Sunday, April 5, 2015

NLWM 2015 Beginning...

Once again this year I have signed up for National Letter Writing Month (NLWM 2015).  This is a group on FaceBook that is now closed for this year.  Each year we are paired up with a pen pal.  We exchange mail throughout the month of April.  I am still exchanging mail with my very first and truly wonderful pen pal Dogwood.  We have continued our friendship throughout the years and don't just stick to April.  And Happy April Birthday Dogwood.
This year my pen pal is Stacy and she mailed me this fabulous Spring Tulip tube!  I was overwhelmed when I picked it up at the post office and gave a gasp of delight.  The postmaster looked surprise.  None of our local postal workers ever know about NLWM and they should as we are helping them stay in business.

So when I got home I carefully opened my beautiful Tulip Tube and look at all the Fabulous Easter goodies Stacy included.  Thank you beyond words dear.  Your letter is uber fun and I love it.  You really put a lot of effort into this and I truly appreciate it.  I am getting a late start this month however I hope you won't be disappointed when I catch up.

I also got some fun mail from Dogwood, Kelly and Martha.  These ladies really know how to get their Art On!  Thank you very much.  I didn't take photos, however, I mailed out some simple pieces to several peeps on the list.  This year we could elect to just concentrate on one pen pal or we could opt to mail to many of the participants.  Of course I went for the whole list.  I just have fun and love to see what others are mailing.  I mailed out "California" themed postcards to every out-of-state and one UK address.  There is something nostalgic about post cards and I still love them even when they are not vintage.  I think they convey so much in such a small venue.  Now I am off to work on some cards for mailing.  I also am getting low on my stock for Random Acts of Mail I participate in each week.  Life is short and we need to infuse all the JOY and CHEER we can. 
Our downstairs reno is making progress.  I finally see a minimum of dust each day.  Now we have a new custom vanity with granite top and double sinks with faucets.  Mr. C worked long and hard on the plumbing that is always a troublesome task.  I will share photos another time. 
Today our weather is trying to show us Winter however the tiny few sporadic rain drops are not really making any difference at all.  The rain seems to have gone North of us once again.  Hopefully the highest mountains will get some snow.  My dancing doesn't seem to be helping. 
Easter has come and is all too quickly gone.  Mr. C got his favorite See's Bordeaux Egg from the  illusive Bunny.  I seem to have gotten the rabbit pellets to clean up once again.  So on that note...Blessings and Creative Bliss to all.  I shall send myself to my room and do something creative!


  1. Happy Easter Sherry!
    I was thinking about you last week. I was worried about you! But I've been so busy catching up after being sick for 2 weeks last month, that I kept forgetting. I'm sorry!
    Your Tulip Tube is lovely! I so enjoy reading about your letter writing adventures! I am proud to say, you are the only person I actually exchange mail with all year *more you than me of course, you are so thoughtful!!*
    Thank you for finding me :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. If you decide to pursue pocket letters, I'll be happy to swap with you. And let me know if you join the PL group.

  3. Hi Sherry. Always love reading your blog. You are so funny, rabbit pellets.
    You have some really fun mail to play with. I debate all the time in joining some groups, but I don't want to disappoint nor do I want to be late mailing, so I pass. Maybe one day in the near future. For now I will enjoy what you receive.
    We have not had a drop of rain and although I hate it to rain especially during the day, we desperately need it. Our grass is as dry as dry can be and the heat is unbearable. We are having high 80's everyday. I look like a farmer with the tans I am getting when i go walking and when I work in the yard.
    Have a great week and happy crafting. Ana

  4. My grandmother was an avid letter writer, and I tried to follow in her footsteps when we moved to the farm 33 years ago. I became discouraged because I seldom received a reply. Email is so much easier, but not as meaningful. Enjoy your letter writing!

  5. Paper, letters...ah, the best! ( I heard on the news again, about your drought. Praying for a rainy to you, my friend, k) Hope your easter was a blessed and peaceful one.

  6. Sherry, you will have to remind me next year, or tell me now so I can put it in my calendar to sign up for next year. I love exchanges as you well know. We got snow and ice again last night so I will be sitting at my desk working on the next round of artsy stuff. hugs, Theresa

  7. Terrific mail- the USPS doesn't know about this? Seems they'd want to sponsor it! I like post cards, too, and have quite a collection from our travels. Have fun and keep us "posted"!

  8. Dear Sherry,
    Your easter gifts, and cards, are wonderful and so happy, and you are so appreciated !! Must be fantastic that you both can soon see en end to all dust and doing downstairs - your husbond must be very happy ,too- I hope your week was lovely, and wiahes you a happy new one, dear !

  9. Happy Easter, so glad Mr C got his See's egg, I am also a huge fan of See's candy. What a fun gift you received and I am sure the ones you sent were appreciated. your lack of rain has been all over the news lately....Keep dancing!


  10. What a wonderfully fun trip this makes for each jaunt to your mail box, I'm sure. Happy Spring, my friend - hope your Easter was grand, Sherry! XOXO

  11. Sherry, I'm glad to read that your dusting duties will be slowing down, and I'm so glad progress has been made on your renovation. All the wall tile is up and awaits its caulking in our little 3-piece. Progress is slow.......
    Nice mail you've received. hope the rains come soon and end the drought.

  12. How fun to see all the letter writing. Yes the post office should know about and promote it! Glad to hear the dust is settling and progress is being made. The news has featured the California drought situation...scary...and to see people watering their lawns there, during such a severe drought!!!
    ps....rabbit pellets...

  13. Writing is another one of your wonderful talents!!! The 'recipient' of your mail is a lucky person!! Enjoy!

  14. I can only imagine the joy it must be to have the time to send out so much mail art in a single month...not to mention all the love you send out the rest of the year as well.

  15. The Spring Tulip tube is a lovely treasure and gift!

  16. You always encourage me to send more letters. I hope to do better this year. :)

  17. What an awesome idea to exchange letters!! And wow, your gifts are so beautiful!! How fun to actually get mail and not just an email ;) Have a great day :)

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