Thursday, July 30, 2015

Company Amidst Chaos...

This year has been long and trying and yet I remain so very grateful.  I am finally getting to say good-bye to the 1980's mauve carpeting.  Our home wasn't even built until the 1990's but the entire downstairs was mainly mauve in tile and carpet.  It just had to go for the sake of least that is what I convinced Mr. C.

Little did I know what a major amount of work it would entail.  I have already shared the bathroom remodel and how much I love the new updated look.  Here is the finished hall and bathroom link

So needless to say the removal of three rooms of overwhelming stuff and furniture was daunting.  I carried all I could upstairs into the Library and just piled it or dropped it where I stood. 

Mr. C and I are so old that we have massive heavy good quality furniture.  The bad news is that it is massive and heavy and where do you put it temporarily!

My studio got the brunt of stuff since it was the closest to the three rooms getting new carpet.  I won't bore you with more photos or tales of woe.  I will show the new carpeting when I find my camera in all this stuff!  I am grateful that the new carpet is installed.  Long story that I will left untold.  Now I realize that putting every thing back in order will be a much larger job due to exhaustion and overload...not to mention I must edit and reduce my stuff. 
There hasn't been any fun happening in this household and Summer is quickly waning.  The Moon gave me some much needed Bliss as I gazed at it last night and talked softly thanking my blessings.
Oh you are wondering about the title..."Company Amidst Chaos"?  Mr. C's son gave us three days notice and arrived for a week's visit.  Yes, I had to help with all the guest room furniture and it is very heavy solid wood antiques!!!  Mr. C and I were up most of the night before his arrival to get just that room ready.  I am praying my Chaos turns to Calm very soon or I may need a serious vacation.
Thank you for your prayers regarding the dangerous raging forest fire that is just a few miles from our home.  It has been a tense few days and far...the over 2000 firefighters and numerous amounts of planes, dozers and helicopters are keeping us safe.  Rain would be so welcome here in Northern California where there are over 1200 fires burning each day.  Yes, I did type that number correctly.  And to top it off we are back in triple digit heat wave temperatures. 
Soon I will share some creative bits I have managed to eek out in spite of my sewing machine being gone for repairs.  You can take the sewing machine away from the girl but you can't take the needle and thread from her fingers.
Yes, my July tag line is still fitting..."High on Life July".  Warm Summer Smiles and Creative Bliss My Friends... 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a daunting task!! Moving all the furniture and then back again is tough!! I know it will look amazing when it's finished!! I can't believe the amount of forest fires raging there. We have had the wettest July ever on record. Crazy. Why can't Mother Nature distribute herself a little better??!! I hope you have a wonderful evening!! Happy Thursday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Oh Sherry, my heart goes out to you. We have bathrooms and painting to do. I have put it off, but once done, it will bring the house up to date.If ever we had to sell, these sorts of reno's make a big difference. You will love the new look, and can enjoy it.It makes an older home seem like a new one without moving.

  3. Oh my dear - I am so sorry for you having to go through all this, on top of all the worry about the forest fires. Be sure to take some time to sit back and enjoy some you time. I think, after all this, you deserve it!

  4. That is exactly why our dusty blue carpet is still on the stairs and across the second floor of our house. I think we may leave the new carpeting to the next owner, if and when we decide to move!

  5. Hopefully the firefighters will get those fires under control. Summer is always horrible for fire season here in CA but with the drought it's been especially bad.

    On the bright side, heavy furniture is well made and beautiful. :-)

  6. sounds really frightening those fires so many of them what wonderful fire fighters you have,
    such an upheaval for the carpet, you mention selling, surely not after all your hard work you are not on the move. Hopefully DH`s son will help putting the furniture back.

  7. All that work will be worth it in the end! I hope you get rain soon and the fires under control.

  8. I know you're going to love every room you have updated when its all done, but it sure is a long road getting there! I hate the mess of redo. Seems like we have always been in some sort of redo around here. I'd love new carpet, but then I'd love a cleaning lady once a week too!! lol.

