Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CQ ATC Swap Challenge...

I haven't been very creative of late.  The season changing and days getting darker earlier and cooler temperatures all have me feeling like I should be preparing for hibernation.  Summer really is my favorite time of year and now it is over.  So...I decided to take on a challenge!  Pam of Kitty and Me Designs is offering a CQ (Crazy Quilt) ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap.  Well I adore ATCs so that is a non decision.  And I did take an online CQ course from Kathy Shaw of to learn the basics of CQ.  I also follow Renee and her CQ treasures.  Renee is offering how to's on her blog here.
And I also follow Mary Anne of Magpies Mumblings who does amazing CQ.  So I begin...

With most of my sewing supplies either packed and put away or donated away I gathered some fabrics my daughter recently mailed to me.  I have no idea where she acquired them because she doesn't sew.  And I did find a few very small scraps in another bin of mine.  Well, I never said I am organized...completely.  LOL

Thank you Renee for your wonderful tutorials on how to piece such a small venue.  ATCs are only 2.5" x 3.5" when finished.

Here I am beginning my sewing.  Thank you Mr. C for unpacking my machine and cabinet.

I must admit without Renee's tutorial and my trusty iPad set up I would still be trying to manage with my fabrics and piecing them.  I am feeling "challenged" already!

I made three different foundations just to be certain I have one that will work.  I admit I made a miscalculation and have no way to hoop these.  Well I suppose I could sew them to a larger muslin.
Maybe that is what I should do so I have a tight tension on my seams when I embellish them.

Now I must find my muslin to sew a larger fabric that will fit my hoop.  I have one more foundation but Mr. C's laptop I must use to blog with photos somehow ate that photo.  See...I am already challenged and I have barely begun my CQ ATC journey.
As I have mentioned our weather is chilly.  I am already cold and we are not even close to freezing which comes with Winter. Brrr...
We met with our Broker and had an interesting conversation.  The Real Estate market here continues to be depressed and there are no buyers for our home.  Yes, we could still get lucky however that is a very long shot.  So we remain listed and hopeful.  Mr. C is absolutely gutted.  His dream is to move.
I am truly enjoying seeing your wonderfully creative projects and Fall decorating.  Our home remains devoid of any decorations so as not to offend anyone who "might" come to view our property.
Falling into Autumn (Spring down under) and Creative Bliss sweet friends...<3


  1. Oh wow, it's so creative and beautiful!! Our chilly weather turned warm and now we're in the 90's. Crazy. I'm so sad summer is's my favorite season, too. Praying that perfect buyer comes along soon!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. This is really beautiful, though I have no idea what a CQ ATC is. Trying to sell a house can be so discouraging, but I'll still cross my fingers, toes, or whatever that you get a buyer. I need a Kneaders lunch friend! xo

  3. A challenge is a good way to get your mojo going again. Good luck. It must be very hard to live with one eye on a prospective buyer who isn't really likely to appear! Let's hope the housing market picks up again.

  4. My goodness, Sherry, I've never seen a Crazy Quilt ATC before! You constantly amaze me with your creativity! Sure hoping for a buyer for you all soon! xo

  5. You have a nice start to your crazy quilt piece. Enjoy stitching it.

  6. Yay! So happy you are finally able to do some stitching. You have to have a life while you're waiting for a buyer and there's no sense in keeping everything packed away and not be able to have a little fun. As a small aside - I always have to add 'waste' fabric around whatever I'm stitching in order for it to fit in my embroidery frame. I use whatever scrap (ugly) fabric I have on hand - even pieces of old sheets. I think your hot weather has migrated here - we're enjoying summer, finally, even though today is the first day of fall!! (tnx. for the link!)

  7. If you get stuck for supplies while your stuff is packed, I would be happy to send you some happy mail. Want some hand dyed thread? I made so much of it I will never use it up in this lifetime. Great to share with someone who knows its value. thanks as always for sharing.

  8. Lol, the laptop ate the photo :) I do hope you'll be able to find it back though! Wonderful project Sherry, good of you to take on CQ, it looks quite challenging, but it's such a beautiful art form. Wishing you luck, both with the house and the CQ! xx

  9. Hello Sherry , I`m so happy, that you are sewing and creating again, I know, you must have missed it. The tiny ATC art patch work looks so beautiful and also very difficult, to do !! I totally share the view of Magpie`s Mumblings Sherry , you have to live your own life, while waiting for a buyer !!! Enjoy, dear friend. Hugs, Dorthe

  10. Gosh . Quilting gets smaller and smaller. Have fun stitching these. I think you have done all you can now with house do sit back and enjoy life till that buyer comes along as they surely must do. Hugs Mrs A.

  11. What a great challenge! Your projects are looking great, you are so creative.

  12. These are so fun! I look forward to seeing all of them embellished. I still piece things and then realize I need more fabric to fit my hoop - in fact, I did that again last month.


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