Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bunny Journal Binder

My dear friend Sandy just celebrated her August Birthday and this is the gift I created for her.  She likes Bunnies.  Sandy is one of those rare and wonderful ladies who is forever grateful with whatever I make for her.  Avery office products makes these sweet little half size 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" three ring binders.  I created a fabric cover for it.

This is the spine of the binder and I merely attached some ribbon with vine and leaf embroidery.  Then I attached three really cute Bunny buttons that resemble the gardening bunnies on the fabric.

I forgot to take a photo of the inside.  The fabric slipcover creates pockets inside the front and back.  I cut up a Birthday card and punched three holes to place as the inside greeting.  Then I randomly punched some old ledger paper to insert for notes and scribbles.  This was well received by Sandy and she is so sweet to always like anything I create for her.  I am very grateful for such a dear friend.
Welcome to my new followers and I do hope you come back again. 
Thank you all for your well wishes with my back and leg.  They are doing better with meds and lots of rest.  In fact I have done nothing but rest for over a week now due to catching a nasty Staph infection in my throat.  More meds and more rest and finally antibiotics that I hope will be the miracle I need to feel well again.  It is not like me to have to cancel my commitments but I certainly do not want to infect anyone else.  No Chamber volunteering and No visit with my beloved sister tomorrow.  We will have to postpone our get-together and reschedule it for another day.  Normally I do not like to share my ills however I must really need your extra support right now as I just turned another year older.  It seems each year just at my birthday timing I get sick.  Hmmm...
I have lots of projects planned but will not work on them until I am completely well because I do not share my germs with anyone...except Mr. C and I am really trying to keep him well.  His trip to Bonneville Salt Flats with the BUB Seven Streamliner Motorcycle went well however nothing super exciting happened as this was merely a testing trip. 
I am seeing lots of you are moving right into Fall with your decorating and creating.  Summer has been long and hot here with no rain and all the fires so I can see why you want Fall to arrive.  This morning we actually had about 27 drops of rain fall on the upstairs deck.  Nothing to dance about and it certainly wasn't even enough to water the parched plants.  Tonight is the Full Moon and you can bet I will be gazing at it and loving how beautiful and magical the moon really is.  Goodbye August...


  1. Those buttons on the spine do look adorable. Hope you get over your ailments soon and your meds kick in. Certainly not fun getting older. The weather is very wet with more rain due for the next 2 days so a normal Bank holiday here in the UK.
    Wish I could send you some water . Take care. hugs Mrs A.

  2. What a gorgeous cover this is!! I love the sweet bunnies!! It looks amazing!! I know your friend adored this!! I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well...and to be sick on your birthday, yuck. I hope you had a wonderful day anyway!! I do love fall, but I'm not ready to give up on summer yet!! It just means winter and snow are that much closer :/ I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. I do hope the antibiotics are now working and you are feeling a lot better, one side effect of getting older is that if we get a bug it seems to take longer to go away.

    The cover for the file is lovely, not surprised Sandy loved it.
    Take care and rest up

  4. Very sweet binder. A true friend will always prefer handmade over store bought. Happy belated -- I do hope you get to feeling better very soon. There's no Fall feeling happening over here. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Nice gift. I just know your friend appreciates your thoughtful gifts. Sorry you got sick for your birthday. Perhaps it's due to the time of year. I usually have bronchitis on October when allergies kick up. I;m not ready for fall at all. We have had a short crappy summer and now fall temps and overcast skies have moved in making us feel like fall is here. They say we will have heat and sun for the next two weeks, but then they said it wouldn't rain yesterday...

    Hope you feel better quickly.

  6. The buttons on the spine are the perfect touch on this. So cute. Feel better and pray for rain.

  7. Your bunny cover is so cute and such a great idea.

    You must feel terrible, but I hope you are feeling a bit better with your antibiotics. Feel better soon.

  8. Oh Sherry, how bad for you on your birthday, to get sick, I so hope for you the antibiotics have helped you feel better now !!
    Did you also have the MRI for your back?
    Your cover is very sweet, a lovely gift for your friend!!
    Here it is getting colder, and they say rain and only 15 c from tomorrow !! I`m going to help my daughter pack up her home, for moving, and will be "away" for the week, Sherry, I hope my little envelope will soon be with you dear !!
    All the best and quickly healing, and wellfeeling to you !
    Sensing hugs !! Dorthe

  9. What a great gift! I am a bunny lover, too, so I'm sure she really appreciated and loved it.

  10. Not older, just sweeter and better, dear Sherry! :))

  11. Oh my - there's nothing quite like kicking you when you're already down. Hope you're soon feeling better and that the full moon brings you rain. Happy belated birthday - the celebration can wait until you're feeling like partying I'm sure. (and your bunny journal book is really cute!!)

  12. I'm elated that such a lovely full moon is encouraging you on these evenings. Bless your heart, Sherry.

    H a P p y B i R t H d A y!

    Your gift was adorable!

    Letters Unfolded

  13. You are so generous...Sandy will love her gift! I hate that you are having health problems, it really puts a damper on life...I just bowed my head a said a prayer for healing...This too shall pass. Oh I wish you could get some of our rain, we have had sooooo much here in Orlando we have flood watches.


  14. Happy Belated Birthday sweet Sherry. Your posts are always so fun to read. I will be praying for you to get some of our rain here in Miami. All day every day. Thankfully we had none yesterday. YAY. And also thank goodness Hurricane Erika is gone.
    Hope you feel better soon. Sending healing prayers your way. Ana

  15. I am so far behind in reading blogs...sorry to hear you've been under the weather!!! Do hope you are on the road to recovery!!!!

  16. No fun to be sick on your birthday, my friend - hate to hear that, and hope you are on the mend. And, always the caring friend - the binder and cover is adorable, and achieved when you weren't feeling top notch. That shows a whole lot of love. As far as fall decorating, I was at the grocery store today, and they have HALLOWEEN up, already!!!!!

  17. Your journal binder is beautiful. I could learn so much from you. There's a project I need to do, for which I need to cover a photo album with fabric, and I just can't get it right. So sorry to hear you were sick on your birthday dear Sherry. Nevertheless, happy belated birthday!! Get well soon, take care, xx

  18. Such a cute cover for a binder! Happy Belated Birthday and a big wish that you feel better soon!

  19. Hi Sherry, how beautiful and adorable the binder turned out. I know your friend loves it as everything you do is wonderful and so well done.
    Happy Birthday but sorry you are sick. Glad your back and leg is doing better however. Hope and pray you get some rain. After all we had this spring, we are now in need of the rains again here. Very dry and it's still hot. I am ready for fall and did decorate yesterday. It's inspiring to see a pumpkin!! LOL
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  20. The bunny binder turned out beautifully. You are so wonderfully crafty. Take good care of yourself.

  21. I have been thinking about you an extra lot lately...and here I am to wish you a belated happy birthday...only to find you have been terribly ill. I am SO sorry. I am sending you prayers, love, and positive thoughts for healing and wellness, my friend. Keep resting and being so so good to yourself in this. (your bunny binder is just adorable!) love, kathy Happy Birthday!


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