Friday, May 29, 2015

Downstairs Reno Update...

 I am so happy to show you the progress Mr. C and I have made with our Downstairs Renovation.  I originally posted the beginning on this link.  When you see what we began with you will agree we have entered the 21st Century and left the Mauve '80s behind.  Our home wasn't even built until the '90s.  So it was really crucial to eliminate all the Mauve we had downstairs.  I believe we have achieved our goal and exceeded my greatest dream vision.  I LOVE this new style we have now.
Greys and Taupes and a very neutral pallet now. 

I love this higher vanity with dual sinks.  We had only a single sink in a seven foot vanity before.  Mr. C actually chose the mirrors and light fixtures and I think he did a fabulous job.  We are very traditional so nothing trendy or fashion forward for us. 

I like the soft white robe hanging on the new hook.  It gives me the feeling of a nice high end hotel.

Here is the new Porcelain Tile flooring.  I really like the colors and the feel and the ease of cleaning it.  No carpeting now in the bathroom or in the hall and I am a very happy girl.  The old Mauve carpeting always attracted dirt and grease and was never really clean no matter how hard Mr. C or I would try to clean it.   On a side note we had to change out all our lighting as the previous light bulbs just washed out all the beauty of the tile and the gorgeous colors. Nothing is too detailed for Mr. C and his discerning  excellent taste.

This photo shows the curve of our stairs.  I love our antique table in this circular space.  Mr. C did a great job on all the baseboards including this curve.

Here is the view from Mr. C's Toybox aka Grease Garage.  Those steps add to the levels of our home which has no flat surfaces without stairs.  It really feels so good to have this phase of our downstairs renovation completed.  It took longer than expected and we did more than we had painting the entire hallway a different color than we painted the bathroom.  Next phase will be to gut the office and possibly paint it before new carpet is installed.  Then we re-carpet the two downstairs of which is my sewing room and I cannot imagine having to empty it.  The closet alone is a lifetime amount of fabrics and sewing supplies and I most definitely am NOT looking forward to emptying that space.  However when the time comes I will gladly do what it takes to eliminate the Mauve carpet we currently have.  Thank you for your encouragement on this renovation along the way.  I do know I did my fair share of whining about the incredible concrete dust and all the cleaning I was doing every day.  Now I am able to work outside on the weeds that have completely taken over.  I know it is overwhelming but I just do a little bit at a time.  If I only pull a handful of weeds then I am that much closer to having a clear space.  Even "inches" over acres is better than nothing!
I am happily able to spend precious time in my studio and sewing room.  I will share soon. 
Creative Bliss and EnJoy the beautiful weather most of us are having.  Prayers for Texas and Oklahoma with all the flooding they are getting.  We are still completely dry so it really makes it all the more important to de-weed our land surrounding our home.  May is quickly coming to an end and Summer is here along with June soon.  Winter for my friends across the globe.  Blessings...  


  1. what a wonderful transformation DH has done here, a lot of hard work but the overall look is so so good. Best of luck with your project on your sewing room! you will find things you have not seen for ages when you start to move everything out.What a fun time that will be

  2. WOw, your bathroom come out beautiful. Love love love the vanity with the 2 bowls. Great colors. Yes, the robe makes it seem like you are in a hotel. Nice piece to add. I am sure you are one happy camper, now that the reno is over.
    We are pretty dry here as well. Which is surprising for Florida. We barely had any rain in May. Hope June is a wetter month. We need it. Our grass is dry and crispy and brown in some spots. Even turning the sprinklers on, it dying. It will come back once we get the rain we need.
    I have not posted on my blog in over a month I think. I have been crazy busy organizing each inch of my home. I am decluttering and getting rid of so much stuff we accumalate during the years that we don't need. I am also decluttering all of my craft room. Will show pics of it once it is 100% percent done.
    Have a fabulous weekend and happy crafting. Ana

  3. Totally gorgeous!!! You two are a great team! Happy weeding, sewing, and crafting this weekend!
    xo Jane

  4. Hi dear, OH I so understand you are so happy with this new renovation Sherry. It looks beautiful now, I totally love your colour choise and the furnichures and morrors ,all so elegant and lovely in tge grey and taupe .It must feel like a dream to enter the steps and see all the new down there. I clicked all your photoes to see the details, everything is so beautiful!!
    Yes I`m happy that the friends I have in Texas are all safe ,and hope it will soon stop raining there, and maybe send some of it in your direction, Sherry.
    Saturday hugs, from Dorthe

  5. Well worth the long hard haul. The result is one beautiful renovation. We are two thirds off the way through our bedroom refit. Ver pleased With the result. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Looking good, enJOY your"new" home Sherry!
    hugs and JOY,

  7. Oh wow, your downstairs looks amazing!! I love the beautiful tile!! And the neutral color palette is so gorgeous!! A ton of hard work but so worth it!! It looks fabulous!! And the fluffy white robe is a perfect touch!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Oh, my goooodness! You and Mr. C outdid yourselves! Of course not one of your faithful readers expected anything less than, oh, say, DREAMY, PERFECT, STUNNING, "HIGH END" and WELCOMING! My, oh, my-my-my! I have to say, your HARD LABORS were certainly VISUALLY worth it!!!

    Hugs and happy weeding!

  9. What a fantastic job the two of you have accomplished. Very classy. Enjoy this and and the time to continue will present itself. Beautiful!!!

  10. WOW! Mr. C could go into business!! Renovations are wonderful!!! Now onward and upward to more!!!

  11. I feel your pain, all I did was a small bathroom, It is so disruptive to your life! it looks gorgeous and I love the floor too


  12. I've lived through more renovations than I even want to think about. But it's always so worth it afterwards! Your new downstairs spaces look fantastic. It's never fun to think about packing up your studio space. But it too will feel fantastic afterwards.

  13. Outstanding results! I'm sure you will just love the ease of cleaning now that the carpet is gone. It looks just beautiful. Oh the sewing room- I winced when you said you have to unload it. Better get a Pod and plenty of boxes and plastic totes! yikes.

  14. Mauve was so popular years ago. I remember my mother-in-law having mauve clothing, furniture, pictures...she loved that color! It looks so amazing in your bathroom and I'm sure it feels wonderful to get rid of the old and bring in the new!

  15. Hi Sherry
    You and your husband should be totally proud of yourselves because the finished bathroom renovation result is totally amazing and the porcelain tiles look fabulous - it really was worth going through that dust stage which is all behind you now. Your color scheme is just beautiful! Enjoy it all Sherry!
    You are well blessed!
    Weeding hugs now to you,

  16. I love before and afters, and your after looks fabulous....had to check out the before. What an accomplishment!

  17. Hi Sherry, WOW I love this reno. What a gorgeous new look. You two are so good and the colors here are perfect. Great job and huge accomplishment.
    Thanks for sharing and always the inspiration my friend.
    Hugs, CM

  18. Oh it is so beautiful! Mr. C definitely has discerning taste, as do you. I love the style you went with - we are traditionalists as well, and this is elegant and charming and oh, so stylish. Love it!


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