Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mr. C's Project...

This is Mr. C in his "Toybox".  It is a small single car garage however he works huge magic in this small space.  Mr. C is an engineer...a double engineer!  He and I are as opposite as it can get but somehow we work well together as a team.  Of course this is my version of this story...his would be slightly different I am certain.

Mr. C loves to have a project and he loves to engineer solutions.  The more complicated the better!  So a few years ago he decided to begin a very interesting project.  With lots of research we realized what he had in mind was not economically feasible and there would be little reason to throw good money away.  Aha...and he re-engineered his plan and began.  Here he is with his engine and drive-train portion of the plan.  Now not to bore you I have skipped through hundreds of photos and two years of very diligent work on his part (there was a long delay during his trauma accident recovery) and I introduce you to Clara...now known as THE RUMBLER.

This is our 1969 Rambler American.  We bought it years ago as a one-owner and she only had 28,000 miles on her.  As you can see she has a few different shades of "Surf Green" on her fenders due to the original owner, "Clara" driving well into her nineties and unfortunately her garage walls kept getting in her way.  What I forgot to find out before sending Mr. C to another state to pick her up is that she was not an automatic but a "three on the tree".  Mr. C could drive her quite well but I never got the hang of it and living here in the hills I couldn't do more than drive her downhill knowing I live uphill!

Now that Mr. C has rebuilt her into a "Big Bad Corvette Killer" for his track racing days she only looks original...until the trained eye gets a good look under the hood and chassis.  Now most of you are yawning and leaving...however if you have any techno buffs they will appreciate these photos. 

Clara is now awesome in her transformation.  Mr. C has engineered every element down to the finest details.  Guys absolutely drool over this stuff when he opens the hood!

Did I mention Turbo power?  Oh Yeah!!

Nothing is beyond Mr. C and his capabilities and I am so thankful.  I truly never understand all that he is doing or having me help with but I am truly grateful for what he is able to do.

So when you see us out on the highway...we may look old and poor and sad however you just might want to move out of the way...as fast as you can...because Mr. C will "dust you off" in a throttle blast of awesome power!  Well Done Mr. C!!!
Monday we had the Amgen Tour in our little town.  I was at my Chamber and got to enjoy all the spectacle and efforts of so many people who make this event possible.  We are very fortunate as this is the third time in 10 years that Amgen has come to our beautiful town of Nevada City
Today I have lots to get accomplished so let me get busy.  I will be visiting blogs as I "earn" time.  I am trying to be more productive and not allow myself to get lost in my computer world for the entire day and night.  Our weather is glorious and I have outdoor things I have ignored too long.  So with my new narrow rake I bought yesterday I shall be found at the pond airing out the bogs so the plants can get fresh air and sunshine.  This is really just raking leaves and debris and bagging it for pickup.  What are you enjoying in this lovely Summery weather?  Oh and please send us rain as we are still desperately dry.  Creative Bliss and I look forward to sharing your comments with Mr. C...


  1. I learned on a three on the tree then met my dearie who had four on the floor! memories. While my dearie would stick his head under the hood, I'll stick to admiring the colour. lovely! But, Sherry, I did used to hate shifting on a hill! lol

  2. WHAT A BEAUT' SHE IS INDEED! Mmm-mmm! Leavin' all the big boys IN THE DUST! AND GREEN? WELL, DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN GREEN?!?!?!?!?!? Mr. C, whoa! You've done yourself P-R-O-U-D! SHE IS AWESOME!

    Well done, well done, well done, and I might add, WELL DONE!


  3. Hi Sherry, what a gorgeous treasure to own. Your hubby is very talented and doing what he loves. It doesn't get better does it? Love the black and white tile in his Toybox.
    I would love to send you some of our rain. It has been non stop with severe weather too and tornadoes. Lots of damage all around but it missed our town. Prayers for those that lost their homes. More rain on the way.
    Have a lovely week my friend.
    Hugs, CM

  4. Well done, Mr. C!! Wow!! I don't know much about cars but that engine is impressive!! And I love the story about Clara's garage walls getting in the way ;) I can't drive anything but an automatic and the thought of trying to drive and shift on hills - ugh!! I need to show this post to my Dad - he loves cars and he'd absolutely love this one!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. I always enjoy reading your posts but I have to say this was one of my favorites!!! I love Clara!!! And her story is just as wonderful as she looks!!! I can just picture you and Mr. C cruising! Love it!!! Thanks for the smile today!

  6. I know very little about cars. I do know that I miss the days when we could sit outside, watch the cars go by, and identify the make, model, and year. There are too many options today! Enjoy your Amgen Tour!

  7. Mr. C. has a snazzy looking toybox with that checkerboard floor. Good for him for having a hobby too.

  8. Well it's nice to see him out of the tile dust and into the garage! I love vintage cars, and he's done well with Clara. Awww, Clara- she'd be so proud to see it!

  9. Well.....okay.....if you say so. hahaha While I can admire a pretty car, the rest is **excuse me while I yawn**. And I'm sure the feeling is mutual for my hobbies. :-) But I will definitely watch the roads for this bad ass green machine and will nod appreciatively as he leaves me in his dust. No, I will not show these pics to man, as I do not need to suffer his drooling and awaken desires for the good old days of car love. LoL

  10. Oh Sherry,
    me, too- not interested in cars, if they can only drive, I`m happy !! But this seems to be driving very well and fast, now !! It looks great too, and he must be a proud man, now !! I wish you both many happy tours in this beautiful"beast"
    Hugs from me. x

  11. Clara is a beauty ... And what a clever Mr C for transforming her! I hope you both have lots of lovely drives with her :) x

  12. Loved your post. You will have fun riding in the Rambler when all is said and done. Glad Mr. C has a great place to do his hobby, looks like a great space. I have to speak to myself when I am at the puter to say that I have been here long enough, go get something done, lol...

  13. Mr. C is clearly a genius! And I am so sure the two of you enjoy the fruits of your labor often!! You made me literally LOL with your "we may look old and poor and sad" comment! The very last thing anyone would think of the pair of you is that!!
    You are very awesome!!

  14. How cute is that Rambler. I have always driven cars with manual transmissions...I started with the "three on the tree", and my Ford Fusion is manual, as well. Mr. C will get a kick out of this - I took it in a few years back, to have the oil changed...the kid that was told to go bring it into the shop could not figure out how to "make it go". He caught hell for not knowing it was not an automatic! Happy Thursday, my friend. XOXO

  15. I shall be watching for Clara if she ever heads North. Had to giggle about how she got her different colors.Ninety something and st9ill driving. Wow. You 2 are a darling perfect couple. I shall blow rain to the south although we really have had very little. Take care.!


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