Friday, July 17, 2015

Welcome to Our Pond...

This is the walkway to our pond that Mr. C went to pond college and then built for us.  We have had it now for at least 12 years and it has its challenges from year to year.  I know I have shared many posts on this blog.  This is by far my most favorite place ever!  Mr. C did such a great job and I am so grateful to be able to sit and reflect while enjoying the wonders of Nature.

I have tried many flowers here but the deer and other critters always eat/destroy them.  Now I have mint planted and it has been left untouched.

This is a rather large pond that is very eco friendly.  I would explain but it is too technical for this simple girl.  These photos were taken in early morning as I am really here to trim the Wooley Thyme. and once the sun hits I cannot stay long.

We have Lillies that bloom in shades of yellow, salmon, burgundy, pink and white.  Lots of amazing dragonflies in colors of blues, reds and black with yellow stripes.  Just turn on the water spray and they appear like magic.

This is our seating area where I spend lots of time reflecting on life and enjoying our surrounding Nature.  Living here is truly dreamy.  Each year I must trim the Wooley Thyme around the flagstones.  When you step here the fragrance is delightful.  First I let the Wooley Thyme bloom its sweet tiny lavender flowers.  Then I sit back and enjoy at least 6 different types of bees flit from blossom to blossom doing their harvesting.  Once the blossoms completely fade then it is time for me to trim.

I have tried many types of trimming tools and find my orange handled Fiskars to work the very best. 

The trickiest part is finding the flagstone down under the growth.  Some years I admit my flagstone shapes are slightly different.  Rounded corners vs. square corners can depend on how tired I am at trimming time.  Oh and many teeny tiny little frogs live in the Thyme.  I tried to photo them but they are very quick and don't stay to pose for a camera.  They are the size of my fingernails...just 1/2 inch or so.  Very sweet but I must say they do startle me when they jump out of nowhere.  One day there was a very large alligator lizard in the way so I left until he was gone.  After all it gave me a much needed rest break.  They do scare me a lot!

Thank you for visiting our pond.  We could share a glass of wine or a cuppa anytime.  I truly cherish the moments when Mr. C takes time to sit with me and enjoy what he has built for us.

Now it is back up the hill to the house and other chores.  By the way I usually don't trim this walkway with the precision I do at the sitting area.  I like the walkway to be more random as it gets a lot of foot traffic.  I hope you feel relaxed and refreshed after visiting our pond. 
We are in another HOT spell with temperatures in the nineties.  Just down the hill is triple digit heat.  We are still completely dry and without rain.  Everyday the CDF Air Tankers are flying and refilling to put out numerous fires.  I added a link if you would like to know more.  So far...we are safe! 
May you be savoring your Summer.  Having fun and doing the things that bring you JOY.   I continue to be finding High on Life July perfectly fitting for me.  Mr. C and I have a very busy weekend of moving furniture and stuff in preparation for next week.  I will share all that very soon.  Creative Bliss and Summer Smiles...


  1. Oh, I could spend days just soaking in the beauty and serenity of your pond and garden area!! Wow! Mr. C is incredibly talented and handy!! Beautiful, beautiful.

  2. What a bee utiful spot. Don't the bees just luv thyme. Gee, maybe my Rooster would consider pond college! First we need to get the jungle tamed. Happy summer!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous pond!! Mr. C did and amazing job!! What a relaxing place to sit!! I'd love to sit there with a book and glass of wine!! So peaceful!! I have a pond that has almost been taken over with water lilies. I need to clear some of them out but there are so many fishies, I don't want to disturb them!! We are having a hot spell as well...temps in the 90's with heat index well into the 100's. But it's been mild so far so I can't complain. Thanks for sharing pictures of your spot of paradise!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. I have seen Wooly Thyme before but did not know it would make such a pretty ground to the garden center I go! Would love to see the tiny frogs!!!

  5. Mr C should be so proud of what he's created - it's definitely a place I would love to come and sit with a good book and some iced tea. Mmmm - heaven on earth I think!

  6. very cool pond. hope you get to spend many happy hours there creating happy memories....

