Friday, September 29, 2017

September Fades Away...

I realize my photos have absolutely nothing to do with my blog title.  The days are passing so quickly and I am not keeping up with my desire to post more often.  The calendar is showing me another month is quickly fading away.  Just like the greens of Summer which are now turning golden, and sunset and crimson we are Falling into Autumn.  It will be time for Mr. C and I to take our annual Cruise in Clara (our trusty vintage Rambler) to view the gorgeous Fall Foliage colors. 
However, I have been busy with keeping my house and outdoor chores current.  We actually had a showing this week and remain hopeful that our "one buyer" will find us soon.  In the meantime we are preparing for another Winter here. 
I asked Mr. C to help me draw a circle with twelve spokes because I was having great difficulty doing so on my own.  Math and Engineering are not even in my realm of knowledge...Mr. C is the double Engineer and therefore I knew he could do it.  Oh Dear!  He took me to his "white board" and it became lesson time.  Yikes!  After a while of me trying to listen and really show interest he brought out his "tools of the trade" from his high school and college years.  I LOVE these tools and begged him to never get rid of them.  The white handles are ivory...SWOON!

After a couple hours Mr. C did in fact draw me a proper circle with twelve spokes and I was elated.  Before I could snatch the paper he did exactly what I knew he would do.  Yes!  He ripped it up and told me I could use his tools to draw my own.  Gulp!  Thank goodness I did pay attention and it was very fresh in my mind.  He left the room and I was able to actually produce the proper 1" circle and the required twelve spokes I needed.  I was more than proud of my accomplishment and showed my teacher.  "Well done!"  I thanked him for showing me how and letting me use his treasured tools.
You will have to wait until another post to see what I needed this for.  Can anyone venture a guess?  P.S.  The image in the lower left is the hand drawn one I did before lessons and you can see it is way off center.  Bad!
Our weather has been cooler and lovely.  The Fall colors are happening all over town. I would welcome some rain. Until then I shall hand water more of the lawn as it is still dry even with our nightly drip watering.  The new sod really gets thirsty!
I am enjoying seeing what everyone is creating and decorating.  There will be no decorating here while we are listed.  The brokers do not want anyone offended.  Our world is complicated!
Blissfully Falling into Autumn...<3  


  1. You did really well in your lesson but I think I would have cried real crocodile tears if my teacher had done that to me. I'm eagerly waiting to see why you needed a 12 spoke wheel! Hope that buyer turns up for you soon. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. If you're like me I would promptly forget my lesson and not remember how to do it the next time. Better make an extra copy of your circle so you have it for future reference! Maybe the tide is turning and there will be more showings....fingers are still firmly crossed!

  3. Stitching circle? Color wheel? let's the imagingation fly thinking about all the possibilities of a circle with twelve spokes. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. This is proof we are never too old to learn. I love those old tools and it's amazing that he's held on to them. Can't wait to see what you're up to with that!

  5. I would guess you are going to embroider a spider web on your crazy quilt? Or a Dresden plate quilt?

  6. Learning is great :-) and I can see you was a clever pupil, Sherry,- and no , I have no ideas of what you will use it for -- a patchwork piece maybe ?
    Wonderful you had someone seeing your home, I cross my fingers for you, dear.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  7. Are you making a mandala? What a great teacher.....showing you how to do it and then making sure you understand what he showed! Best of luck on selling your house!

  8. Engineer or teacher?? I look forward to seeing what your circle is for. Enjoy your trip in Clara.

  9. Such a man. I can't imagine what you've got up your sleeve! Look forward to finding out more, though! Fingers crossed that the latest showing was 'the one'! Enjoy your fall colors. Little by little, leaves are turning here, too.

  10. Selling a home is so bloody difficult. Strangers traipse through your home, looking for "issues" so they can justify low-ball prices. The only thing harder is actually moving...and after having recently done exactly that, I don't envy anyone the task.
    Sending long-distance hugs.

  11. It looks like a spider web to me. :) Great job!


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