Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If you haven't seen or heard of Nathan Sawaya, Lego artist you must check out his amazing work.
Mr. Hubby and I took a Sunday drive to Downieville, Sierra City, Graeagle, Quincy, Lake Almanor, Chester and on to Red Bluff to visit friends for a couple of days. While visiting we went to Turtle Bay museum in Redding and were fortunate enough to see an exhibit of Nathan Sawaya's work. The pictures above are fine but to see these and many more in person is truly inspiring. The photo above is titled "yellow" however my friend Ginny and I both agree it should be "pouring out my soul". I personally have never owned or played with Legos however my daughter did have some but they were much larger and certainly never sparked any artistic ability in our household. Mr. Hubby was amazed by the incredible works of art. Before we paid and went in he definitely was not interested in a lego exhibit however once inside he was really engaged and interested and quite amazed by the ability and clever use of such simple plastic pieces. We all left the museum with a new appreciation for such creativity using such a basic medium.
Our weather was beautiful and not too hot. Actually it was 68 degrees in Chester when we stopped for lunch at the Cotton Candy Diner (great food and friendly people) about 1:30 pm and within 5 minutes it dropped to 58 degrees and rained. We did not mind the rain as it was very refreshing and I really like the smell of rain. It was only 85 degrees for us in Red Bluff and Redding so that was quite pleasant. I believe it will be 95 the rest of this week so it was a good time to leave and come back home via Granzellas which is rebuilt after the bad fire they had.
So today it is back to reality and scrubbing bathrooms, fixing meals, watering special plants and enjoying daily life. It is always so good to get home.
P.S. Our friends Herb and Ginny have two of the cutest brand new calico cats. A white calico girl and a black calico girl but not litter sisters. I had so much fun playing with them and watching their antics. Now I am enjoying my beloved Sasha BooBoo kitty who patiently waited for us to return. She was entertained and cared for by her Aunt Lorraine.

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