Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Take a break...

Is it merely me or is this world spinning ever faster and it is already June 10th tomorrow?!! I know I am getting older however my younger friends are also commenting on how quickly the days are flying by.
So to reflect on a small vignette I have in my kitchen corner of a counter...take a break and enjoy a spot of tea and maybe a nice herbal bath. I actually love lavender and how soothing it can be. I think a soak with epsom salts and some lavender is just the break I need to relax.
It seems I never accomplish all the tasks I would like to in a day. And why is it that domestic chores like cooking and cleaning always come first before crafting and creating? And of course at this time of year the outdoors is a constant pull for weeding and picking up and pruning broken branches or spent blooms except mostly for my yard it is repairing damage done by the voracious deer who think this is their private buffet. Luckily Mr. Hubby does the lawn mowing and washing of the vehicles (I do try to help with this but not the lawn which involves power tools).
Let's see if tomorrow I get crafty at all. SCL is supposed to come over and maybe we can both be productive. We are taking a break from the fabric sorting and organizing as it is quite the huge job and could easily take a week or more. I spend most of the time going down memory lane on each fabric...why I bought it and for what project or outfit (I used to sew all my clothes and my daughter and granddaughter's clothes).
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and do take time for a break and a spot of tea.

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