Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mr. C's Roses...

When I met my wonderful husband to be we each were well into the halfway point of our lives.  We became friends and fell in love with one another.  We made certain by dating for ten years.  Then we decided it was time to actually marry and make our future "do-overs".  We have just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and couldn't be happier together. 

Mr. C never had time for plants or flowers until I came along.  I don't have my Grandma's green thumbs but I do appreciate beautiful plants.  Thankfully Mr. C has come to not only appreciate them but to also grow them.  He is partial to roses.  The deer ate all our roses when we first planted them so after lots of struggles with every deer repellent method known to mankind, Mr. C installed a black deer fence for the backyard.  Now he has his beloved roses.

This particular bush is a David Austen brand from Texas.  I cannot remember the "proper" name so we merely call it our Yellow Rose of Texas.  The blooms are spectacular.  Not much fragrance but so lovely to look at. 

On many days our home is filled with roses right from Mr. C's garden. We feel very blessed.  When we dated we always gave one another one red rose and one white rose.  Of course we had to buy them from the florist back then.  Why one red rose and one white rose?  Red for Passion and White for Truth.  That is how we continue to honor our "do-over" marriage.  Communication is the key to any relationship and we feel it is the most important element of happiness and longevity.  Happy Anniversary Mr. C.
Thankfully no crazy fireworks to light dry tinder here in our little piece of paradise.  I do appreciate all of your prayers for rain and I am not giving up on Mother Nature.  She will eventually bless us with water.  For now we conserve and try to keep us safe with clearing dry brown weeds.  I spent Saturday filling three large trash bags for collection.  It remains hot here but I prefer the heat to freezing cold temperatures.  Mr. C marched in a huge parade in Danville California.  The Devil Mountain Brigade has marched in this parade for something like 42 years and the crowds prove how much they appreciate this group. 
This year I am selecting a word each month.  Something that speaks to me as I progress along my journey.  June it was JOY.  And I truly did find JOY in each and every day.  Now for July it would be easy to once again select JOY however I am challenging myself to more positive experiences.  Therefore July it shall be "High on Life July".  I am going to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative as the song so appropriately said long ago.  When I get frustrated or overwhelmed it is easy for me to become negative and that is not where I want to be.  Positive and Happy is my place of preference.  So with that said, July and I are "High on Life".  Creative Bliss for all...


  1. Hi Shrry. beautiful story. My husband and I also dated for 9 years him living in his home and me in mine. Once the kids became older and 2 graduated from Hig School I sold my home and we moved in together and were married a year later. To me respect is a huge key factor in a relationship.
    Well, enough about relationships.
    The yellow roses are gorgeous. That is my favorite color.
    We have had rain here in the sunshine state. But we definitely need alot more rain. Lets hope Mother Nature listens. Hope you ahd a wonderful 4th and rest of the weekend. Crafty hugs, Ana

  2. Mr. C's roses look so beautiful against the backdrop of the stone wall. Your plantings are so dainty, and pretty despite the lack of rain. I will put in a rain request for you as well. Your story is such a sweet and romantic one, best wishes for a delightful anniversary.

  3. high on life, I like that!!

    Happy Anniversary, what a wonderful happenstance that you found each other, a happy ever after story!
    I hope that rain soon comes and the risk of fire leaves you, so scary,
    your roses are amazing, I love roses and miss mine very much,

  4. Congratulations to you and Mr. C. Yellow roses are good but the red and a white... :) You both rate 'high on life'!

  5. belated happy anniversary to you both. A lovey rose, mine have been very good this year, I bought a block lot of 6 bushes very cheap but no names etc, 5 have done very well and they all have a lovely perfume. Like the idea of a red and white rose, here they are for Yorkshire white and Lancashire red to rival counties.

  6. Great words... "High on life." Focus on the highs. Frank advice.

    I love the red/white roses story. Red for passion and white for truth. With so many lies out there wanting to creep their way into relationships, false is a killer for them all. The Truth of God's Word will win out, and the truth of our mouths will, too. And I told my girls, just because it's true doesn't mean we have to repeat it, either. Sometimes silence speaks more truth than words, doesn't it?

    Hugs and happy anniversary to you and Mr. C! May you enjoy decades and decades more!!!

  7. Lovely roses. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  8. Lovely post- congratulations. I, too, am partial to roses- yellow ones. These are beautiful.

  9. This was such a sweet post! Congratulations on 17 years and beautiful roses!

  10. High on Life...everyone should have that attitude...we would have a lot less drug problems. The roses are beautiful...aren't yellow roses the symbol of friendship? Keep doing your rain dance it just has to rain soon you you!

  11. Happy anniversary! Oh, I would love a yard full of roses!


  12. Happy, happy anniversary to you and Mr. C!! What absolutely gorgeous roses!! I had a rose bush for 10 years that I got for free, planted and cared gifted me with the most beautiful blooms!! And then I guess it had a bad winter this year because it died :( I was so sad. Your Yellow Roses of Texas are stunning!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend - even without the fireworks. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Oh my goodness! Happy anniversary! Yellow roses...mmmm, a favorite always. High on Life July sounds perfect, Sherry. I am focusing on the I still sip ginger tea and hope. The gardens this time of year sure do make me happy. I am especially enjoying the hydrangeas as they begin to open, and the violet balloon flowers. Have you seen these?

  14. You are always "high on life" my friend!!! Lovely interesting on the yellow roses! When my 1st would bring me roses it was always yellow because that's my favorite color. He was very giving onthe roses!! For every occasion!! Everyone always told me it should be red not this day if my kids get me roses it's always yellow!!! Still and always will be my favorite.

  15. Hi Sherry, Happy Anniversary to you and Mr.C. LOVE your gorgeous yellow roses of Texas. Love the beautiful story behind the red and white roses. Wishing you two love birds a continued beautiful life and much happiness and good health for the future.
    Best Blessed Wishes! cm


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