Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Visiting, Dresses, Hearts...

August is definitely my very most favorite month of the entire year.  It is the month I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.  She just celebrated her birthday and I got to spend it with her and my two beautiful granddaughters too.  Here we are being silly and enjoying a very large craft store!  From the left is Amy 25, me "old", Jenifer 48, Amber 28.   

My daughter treated all four of us to a Chris Isaak concert at the Grove in Anaheim.  If you remember him he is still fabulous and a great entertainer.  His song "Wicked Games" still sounds so good and he can still hold a note forever!  We also had dinner before the show and it was delicious.  Thank you my sweet loving daughter.  You are the BEST!!!

I finally have my sewing machine back and repaired.  The first project I did was to enhance the shower curtain in the new downstairs bathroom.  Mr. C did not like how the ceiling brackets showed white above the grey fabric curtain.  So off to my favorite store to buy black lace.  I have resolved the bracket showing issue and also have a very beautiful custom curtain now. 

Mr. C approves of this designer look.  I like how it all ties in together.

The next thing I did with my repaired sewing machine was sew the three dresses I had cut out and ready to complete for Dress a Girl Around the World.  My friend Donna of Brynwood Needleworks is collecting dresses and thankfully extended the deadline to this coming Friday.  I had all three sewn and mailed by last Saturday.

I am making these dresses larger for the tween girls.  I am having fun with mixing up pockets and armhole bindings.  Sometimes you can use up the smallest bits of fabrics in such a great way.

This dress is one of my favorites even though it is the one I was sewing when my machine had it's metal on metal horrific crash.  I merely unstitched and began again with much care.  This fabric is quite wide so maybe a girl who has a little more body than the others will like this dress.

Now what are these you ask?  Did you ask?  Well, in my many peruses on this vast internet I came across this...The Preemie Project.  I was telling my dry cleaning lady (Wendy) about my sewing escapades with dresses and these hearts I wanted to sew.  On my next visit Wendy very kindly and generously gave me fabrics she has kept from when her girls were little.  She hoped I would sew dresses and hearts and let her be a part of the giving.  These are 31 hearts ranging in size from 5" to 8" and they are all made from Wendy's fabrics.  Thank you Dear Wendy.  These Developmental Hearts will make families with Preemies feel part of their special care.   I will continue with more dresses next. 
I enjoyed my time in So Cal with my girls.  It really does go by so quickly.  Mr. C was kind enough to drive me to and from the airport and the traffic is worse than ever!  Thank you Mr. C.
Our weather is triple digit HOT and still so very scary and DRY.  We have fires that break out every day and yet so far we remain safe in our home.  I am so very thankful for all firefighters and support people and equipment. I don't mind paying twice every year for fire services (please don't ask...it's complicated).  After all we do live in a forest!
Loving August Always...Staying busy in this wonderful Summer...and Smiling...


  1. What a beautiful picture of your family!! It sounds like such a wonderful day with dinner and the concert!! Your shower curtain looks fabulous!! And wow, the dresses look amazing!! You are so wonderful to make those!! I love the little hearts, too!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. So wonderful you got to spend time with the 'girls'!!!! I forgot all about Chris!!! My daughter made me a tape years ago of his songs but now I don't have a tape player and I gave them all to Goodwill!! What a fun time it appears you had. Now you're back at it giving to others!!! As usual!!! You are a great person!!!

  3. Aww, you girls look beautiful and it's obvious you are all having fun together. A giggle that you stated your age as "old". Love it! You are a talented and generous giving person. Always helping others. May you stay safe from the drought and fires.

  4. a great day out for all you girls, not sure I know the singer though, will check him out on utube later.

    Dresses look good and I am sure will make some girls very happy and like the idea with the hearts for the prem babies.

  5. What gorgeous girls. Have been hearing more news of the fires.Must have been for weeks now. Hope you get rain soon.Drought is horrible.We had a 10 year drought here, and the weather was all we seemed to talk about.Love your new bathroom, and the chic grey.I don't mind grey.You can do a lot with it!
    Judy x

  6. Great of Mr. C. to notice the shower curtain issue - most men wouldn't have noticed, or cared. You have a good one! Pretty dresses, and some pretty girls too. Nice to see a picture of you!

  7. What a beautiful picture of you and those girls! Such sweet memories you created for all of you. Your dresses are adorable and will certainly be loved by the one who receives it. I love the idea your friend had to use her children's old clothes for sharing hearts with preemies. You are a so kind!

