Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh My Friday again???

This picture has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I love butterfly everything. This week my Saucy Chick partner Lorraine (SCL) and I spent more time in the studio and sewing room sorting , organizing and disposing of items. SCL is fantastic at doing these tasks and I am not. I begin and then find myself traveling down memory lane or sentimental avenue and then can't seem to make any progress. Today we began - and I specify began - the overwhelming process of sorting and organizing our fabric stash. We really need to inventory our fabrics so we know what direction we are going to make items for our etsy shop. Well...I have a ton of fabrics along with all the fabrics SCL and I have acquired together. As always space is limited and when Mr. Hubby designed and built my sewing room he specifically built shelves for fabrics. His instructions were, "What ever fabrics you organize and can fit on the shelves you can keep...the rest you get rid of!" Oh dear! What was I to do? I immediately began to think of what my dear grandma would have done. Hmmm. Upon reaching a workable solution to my imminent problem I began to stack fabric very neatly on those shelves. Then I continued to stack (read cram) until my fingers wouldn't fit in or out of each shelf. It worked and I survived without having to dispose of any fabrics. Except that through the last couple of years and pulling out fabrics to use or see if they would work for a specific project you can imagine how nothing got put back neatly or properly. I merely just kept cramming until I could still close the doors and my room looked neat. Ha!
So today SCL and I began to take out each fabric piece from each shelf and sort them into managable piles...big picture. Hopefully next week we will complete our plan and refold and re-shelve the fabrics with a clear idea of what we have to work with on future projects. Oh by-the-way we also have 5 large plastic bins under the studio desk that contain fabrics so we must include those in our inventory and restocking and organizing.
I must admit it is fun to "find" that special fabric I purchased years ago for a specific need and just knew I had it somewhere but never could locate it. I really do have a lot of fabrics and of course I love them all. It will be so nice to have them organized again.
Thank you SCL for your expertise and patience once again and for all of your help. Yes bloggers this is the same very special lady who just spent weeks putting my kitchen in order after the remodel.
We also spent time this week helping SCL learn how to crochet. She instinctively knew from her youth and merely needed a refresher course. We both had purchased some hand dyed alpaca yarn from some local alpaca ranchers and thought we would crochet scarves. I prefer crocheting to knitting even though my grandmother did teach me both. She was a fabulous knitter and crocheter however I never liked knitting as it was too hard to fix my mistakes. SCL's mother was also an extremely accomplished knitter and crocheter so that is why we each learned in our youth. I have pretty much kept at it through the years as I find it to be quite an effective stress reliever and in the end I have a nice gift to give to someone. We'll post pictures of our scarves one of these days.
Happy Friday to all.

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