Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lovely Calming Lavender...

Have you ever created a lavender wand?  Simply made with long stems of lavender buds and ribbon.  This one in the photo was made by my French friend (no blog) Catherine.  I learned how to make them several years ago when I visited Cache Creek Lavender Farm to harvest lavender for drying.  They had a workshop on how to make the wands and I was thrilled to learn.   Many years ago a wonderful elderly lady gave me a wand that she had made many years before.  Although it was very dry and brittle it still had that wonderful lavender aroma when you placed it between your hands and gently rolled it back and forth to release the calming scent.  I was quite intrigued with her gift to me. 

This year I was visiting my French friend Catherine and she generously went out to her lavender garden and snipped some long stems of lavender for me.  Then she proceeded to teach me how to make this lovely lavender basket with ribbon.  I am smitten with this and thrilled beyond words to know how to make these.  I actually made this one while Catherine made a separate one.  Her basket handle was much better than mine as it was more rounded on top.  I am pleased with this one being my very first attempt at a lavender basket.  Next year when the lavender is in season I shall be wanting to visit a lavender farm and harvest lots to make these gems.  They make wonderful gifts and last for a very long time.  I still have sachets I made and filled years ago that are in my closet amongst my clothes.  I believe they also retard pests from eating cloth which is a nice bonus. 
What have you created with lavender stems and/or buds? 
Our weather has been glorious the last several days.  Very cool and beautiful blue skies.  We did actually have 5 minutes of rain one evening.  I was literally outside thanking the heavens and praying it would continue.  They were the largest rain drops I had ever seen.  I am grateful for any rain even if it was only 5 minutes of moisture.  It is supposed to once again turn very warm this week.  I have begun my annual Whooly Thyme trimming on my flagstone seating area at the pond.  It will take me many hours and many days to complete this task.  I have to get on my hands and knees to find the flagstones and cut the Whooly Trim.  I use my orange handled Fiskars scissors as they work the very best for me.  I do love our pond and seating area.  Every year I share photos.  Maybe when I finish I will post another photo. 
My High on Life July tag line is working well for me.  Each and every day I am finding a solid reason why I choose this to focus on this month.  I prefer to be happy and have a positive attitude rather than get down with all the drama that can surround us in this daily life.  Creative Bliss and High on Life July my friends...


  1. Oh, Sherry! The lavender wands are lovely, and the new basket!!! Well, what a friend to have that can teach you how to make such gorgeous creations using lavender. I have a jar of lavender buds that I frequently use to fill my Strawberry Rose sachets. The scent is heavenly.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your patio, and I'm so happy you were graced with even a few minutes of showers. I'll pray for more for you.

    Have the beautiful week you so richly deserve, my dear.

  2. not seen this done with lavender before, will make the house smell lovely. I have a few lavender bushes, some will need cutting back as they are making it difficult to come up the front path. They have been in 7 years and this year do not seem to smell much, not sure if that is an age problem

  3. I am so glad that these wonderful old skills are being kept alive, lavender wands are so beautiful. Congrats on creating such a beautiful lavender basket, it is so lovely and as you said, will last many years. The scent of lavender is always a reminder of beautiful warm summer days and gentle breezes.

  4. Funny that you should post about lavender wands... I've been looking at instructions and YouTube videos to learn how to make them. We have some lavender in our yard, not much, but enough to give it a try.

  5. I tried to grow lavender one year. Didn't work. Wooly thyme I have. In fact thyme grows very well but I do try to put it where it doesn't need trimming. :^) Glad you are living high and better yet, experiencing rain!

  6. Ah, lavender- in my list of top 5 scents along with lilac. Some years ago I took a soap making class and made some lavender scented soap. A bit of rain for you- wonderful. Pace yourself on your annual trimming task!

  7. What a fabulous way to use the lavender stems! I've never seen a lavender wand or basket before. My orange handled Fiskars are kept strictly for fabric!

  8. I've never heard of a lavender wand, but I absolutely love the idea!! One of my favorite scents!! The basket you made is gorgeous!! I'm glad you got some rain!! We are in the midst of a stormy day. It hasn't rained yet, but the skies look wicked. I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. I bet it smells oh so good. Glad you are trying so many things. thanks as always for sharing.

  10. I love the look of lavender wands but wouldn't dare have one anywhere near. It's one of the things I'm really allergic to, much as I love the scent.

  11. I love old fashioned things, Sherry. Your lavender wands fit the bill. I'm certain just their fragrance evoke the tenderest memories.

    You're keeping busy! Appreciate your cheerful and upbeat posts.

    Hugs and happy highways,

    P.S. Watch the mailbox!

  12. That Lavender wand I love from about 35 years ago when I first became interested in herbs.
    I wonder if your David Austin rose is a "Graeme Thomas"?
    Happy Wooly Thyme trimming!
    X Suzy

  13. I love lavender wands dear Sherry, they are so beautiful, and so lovely smelling. Your white dressed one is so wonderful, dear.
    I`m sorry to be so much away from blogging this month, but we are spending wonderful vacation days with the grandkits and family. Next week is normal again!! I hope you are doing fine, and am happy my friend !
    Dorthe, xox

  14. Mmmmm, lavender is my favorite! I've done a lot with it, but never made a wand! They are beautiful!

  15. I have made these and am very happy they last forever. You should have seen my first attempts. Yours are gorgeous. I am still praying for rain, we had a few drops the other night, but nothing to write home about. Going into town I saw 2 huge burns on the center grass of the freeway. Probably from some idiot smoking. Thank heaven they got them out. We desperately need a good rain.

  16. Wow what a wonderful way to create with lavender.

    Hugs Diane

  17. Lovely Lavender wand and basket! I have a small box in my sewing room holding is amazing how long the scent lasts!

  18. Sherry these are wonderful. I love lavender and have sachets all around and love to tuck them into my packages to customers.
    Your wands are beautiful! Joy to you, cm


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