Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pond Reflections...

Sitting here at the pond and reflecting on daily life is pure joy. I love this pond.
Welcome to our pond. Mr. Hubby actually went to "pond college" and built this from our land that was completely overgrown and scruffy. He built it to be a still water pond and all of the plants are special water plants that perform duties which keep the pond natural and ongoing.

He also thought of the many critters who would wander in and possibly get stuck so he built this shallow end beach for them to access a drink and be able to get out. We have numerous critters such as skunks, racoons, dogs, deer, herons, ducks, birds, squirrels and chipmonks who all enjoy this wonderful body of water. I love the lilly pads and flowers and my favorite is to see frogs sitting on the lilly pads. We have beautiful iris flowers however I missed photos this year as they come and go so quickly. It seems a shame to wait an entire year and then only have blossoms for such a few short days.

This year we had lots and lots of little frogs and they serenaded us day and night. Even our remote neighbors enjoyed the sounds. Then we had hundreds of tadpoles. Now the tadpoles are morphing into little tiny frogs and I am amazed at the transformation. I truly enjoy watching them for hours at a time. Unfortunately the tiny frogs seem to be moving on and the pond is missing them sitting on their lilly pads...or more aptly I should say I am missing them.

I think this picture is pretty good taken with my wonderful new camera I got earlier this year. Isn't it wonderful that tadpole and frog-pole both posed for me so well?!
I hope each of you enjoyed seeing a bit of our pond and the wonders of it all. The hard work was more than worth the hours of enjoyment we have now. Of course each year brings new and interesting challenges for keeping the pond healthy and sustainable. That is for Mr. Hubby to deal with. I am merely the one who watches the many colors of dragonflies as they soar over the water and the plants as they re-grow after winter and the birds who take their precious little baths in the edge of the water...
I know I am very fortunate and I am eternally grateful for this wonderment.


  1. oh how wonderful to have your own pond. I've always wanted to put in a pond on our property. What a lovely place to be able to sit and spend time just being in the moment.

  2. What a breathtaking piece of nature. Obviously your hubby was a scholar in pond college. I love the morphing of tadpoles into frogs. They used to hatch on the warm puddle water atop my grandmother's swimming pool cover, and we would wait until they matured before we opened the pool. Nature at its best.

  3. Scooch over, I'm going to sit there with you and daydream if it's ok with you.
    Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog, and I take vitamin B-12,LOL.


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