Saturday, August 8, 2015

Embroidery, Coloring, Charming...

I was recently missing my creative time and a very dear lady said a special prayer for me.  A gift of time is what I received and this is what I did with those sweet precious bits of time...
I embroidered this pear.  Thank you Jenny of elefantz for your wonderful design and monthly stitchery club.  You are a very dear lady!

Then I framed this little pear and sent it off to a friend for her birthday.  I love taking time to hand create gifts for friends and family.  I put lots of love and special thoughts into my gifts.

I also gathered my coloring pencils and spent tiny bits of time coloring these adorable drawings.  My friend Lindsay Ostrom is the artist and Miss Creator of Cuteness!  I am using these as post cards and card embellishments for my participation in Random Acts of Mail and Love Notes.

I also was able to create these angel and dragonfly charms.  I like to have these on hand for little Thank You gifts.  Or many times I give these as "thinking of you" charms.  Now I will have a nice selection to choose from.
I am so very grateful for the gift of time and being able to spend it doing what makes me truly happy.  Next I will share with you a new to me project I am participating in.
I have decided on my August tag line after giving it a lot of thought and trying many out.  Because August is my very favorite month I am happy with...August Always!  Creative Bliss and continued Summer Smiles from Hot, Dry, Burning California.  May you all stay safe and hydrated...


  1. Oh my goodness, your embroidery is amazing!! The pear is fabulous!! And how beautiful it looks framed!! Your angel and dragonfly charms are awesome!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Praying for rain for you!! Hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. You've been quite busy, my friend! I think everything you've created is lovely.

    Wishing you happy times spent doing what you love, and rain upon your roof as you create.

  3. more lovely things you have shared with us today, the pear looks delicious. Love the little charms, still no rain for you surely it will come soon

  4. Love the color, shape, texture of the pear! And you got a good number of cards with charms completed. Fun.

  5. A great gift! And what a lovely embroidery!

  6. So glad you have taken some time to be creative Sherry. The cards are a wonderful thing to have on hand for gifting.

  7. August and pears always , what a beautiful embroidery, dear Sherry, it is really lovely.
    The cards coloured so sweetly, and your lovely charms, are beautiful gifts, I know about the charm, thank you, sweet friend-
    So wonderful you found time and inspiration again...we miss our creative time, when it fails !!
    Sending hugs

  8. Keep your smile on girl, amidst the smoke... Bless you folks' hearts.

    I was magnifying every image, Sherry love. What beauties you've spiffed up in bits and smidgeons of time. Isn't amazing what can be accomplished?

    *hugs* from Halifax, Nova Scotia,

  9. Sherry
    Your embroidery is so lovely! I can only *hope* one day to have my hand back to do such things! The cards are so pretty too! I hope you are enjoying your summer! Nancy

  10. The embroidered pear is so lovely!!! What a beautiful gift!!

  11. I love to come to your blog and see all the wonderful things you have created. Love the embroidered pear. So pretty. I so wish I sewed, crotched and embroidered. Maybe one day i will take a class. Not losing hope. Great idea to have cards ready with a little something to send out. Have a great week. Ana

  12. I think time has to be one of the greatest gifts and you have used yours wisely to create some pretties that will, in turn, bless others. Win/win in my mind!

  13. You have been busy and I love your embroidery very much. The charms are really special too. As I write to you I want you to know it is RAINING here. Has been for about three hours. The puppies and I went out in the yard and sang and barked up a storm thanking the Lord for answering my prayers. I only wish I could blow some your way.. I really worry about you and watch the news every night.I am wishing you a wonderful rainy weekend dear friend.

  14. Dear Sherry, so nice to visit and catch up with your today after being on a little time away from the computer. Love this creation and the delicate stitches for the pear. I know that all you design and touch is from the heart and always done with love.
    Your amazing work is a treasure to all.
    Blessings to you always, cm

  15. Love your pear, Sherry! I think it is great you framed it. I don't think many people think of framing stitched art. I used to get my cross-stitched pieces framed.

    Such a lovely thought and gesture to do those charms. They look so nice on their cards.

    Enjoy the rest of August! : )

  16. Wow, what beautiful things you make and in so many different areas. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you're making the little dresses as well, for Dress a Girl Around the World. I'm sure you have blessed many with your unique gifts. ~ Abby

  17. Hi Sherry! Love your beautiful creations! I wish I could embroider, but I don't think I would have the patience. I also love your friend's drawings, off to take a peak and those dragonfly and angel charms are precious! BTW, I'm catching up with emails and blogging and I wanted to let you know that I received one of your super awesome grunge atc's!


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