  9. Oh, my goodness! You've had soooooo much to do on top of worrying about the forest fires! I do pray for rain for you all as I know how much it's needed. I'm sure you're delighted with your new carpeting and will be so happy when you have all the furniture, etc. put back into place. Do find some time to relax and create some of your lovely goodies! xo Jane

  10. Oh my Sherry dear, what a huge amount of work, of all kinds, when restoring walls and carpets. But so wonderful when finished, some day... I hope you will not sreess your body too much, as that can be "dangerous" for us older wemen-lol!
    I can see your studio, was heavyly filled with things from other rooms, not giving place for much creativity . Wonderful you could relax with needle and thread, dear.
    The water situation is fearfull, I hope the fires will never come as far as for you having to leave my friend. Here it is raining enough ...almost all July, instead in spring when we needed it for the gardens. Also it is still cold, bare arms and legs here !!!
    Hugs and a lovely weekend to you ! Dorthe

  11. I am SO relating. Although my company isn't due for another week or so. We are also upgrading with resale in mind. Think about how much easier it'll be! Stay safe and sane, Sewing time is coming! Bless you!

  12. Oh I know how hard it is to move stuff around. I've done it so many times, but the end result is worth it. So hang in there Sherry. My mom chose a raspberry carpet when she bought her new home several years ago!

  13. Hi Sherry! I've been thinking about you and keeping all appendages crossed re the fire containment. (Our local news sure is deficient!! And online seemed to be running a day behind or more.) What a lot you've got going on, you are amazing! I got tired just reading about all the moving of furniture. Frightening fires, moving heavy furniture around and company too --- sending you lots of virtual hugs and hopes that you can be worry free and relax very soon. xo

  14. Every day is a brand new day! When all is said and done, you'll be so glad you did all this. You should have explained to either son what you were up against and let him help with that heavy bedroom furniture! Enjoy his visit. Stay safe! Stay sweet!

  15. It will be worth it in the end...but!!! Hope you had a nice visit with step son...I feel so bad for folks losing their homes because of the fires! It's awful to see on TV and think "there but the grace of God"...glad you are safe!!!!

  16. I did that moving thing for carpet at our last house. No fun at all! This house is quickly going to need carpet and you've definitely reminded me how much work it is. This old body may not be able to do it! I've seen the news on the fires and think of you each time. Continued prayers that they keep away from you!

  17. We will be doing something similar soon I hope. It is a bit overwhelming thinking about it. It will be wonderful when the project is complete. I am glad to hear that you are still working on some creative projects without your machine and with lots of things going on.

  18. I fear every time I hear the sirens. Friday I drove into Issaquah and as I headed for home was greeted with a road full of fire trucks and the parkway on fire on I-90. Those poor firemen in their heavy gear in 100 degree weather. The Snoqualmie river by my home is so low rocks are showing in the middle. My creek is just a dribble and the pond is low. The glaciers on Mt. Baker are even melting. I had house guest for 5 days and had to clean out the guest room which I had been storing things in. :-( Take care dear friend and I am doing the rain dance for both of us..

  19. First of all, your bathroom redo is SPECTACULAR! It feels good to be more streamlined, doesn't it! We had ours done about six years ago now, and it's clean, simple, elegant, no fuss.

    I hear ya about the heavy furniture! We are just about where we love being except for one lovely but HUGE piece that is taking up space right in front of a lovely window in our kitchen. A local consignment shop has agreed to take it for us to sell but I just need to come up with two willing and YOUNG STRONG men to help me haul it out of here! I look forward to having bright light in my kitchen again.

    I thank you kindly for coming to visit my post. Have fun, enjoy the open and tidy space of home!

  20. I'm exhausted and aching just reading this!! What a huge amount of work you and Mr. C have done Sherry - but I know it will look fabulous - your bathroom remodel was amazing. I do hope this is the last of your re-decorating ideas for a bit though - so you can have the chance to rest and recuperate!
    I think of you every day and hope the fires end soon - how worrisome it all is, and I'm thankful they have stayed away from you - pray that continues.
    Many hugs,

  21. You really have had a very busy year with remodels. They are beautiful once they are done, but boy are they work. We are looking for a new home and there isn't one that is move in ready, so off the list it goes. And the ones that are move in ready are more than 700,000 dollars. We don't want a mortgage payment so off the list it goes. We are mortgage free right now and I'd like to keep it that way.
    Hope all the chaos goes away soon. Can't wait to see the rooms done.
    Watch your back and Mr. C's lifting all those heavy furniture.
    Crafty hugs, Ana


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