Friday, May 22, 2015

Banner Play May...

This is the banner I created in the month of May.  Then I mailed it to Jan of Jan's Arty Junk in England.  I really enjoy this swap by Linda of A Swap For All Seasons.  Each month we elect to participate or not.  Each time we create and send to one person and then receive from another person.  It really is quite fun.  The size is very doable at only 4" x 6"...the size of a standard postcard.  Jan has received this and reportedly liked it very much.  Thank you Jan.

The back of my banner.  I always try to make it pretty too.  These banners are all sewn...either by machine or by hand.  Very easy to do.  No paper or glue on these little gems.

Now this is what I received in May from Sally of Sally Annie Magundy blog.  I feel very Regal and Queenly with this lovely package of handmade treasures.  Thank you very much Sally.

Sally created this using my favorite colors of blue.  Then she also did some amazing "Blackwork" embroidery to enhance the Queen's Crown.  Just click on the photos to enlarge them and see all the beautiful details. 
Now I am signed up for June and I am ready to get my Banner Play game on.
Mr. C and I are still working on the downstairs reno.  Yesterday we painted baseboards surrounding the new porcelain tile floors.  I never knew how tedious this job is and how hard it is to be on the floor painting and scooching along for a couple of hours and then try to get up and walk!  Mr. C says I am whining to all my friends...well maybe so but the baseboards look fresh and beautiful now that Mr. C has completed them!  Photos soon I promise.
We still have had no rain however there was slight moisture on the deck this morning.  Not even enough to wet the BBQ cover but at least heavy dew on the railings.  I am still hopeful for full on rain soon.  Many of you are deluged and sick of rain and certainly Texas is drowning in floods so I pray for safety for all.  Here in California we are being warned daily of how to be prepared for fires. 
Joyful and Creative Bliss to each of you...


  1. My Rooster says there is no problem getting down. It is an whole 'nother problem getting up. I shall be up and down as I work in the white garden today. Bliss! The banner is delightful. I

  2. What a gorgeous banner!! I love the pretty lace dress!! The back is fabulous, too!! And what a beautiful gift set you received!! I can't wait to see pictures of the progress of your downstairs reno!! Hard work but it will be worth it!! As always, praying for rain for you. Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. such a pretty banner. Like you I have problems getting back up and if I kneel well that is put of the question these days!

  4. Lots of love apparently stitched into each one, Sherry! Divine, dahling!


  5. Banners are wonderful- love the ruffly little dress, and the blackwork especially. I'd whine too about the floor work. I find it easy to get down there, but then getting up is another story! Will be sharing a "ruffly dress" project on my blog soon- so I really did a double take when I saw your lead photo.

  6. such beautiful banners! Wonderful swaps!
    I hope rain comes to you soon,

  7. Beautiful banner and such a fun swap to be involved in!

  8. Hi Sherry, what a lovely monthly swap. Your banner is gorgeous both front and back.
    I know all about painting the woodwork trim. It took me two weeks to do my entire house and I was on the floor the whole time. LOL
    I so hope you get rain soon. We are out of our drought here now and it has become overwhelming with all the flooding. We have more on the way tonight. Last night we got 3.09 inches.Wish I could send it to you.
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Hugs, CM

  9. Sherry, I love your banner, what a great swap and a fun project to work on!



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