  7. truly beautiful spot to sit and pas the time of day, was surprised to see you had some water in the pond due to your lack of rain.
    Yes would love to share a glass of wine with you in this spot

  8. Peaceful and beautiful. What a refreshing place to have right at your home. But wow, the trimming! I'm so impressed with your efforts. I keep thinking back, knees, hands- ouch! Not sure what an alligator lizard is, but it doesn't sound good. Will have to google a photo. Little frogs are cute though.

  9. OK, I looked them up, and now I'm sorry. Eeeewww. And they get ticks on them, shed their tails, and are territorial. And they can swim. But they have a job to do and your yard and pond will be better for it.

  10. Wow, Sherry, I love the flagstones and how your embellished this restful place where you and Mr. C can relax and take well-deserved breaks... and celebrate being high on life! It is SO lovely!

    Thanks for the invitation,

  11. Hi Sherry, I love your wonderful pond and sitting area. Your hubby did such a beautiful job of designing this outdoor space. I can only imagine the scent of the wooly thyme. What a delight to sit here and relax. You have created a bit of paradise here and what a blessing it is.
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,
    Hugs, cm

  12. What a lovely place to be! I love all the elements you have surrounding your "zen" space! Hope you are enjoying summer! <3

  13. Gorgeous place you have created there. I love it and would spend many an hour sitting reading and stitching. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh I have never seen your pond what a great area to sit....Mr C did a great job!


  15. Oh, your pond/sit spot is just divine!

  16. Oh Sherry I think your pond area gets more wonderful every year. I love woolly thyme but so do the elk around here. They pull it up so I gave it up. They even pulled up my sedum this year. I would love to sit by your peaceful pond.

  17. What an absolute delight your pond is!! Mr. C must have been a very good student! The only bad part is the bees. I am allergic to them, which is no fun at all. And I've never heard of an alligator lizard! I would be scared too!!
    Keep being high on life and keep enjoying your time at your pond! It really is the little things that bring the most joy!

  18. Dear Sherry, oh what a wonderful place you have. That pond is a dream,,nd your sitting area so very beautiful with the thyme around the stones. Must be heaven to meet all the frogs and the bees danzing around the tine flowers.
    About deers eating I know all about that!!!!!
    Wonderful to be in touch again my friend !

  19. What a lovely place to visit and rest. How I would enjoy sitting there with you, watching the dragonflies and taking in the view.

    Thank you for taking us on a tour with you, and for sharing Mr. C's gift of love. Still praying for rain and glad you're safe.

    Peaceful Friday, my friend.
    Donna and Tag

  20. What a lovely, restful and relaxing retreat you have. Thank you for the pictures of your beautiful pond.

  21. Hi Sherry.
    You are well blessed to have such a special place to ponder and relax. To have those dear little frogs in the water and the bees buzzing around there makes it extra special too. It must be so very healthy that water and it looks spectacular!
    I can see you have one very hard working partner. He looks like he never stops.
    Enjoy my friend and thanks for your sweet comment.
    x Suzy

  22. Thankyou for the lovely trip round your beautiful pond. Mr C has done an amazing job. We have had 24hors of rain for the first time in nearly 2months and it has been a welcome relief for the garden plants. The Doc has watered night and morning but it is not the same as a steady downpour. Keep safe. hugs Mrs A.

  23. I totally enjoyed this visit to your pond. It makes me want to move next door to you so I can come over for that cuppa and relax!

  24. Wow Mr. C did an amazing job on your landscaping/pond. What a wonderful way to enjoy your surroundings.
    Thank you for your kind words Sherry.
    Hugs Lynn

  25. This is so amazing!!! I like your pond and seating area so much! It looks so peaceful. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to enjoy nature!

  26. Fabulous yard pictures and post. It must be heaven to sit there and enjoy the yard.

    Hugs Diane

  27. That is really beautiful. I can see why it would be a perfect place to spend your time. I think water is such a calming feature in the garden.

  28. I love your spot. We built ours by reading books. I like the water plants you have. We lost all but one of our lilies the winter before last. We have a heater to keep air for the fish, but that winter did us in. -30 temps a couple of nights were just too far out of the norm. Love your path. Such a serene place to relax.
    xx, Carol


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