Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Creative Snippets Happening...

In all my downsizing and sorting and purging and rearranging I am finding clever uses for some of my things. I had this wonderful canvas tote sitting in a cupboard filled with stuff.  I donated most of that stuff and repurposed this fabulous tote.  I emptied a desk drawer that was overflowing with all my Random Acts of Mail cards, stickers etcetera and my Love Notes postcards etcetera.  I also now have easy access to my mailing supplies and fun pens and markers.  I can now carry this upstairs or downstairs or in fact to a class if I were taking one.  This is so much nicer than digging through an overstuffed drawer.

Another day recently I decided to get ahead on some little gifts I like to give.  Now even though my bead drawers are packed away and my bead podium is gone I still have access to my beads.  Not too easy but doable.  I decided to concentrate only on Millifiore glass heart beads.  I made lots of earrings and charms for my gift cupboard.

Here they all are ready for gifting. I use simple place cards for keeping them ready to personalize and gift to someone. I was feeling quite accomplished.  Just a small "mess" on my large table and one that I could quickly hide away if need be.

Next up were some very easy ribbon bookmarks I created.  I was invited to join a group of very talented and creative ladies and I was not going empty handed.  Shopping from my supplies I came up with fun buttons and stitched them onto some fun grosgrain ribbon and the plaid ribbon.  The ladies were thrilled (my word not theirs) and I must say bats were way more popular than the spiders.  This button on ribbon bookmark is an easy and quick gift anytime of year or occasion. The buttons vary so much and so does ribbon.  Have fun with making these.  If you don't hand sew you can always glue the button to the ribbon.
Mr. C and I finished the garage and it looks amazing.  He painted the entire ceiling and it took two gallons of high gloss white.  I tried but my arms just weren't strong enough so I was the ultimate Schlepper!  Bring on our "one" special buyer...Please!  Due to the economy here in small town America Mr. C and I are preparing to hunker in for yet another Winter.
Prayers and continued Healing Energy for everyone affected by storms...Fire or Water!  Mother Nature is NOT happy with us at all and we need to do something to get her happy once again.
Creative Bliss my friends...<3


  1. Ooooh - that's an amazing tote! There are tons of uses for such a thing (wouldn't it be fun to decorate the outside of it too?). So happy to know that you were able to get out some of your crafting supplies and create something fun - I'll bet you feel so much happier for it too. As for painting the garage ceiling....I read someplace that women's upper bodies aren't built in such a way that they are able to work with their hands above their heads. Not sure if it's actually true, but it sure sounds like a good way to get out of some projects....lol.

  2. You are so organized!! That canvas tote is awesome!! And how fabulous to have the gifts made up ahead of time!! I love your creative ribbons!! Continuing to pray for that one special buyer to knock on your door. I hope Mr. C has recovered from painting the garage!! Have a great day, my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Oh, love your newly purposed tote with the colorful pens and such. It looks to be a perfect size. Your beadwork is delightful. Such sweet little gifts from your heart. The bookmarks are such fun. I would much prefer a bat over a spider as well. Spiders are ok if they are cute. But most times they look much too real for me. Congrats on the garage finish. You two hunker down and get a lot of stuff done...no messing around. You certainly deserve your one special buyer. I do hope they find you soon.

  4. the tote works so well for ypur things, book marks very creative, bead work too, best of luck with a buyer do hope one comes along soon

  5. So happy that you were able to get some crafting in and lots of it too! Nice you got the garage finished and are even more organized now.

  6. Sherry, you have really been working, having fun , oh my, so many lovely earrings , and book marks, no wonder the ladies were all thrilled, and the tote organizer looks wonderful, too.
    I think it is soon time for me, to try send a new envelope ,- will you pm me for which address to use, my friend ?
    Hugs from stormy and rainy island :-)
    Dorthe , xoxo

  7. It must be hard to craft with one eye on the possibility of having to tidy up in a hurry!But you seem to be doing very well at it, using up your stocks and creating lovely gifts.

  8. Should are talented in so many ways! Mother Nature is definitely trying to tell us something, but I don't think enough if the right people can hear her. XO

  9. So glad you found some time for crafty fun - so creative - after all that hard work in the garage! Hoping that special buyer will come along very soon! xo Jane

  10. Hi Sherry. You always come up with the cutest gift for friends. Im sure the book marks were thrilling to the girls. I know id be thrill to relive one myself. HINT. LOL. Hope you are MR. C sell that beautiful home of yours soon.
    We were hit by Irma on saturday it started and did not end until sunday evening. The winds were crazy and scary at the same time. I thought for sure our roof would blow off, but thankfully only the fence fell on one side and the rolling door split basically in half. But the worse was losing power for 3 days and not having a hot meal. We finally got power turned on yesterday and boy was I grateful. Cleaned all day and loved having air conditioning. The hot meal is yet to come, but hopefully this weekend I will have one.
    Love to see your post and enjoy all of your creations.
    Crafty hugs, Ana

    1. Ana dear I am so relieved to know you are safe! I have been praying for you. Please PM me your mailing address. You are "no reply" and I have no way to contact you. My old address book got lost in the trash I think. So thankful you are safe. Hope to receive your address...SOON. <3

  11. Like how you are using the canvas tote. I have a small one and a large one I change out for club meetings depending on what we are making. Those earrings are adorable and great idea for the bookmarks. You have been busy. hugs, LJ

  12. I have a tote bag which I keep just for my small ongoing seeing items so that I can just pick up and go when I go off to quilting club which as it happens is this afternoon.
    Raining here at present that fine drizzle that gets everywhere. Do hope it eases off before I trundle off down the road to the church hall . I'm making one of my decorated boxes (from scraps) and the ladies are eager to see it finished. Just the padded and quilted lid to complete now. Hugs Mrs A.


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