Monday, May 4, 2015

Pocket Letter Mail...

My goodness April came and went very quickly.  I signed up for National Letter Writing Month and was given a pen pal.  This year I truly enjoyed my pen pal and her creative artistic fun mail she sent to me.  I tried to reciprocate in kind.  I made her this "pocket letter".  This is the front and the photo was taken while it was in its nine pocket plastic page protector. 

Here I have taken each pocket note out of the plastic for a better photo.  This is the front of the page.

Here is the back of the page...out of the plastic.  I added little gifts within some of the pockets.  This was fun to make and I can honestly say I was focused on my pen pal through each and every square.
If you would like to make something similar merely "Google" Pocket Letters and you will get lots of ideas from private blogs, YouTube and Pinterest.  I did my very own version rather than spend all my time researching.

Here is some fun mail I received during April.  The month actually was a lot of fun and because I kept it to a smaller list this year I was able to completely mail to everyone.

Here is another batch of fun mail I received.  Yes, that is a small wooden surf board from my pen pal.  I told you it is lots of fun. 
Now I think I have a defective wall calendar this year.  Well actually each of my calendars seems to be defective this year.  They each are rushing through the days weeks and months far faster than in years prior.  I truly need track shoes to keep up however I don't own track shoes and thankfully do not run at this age.  I do more of a saunter or this why I can't keep up?
May is already showing me I am behind.  However I do have plans to be very busy and check things off my May list.  After a little rest and recuperation from being gone for a few days visiting the young newlyweds.  The bride let me help her select materials for a couple of wedding albums for family that wasn't able to attend.  I truly enjoyed spending time being creative and reliving all the wedding fun in photos with our lovely bride.  The groom and Mr. C spent quality time together doing guy stuff! 
I shall be visiting your blogs and seeing what you are up to in this month of May.  I also have some additional letters to write and mail that I promised.  And I have some beading and hand-stitching plans which I will share later when I have something to photograph. 
Creative Bliss and Joyful May Days...  


  1. how exciting, these are beautiful!!

  2. Well THAT is bliss! How fun it must be to go to your mailbox! Happy May Sherry!

  3. such a variety of mail you have there

  4. Dear Sherry, your pocket letter is a wonderful idea, and looks so lovely ,also added all in the plastic,to be seen together. Such lovely colour tones , and sweet with gifts inside some. The special letters you recieved yourself are wonderful, too my friend.
    Hugs to you from Denmark

  5. Hello Sherry, Hope you are doing well. How is the renovation coming along? Is it done or still in progress?
    Pocket letters are the in thing lately. I am sure they have been around for a long time, but it is all over youtube. I still have not made one. Been busy creating layouts for my niece that just had a beautiful baby girl a week ago.
    Love your pocket letter. I am so going to make atleast one before the end of May. I did purchase the baseball cards sleeves.
    Have a wonderful creative week.
    Hope you are getting the so well deserved rain we all need. They are predicting rain for us all this week. This early morning it has already began.
    Crafty hugs, ana

  6. The pocket letters look like fun! I'll have to do some research!

  7. Your pocket letter is amazing!! What a creative idea!! All of the pockets look gorgeous!! And what fabulous goodies you received, too!! The wooden surfboard is awesome!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Terrific mail, and your pocket letter is fun to see. April must have been entertaining for your mail deliverer, too!

  9. oh, goodness. Where oh where did April go??? May be....

  10. I miss the days of receiving letters and cards in the mail. It was always so exciting to open up the mail box and find a treasure, though nothing quite as sweet as those pocket letters you made1

  11. Oh, that's a wonderful fun pile of mail goodness! It's always great to find surprises in the mailbox, don't you agree? Happy creating, Sherry!

  12. I love your pocket letters. What a fun idea. I miss getting letters. I open the mailbox these days to mostly junk and those dreaded bills. Thought about drawing a face on my mailbox and writing, "no thank you, just skip me please!" LOL

  13. Pocket are so creative! I know what you mean about these dang defective calendars!

  14. And I thought my life was busy! Love the 'letters' board is SO very clever!! What great keepsakes...

  15. Busy days Sherry - love your pocket letters! I will be investigating that idea in the next few days - I love the look of them!
    I am so glad you had a successful letter writing month this year, and that it didn't overwhelm you. And I hope your calendar gets fixed soon and the days quit rushing by at breakneck speed!

  16. I've seen those posted on Instagram but didn't quite know what they were. Always fun to swap and receive snail mail. Have a lovely day. Tammy

  17. Hi Sherry, You received wonderful fun mail and your creation of the pocket letters is a fabulous design. You are so talented. Sounds like it was a successful letter writing month.
    Glad you got to spend time with the newlyweds.
    Hope things slow down for you. I hope for the same here.
    Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day.
    Hugs, CM

  18. Very neat, Sherry! It's always nice to receive mail, especially with everything being done by email and texts these days. Love the surfboard - a very cute idea!

  19. What a lovely idea your 'pocket letter' is Sherry, bet your penpal really loved it xx


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