Saturday, June 13, 2009


No photo for this blog. And I must make it quick because the day is short and I have much to do. I just wanted to post my day of...
I volunteer for our local Chamber of Commerce in this historic town I live in. So today I spent the day hosting the chamber office which is also the visitor center. It was also the first Saturday for the local growers market which is held on the street right in front of the chamber. I love to watch people and listen to the live music so what a treat I had today. As for visitors it actually was very slow for a Saturday...only about 41 people and 19 phone calls. Unfortunately I had to do a lot with maps and directions for people. For anyone who knows me (Mr. Hubby) I am the worst at directions. Especially here where it is so easy to get on the wrong highway since we have two separate highways each with the same number but going in very different directions of the compass. And it never fails that someone comes in or calls with a question I have never gotten before (after 11 years of doing this) and I of course do not have the answer and no matter how hard I try to find it I just cannot come up with any info for the question asked. I find it frustrating and I am certain the person who needs the answer finds it frustrating. All in all the day was beautiful weather wise and I met lots of very nice people. If you ever watched the Hallmark movie "The Christmas Card" you have seen a bit of our beautiful and wonderful town and area as it was filmed here a few years ago. I still get people come in and ask about certain locations they saw in the movie.
My days at the chamber are always interesting and rewarding. I try to bring a smile to each persons face.
Thanks for "listening" to my day. Enjoy your Sunday and new week ahead.

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  1. I just loved legos as a child. I had the giant ones when I was very small, and as I got bigger, my legos got smaller - go figure. Thes are amazing. Hope all is well Sherry. Life has been crazy and I've fallen off the blog trail lately but I'm catching up a bit today.


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