.  My studio is filled with overflow stuff and the noise and dust is too much since my room is right near all this commotion.  That is okay as I am a very patient girl.  This project is far more important than me gluing or glittering right now.
Thank you for leaving me comments.  I enjoy taking a break to read your blogs and happenings. Creative Bliss...


  1. What a gorgeous card you received...she does need to have a blog and be on a DT!! And wow, your project is coming right along!! A lot of hard work but it will be worth it once it's completed!! I so wish I could send you some of the snow we've had in the past few days. The roads are a mess, schools are closed. I thought we were going to make it through the winter without a major storm but no such luck. Praying for rain/snow for you. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. I have patience for lots of 'things' but not for remodeling...hate my area(s) being disorganized!! I never thought about the rain/snow and what lack of it can cause! Take care my friend..hope you do at least get some rain!

  3. good luck with your diy home improvement project-we have lots of those waiting for us to return to them-lol love the card too

  4. Hope all goes well with the renovations and the card really does look marvelous.

  5. Wow, that's a great card. Oh dear..the dust!!It WILL be worth all the hassle.You'll be all finished and we'll be just starting our bathrooms..Can't wait to see finished!
    Have a great rest of week.
    Judy x

  6. Lovely card and these projects do expand. I'm thinking of suggesting a 'small' change to my guy in the kitchen. LOL

  7. I know exactly what you are going through right now. We added a large master room and family room to the house 7 years ago and it was not fun. ALthough my husband closed it off with a temporary wall and door, still the dust was every where. Thankfully I still had enough energy to clean daily. ARGHHH. At the end though it was all well worth it. Would not have changed a thing. I am sure you will feel the same once it is all said and done. We had rain last night from about 2am to 10am this morning. Luckily it stopped and now the temperature is dropping. We should have 40 degrees tonight. I am loving it. Hope it stayed this cold for atleast a month. But not here in the Sunshine state. Hugs, Ana

  8. thanks for showing my card. the pics of your remodel look more intimidating to me than any project I tackle. good luck in getting it done soon.

  9. I feel your pain....I am in the middle of my master bath renovation....Dust, dirt...Everywhere! But, won't we love it when it is done!! Your friend did an amazing job with that card...What an artist! I am so worried about your drought, i bet the NE would be happy to send some snow your way!!!


  10. The card is beautiful! It looks like Mr. C is moving along at a pretty steady pace. Just think of all the imagining you can do while this project is going on! I'll bet your creative juices will be fully charged and ready to go when the project is finished!

  11. Lovely card! Wow, that renovation's really a BIG project, but it'll be worth it when it's finished! Hope you can find enough to do while you wait to get back into your Creative Bliss mode. xoxo Jane

  12. Such a beautiful card! I love all things Tim Holtz and enjoy watching his creativity. Looks like a major project with fun results! They need to truck in some of the East Coast snow to you guys. :O)

  13. Oh the dreaded seems to be plentiful any time but especially with renovations. We recently had our fireplace rebuilt...I came home to the workmen using a saw to remove the outer stone and the house looked like the house was on fire....a dust storm could not have produced more dust! That was early spring and I am still finding dust!
    It is interesting how homes are built often there are little nooks of unused space between walls and under staircases. When Mr. C takes on a project he takes it down to the bare bones!

  14. Ah, yes, renovation reservations--dust everywhere. Drywall dust is the worst, I think, as it seems to seep past any barrier. But it'll all be worth it.
    That card is gorgeous!

  15. Dear Sherry, oh I`m late here, sorry !
    I too know about the dust following a renovation- and all the work, just to tear down... but well started is also well finished -(we say that in Denmark) . Your card from your friend, is wonderful, what a great gift ,dear.
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  16. Oh dear, renovations always take longer than expected. I hope things are able to move right along so that you can get things back in order. Perhaps some crochet is called for since you can't glue and glitter. :) Lots of lovely texture in Theresa's card. We are currently having high winds and it's gotten dark ... I'm not sure if it is rain or dust coming through again. Have a good day. Tammy

  17. Hi Sherry, The dust just seems to be everywhere in a project like this and I felt like I never could get it all cleaned up.
    Love the card from your friend. She is very talented.
    Have fun with the reno!!
    Hugs, CM

  18. Fabulous card from your dear friend Sherry, she's really rocking that Tim Holtz style.

    Your renovations sound exciting and I must say that your house looks amazing even whilst the work is going on :)


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