Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sewing By Hand...

In my last post I mentioned, "You can take the sewing machine away from the girl but you can't take the needle and thread from her fingers".  Well, while my sewing machine has been out for repairs I just had to pick up needle and thread.  A few months ago I won this lovely book, "Pretty Birds" by Virginia Lindsay from Lori and her son Zack of the blog Pretty Things.  Thank you both very much.

The least I could do was make Zack one of the birds and Lori mentioned he liked the Bluebird.  So I gathered some scraps of fabric and began cutting out the patterns.  Of course I didn't reverse the pattern the first time so the bird would have needed therapy so I gathered some other scraps of fabric.

Without my machine I threaded a hand sewing needle and began.  Actually the bird came together quite nicely and I am pretty happy with my stitching.  Here you see I am working on the tail section.

Well...when the little bird was all sewn I thought it lacked personality so I added a real tail feather to the fabric tail.  Viola!  So much cuter. 

This is the one I made for Zack.  I like the brighter colors in this fabric.  So off it flew in the US Mail clear across the country.  Wouldn't it be fun to hear the story from BlueBird of his travels?!

Zack got his little fabric birdie safe and sound and here is proof he likes it.  Thank you very much Zack and Lori for gifting me not only this book and some beautiful purple fabrics but also with your friendship through the years via blogging. 
Sew...do you ever put needle and thread in fabric and find it to be a wonderful relaxing pastime?  I have always enjoyed hand sewing.  There are lots more "Pretty Birds" in this book and I know I shall be making more as time allows. 
The closest fire (Lowell) to us is now predicted to be fully contained by August 10th.  California and our other West Coast states have so many major fires burning we are running short of firefighters and support air attack planes.  Thankfully other states (and Canada) are sharing their resources to help fight these fires and keep us safe.  If only El Nino would get here (with nice rain...not flooding rain).  Every day the reports are devastating not only about the fires but about the lakes and reservoirs that are the lowest levels in recorded history.  Thank you all for your continued prayers. 
Here we are into August 2015 so quickly I hardly remember July as it rushed past me.  August is my favorite month and there are lots of birthdays to celebrate...beginning with my daughter on August 7th!  Happy Birthday Honey!!! 
As I try to find my word for August so far it has eluded me.  Lots come to mind however I am not amused by them...Awesome August, Amazing August, Always August, Outstanding August, Artful August.  I want a word that truly describes my JOY I feel in this month of August Summer.  So in the meantime I am tagging with Summer Smiles...  I do hope you are enjoying your Summer and the wonderful world we live in while experiencing Creative Bliss.  I am truly grateful for each and every one of you!


  1. Oh, dear! This looks like another book I would love to own. I love birds. I'm watching hummingbirds out my back window right now. They're so pretty... and fascinating!

  2. Oh wow, those little birds are amazing!! You did such a fabulous job!! The tail feathers are awesome!! I love the colors of the one you sent to Zack!! I hope the fires are all contained soon. I hardly remember July, either. My gosh, the days fly by and before I know it, another month has passed!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Arise August! helps get more of those very cute birds in the air and also lifts the fire dangers! :)

  4. Love your birds, Sherry! What a joy to have won such a delightful book, too! Many hours and many projects to create!

    Yes, I thoroughly enjoy the processes which hand sewing require (basting, hemming, tacking, etc.) and of course embroidery and cross stitching... but then the latter two are handwork, aren't they? Love the use of my hands. Lord, help me be more grateful for my hands today...


  5. What a cute bird! And Zack's big smile is the best. The only hand stitching I enjoy anymore is counted cross stitch and stitching a binding on a quilt. The rest is for the birds...hahaha Love the bright colored bird you made for Zack. I'll be keeping an eye out for your future bird posts. Be safe!

  6. I think that book will have to go on my wish list (along with the dozen others that I dream about having!). Your birds are so cute. Glad to hear the fires are getting close to being contained....and now we hope for rain...nice rain, not a deluge. As for the word for August - you said it makes you feel joy, so why not Joyful August?

  7. What a lovely book this looks.Glad Zack liked his birdie! My machine is having repairs too. Luckily I have mum's old machine, but it doesn't like thick seams like my quilting machine.
    Judy xx

  8. I have been thinking of you with those terrible fires, it said on our news masses of people have had to move away, it is impossible to imagine what it must be like for you all.

    The birds are so sweet,and Zack`s looks very much at home in his hands. Like you I enjoy hand stitching so much more relaxing than machining, just a shame that it takes so much longer!

    Can see a whole family of birds appearing on your blog in the not too distant future.

  9. Good idea to put our sewing machines aside sometimes. I love the little bird and Zack clearly does too. I hope the fires will all be under control soon. Fires on such a scale are very scary.

  10. Dear Sherry ,such wonderful birds , you have been sewing by hand,-they are so lovely, no wonder Zack was pretty happy for his thank you bird !! I also love to handswe now and then, but mostly in the evening ,in front od the tv.
    We have seen a lot from the fires ,here on Dansih tc, Sherry, and heard about all the lakes becoming drier and drier, as time goes without rain, what a misery for your all, I`m feeling so much with you, dear friend.
    Our August have started with lovely sun, and warmth...I hope it will go on for some time. :-)
    Hugs from Dorthe

  11. These birds are very cute - love the idea of adding a feather for the tail. It's good to slow it down and sew by hand every now and again.

  12. Well, as you might guess your post title grabbed my attention, lol. Love the personality you gave that little Blue. I think Zack is cherishing the thoughtful gift. August is one of my favorite months, especially because I was married in August 44 years ago.
    xx, Carol

  13. The birds are wonderful, and the book looks to be, too. Watching the coverage on the fires- hope and pray they'll be under control soon!

  14. Your little birds are adorable - love what you did with their tail feathers!!
    I also love hand sewing, and I think sometimes that projects like these are almost better when done by hand - the little finicky bits can be more easily controlled. And of course, a needle in your hand is much more pleasant than the drone of a machine... at least I think it is.
    The photo of Zack holding his bird, as carefully as if it was a real one, is wonderful - I love how you gave back...

  15. The birds are adorable!!! I'll have to look up this book!!! How cute!

  16. Very cute birdies. Loving all the colors. Ana

  17. How sweet! I need to own this book too. And I love stitching by hand, so peaceful isn't it?

  18. Oh what wonderful birds, love the beautiful colors and idea.

    Hugs Diane

  19. Love your birdie Sherry, so darling! So relieved to hear the Lowell Fire is finally nearing containment, what a scary ride you have had (and all those in the path of these fires). I can't come up with anything in the least bit fun and creative for August for you - can't wait to hear your choice - love your joyful, affirming choices each month. Thinking of you, happy weekend!

  20. You're so right, my friend. Our "creative imperatives" always find a way to keep our minds and our hands busy and happy.
    I adore your little, handstitched birds.


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