  8. Very sweet picture of you with your girls. Its so much fun to get together with family. I should be having a day like that next weekend, My youngest will be in town. Can't wait.
    Very cute dresses. The girls will love them and the hearts.
    Our weather is wet, humid and hot hot hot. Yuck. You open the door and within a few minutes you are all sweaty.
    Thank you for sharing and happy crafting. Ana

  9. I'm glad you have your sewing machine back and can finish more dresses before the deadline. They're sweet. Good that others are getting involved in your projects too.

  10. Great photo of you girls. Glad you all had fun together. I just heard about the Hearts charity recently too.

  11. Hello Dear, I am so very happy to be able to stop by for a visit today. I am glad to see you are doing well and continuing with all your crafty-ness. The two projects sound wonderful. The girls will love the dresses! That is such a perfect one for you.
    Your daughter, her daughters and YOU all look amazing together.

  12. love your girls. glad that you had some time with all of them together. the dresses are really cute. thanks as alway for sharing.

  13. Yes I can see your lovely smile, on the photo dear Sherry. Must have been so wonderful being with your daughter and the DIL`s celebrating her birthday !! Ofcourse you was smiling happily !!
    The dresses looks so pretty ,and I love the pattern, you do such wonderful work, Sherry. Also the shower curtain, in your new bathroom is looking elegant and cool !!
    And also so very sweet of you to sew all the hearts, for the Preemie project ! you are such a giving woman, dear.
    I hope and wish for you, the fire will still keep away from your home, and that it will soon be over for everyone being effected by this terrible fires !
    Hugs from Dorthe

  14. I enjoyed all the photos-loving your shower curtain it looks awesome and blends in with the towels, It is amazing what can be made up with a little bit of fabric the recipients will love your dresses and hearts.
    we got a break in the weather for a few days here-cold 50 degrees f and rain-a real treat for august

  15. Oh My Goodness! This is a very full of love post!! I'm so happy you are safe and had an awesome time with your girls!! And your dresses are just perfect. You should be so filled with love for all the giving you do!!
    Mr. C and the shower curtain made me laugh! My Mr. could care less what I put up, he says that my job. So I liked it that Mr. C is part of your delicious decorating. Your curtain is beautiful and the bathroom is amazing!!
    Keep being awesome!!

  16. I love all the charitable sewing you are doing. Such great causes. As they say, shared joy is a double joy. You are blessed by the making and the receiver by the gift of handmade with love.

    All the fires have been so very devastating. Very scary to consider what could happen in the future knowing that water is such an issue.

    Sending good vibes and wishes your way,

  17. It looks like you had a wonderful visit and a great time celebrating. I love the group picture of "the girls".

    The shower curtain addition is perfect. The new bath looks so pretty. The "updating" is so tedious. I was feeling very sorry for you after reading about the new carpeting. I keep saying that I would move before putting new carpet in. That was an amazing amount of work when we did it.

    Your dresses are so sweet and will be greatly appreciated. I also love those little hearts.

  18. Hi Sherry! So glad you had some time with all your darling dear girls! I used to love Chris Isaak, how fun you got to see him. You are a creative busy bee, such lovely and meaningful projects you're making things for. Oh - the sampler I just shared is my August one, I haven't begun thinking about September yet either. I'm always a slow poke but I was ahead of deadline amazingly this month. I'm so sorry and stunned the fires continue, seemingly unabated and the heartbreaking loss of firemen and homes and lives destroyed. Did you hear on the news we're sinking here in CA, because of the drought too? Thinking of you, happy stitching!

  19. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. What a great pic of you and your girls. I can imagine you had a fabulous time together and fun at dinner and the show.
    Your bathroom turned out beautiful and I love the colors you used in the decor and the shower curtain is wonderful.
    The dresses you created are darling.
    God Bless you for blessing so many others. Have a great week ahead my friend. Hugs, cm

  20. Happy Birthday to your Beautiful daughter, looks like you had a wonderful time. I bet your thrilled to have your sewing machine back. Happy stitching!!!

  21. I see 4 very beautiful girls. What fun you had. Hope all is well fire wise with you. Had to spend Sunday in the house as the smoke really got to me. Spent to much time in the garden on Saturday not realizing how bad it had become. Thankfully today it is clearing. The fires are still raging and growing. Every day I pray they can get them out. They say we may have rain next Saturday.

  22. Wow - you make me smile SO much - such a giving soul!!! Hope you know how wonderful you are. Your family photo is adorable, and glad you got to enjoy Chris Isaak - one of my favorites. We never miss him here, when he comes to town. I hope you got to see the mirror ball suit! Happy Wednesday, dear one! XOXO


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