Sunday, August 1, 2010

August-My Favorite Month...

August is my very favorite month of the year. I think it is for several reasons:

I was born in August
My beautiful daughter was born in August
The sun shines in August and keeps us warm and happy
Life is both relaxed and very busy with fun activities

This photo is overlooking the valley below Cortona Italy. Last year when Mr. C and I drove through Tuscany on our trip we stopped here. Yes, this is where the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" was filmed and we thought it might be too touristy. Not at all. It was charming and beautiful and magical all at once. We only spent the day but wished we had more time to explore and enjoy Cortona.

May you have the best August you have ever experienced. That is what I am planning.
What are you hoping to do this month of August?


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  2. Well, gee, now I'd like to go to Cortona in August! Beautiful! And I loved that movie. I'll have to put it on my list again...(My daughter's birthday is in August, and next year her wedding day is in August!)

  3. Oh how I wish I felt about August the same way that you do! I was thinking about that very thing just yesterday--that I wished I enjoyed August. I live in North Texas and the heat is so unbearable for me that even simple tasks like going to the grocery store can be exhausting! We're really heating up now, and today it'll be 105. That said, I want to enjoy every day of my life no matter what so I will try my best to ignore the heat and not let it get me down!

    I do not have specific hopes for this month but I do have plans. They are to stay indoors as much as possible, write humor, get back to creating art, and watch pre-season football when it is on. I LOVE football and the pre-season games start this month!

    Your Tuscany visit sounds wonderful. What a fabulous experience! I can certainly understand why you wanted to stay longer. The photo is quite beautiful!

    Take care, have a happy birthday, and happy August to you too! D~~~~

  4. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh how dreamy is this photo. A beautiful share for this first day in August. I woke up to rain in the desert, it was so wonderful.

    What is your birthday and what is your daughters? My brother, my oldest son and my Daddy are all Augst babies. August 13, 21, and the 28th. It is a busy time of year for us.

    We have such horrible heat here in the desert in August, that for me, I am just hoping to get better, get my voice back and feel a little cool breeze. Do you think those are to many things to ask for?

    I pray you are having a beautiful day today sweet friend. I love coming to see what you are up to.

    Many hugs and much love...Sherry

  5. It's so funny, when I saw that photo, I immediately thought "Italy" because I lived in Marsure, Italy (Northern Italy, nearish to Venice) for three months, right at the base of the Italian Alps, and this looked like "home" to me!

  6. What a beautiful place for a holiday....really enjoyed that movie!
    I have four birthdays in August.....that is why I have to make so many gifts.....ha ha..thanks for your comments.
    Love visiting you, looks like we should get together and quilt! Great fabrics you have....have to see more!
    Margaret B

  7. oh my goodness....this photo is proof positive of why i'd love to live in cortona!! and right now, i would settle for just spending the month of august gorgeous!! happy august to you and your daughter (the birthday girls!!)!! xox, :))

  8. Thank you dear friend. I think August is going to ROCK and be lots and lots of fun.

    Lovely picture from your vacation last summer.


  9. Well I hope you and your daughter both have a Wonderful Birthday. My DH is in Aug too. What a gorgeous place to visit, I can see why you ould want to stay longer!
    Enjoy your month!

  10. What a fantastic view - so dreamy!
    Happy birthday for this month too.


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