Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Birthdays...

August is a very busy month around here. We have 10 birthdays to celebrate. Not everyone lives so close however we still celebrate all that we can. My daughter's birthday was on the 7th and because she lives in Southern California she got a phone call and a mailed birthday gift. Then we have my friend and creative coach Margaret on the 8th. Now Margaret lives very close and we can truly celebrate with a party. I made her a card with fabric and paper and chipboard letters.
I used the same fabrics to make yo-yo's for decorating this framed bulletin board as her gift. Once again with the chipboard letters to spell out abundance as that is Margaret's inspiration word. Since Margaret is a wordsmith (http://www.goldrushwordsmith.com/) this might come in handy for slipping notes into.

Of course we played games. A very silly game involving plungers and toilet paper rolls. We all laughed so hard I think we gained years instead of aging. You really should try this as it is much more difficult than it seems. We considered it exercise and therefore got to eat a lot more yummy birthday food.

I didn't get a photo of the tables but we had a wonderful indoor picnic with lots of great food. Cold cuts, cheeses, assorted sandwich makings, chips, cole slaw, green bean potato salad and lots of beverages. We even had super fun ants on the table. For the birthday dessert we had home made lemon meringue pies and yum yum!
Birthdays are so much fun when you just let them be such.

Happy Birthday Margaret and all my August family and friends!!!
Now I think you secretly want to try this plunger game. Do you? Have you?
Happy creating...


  1. Now that sounds like fun!! A good laugh session adds years to your life, you know!

  2. Yay...what a fun-spirited post..filled with joy and wonderful energy..yay! I will try anything ha ha!! Wonderful post..and joyful skip into my day!
    PS: great photos..

  3. looks like a really fun and busy birthday month for you! Dogwood

  4. You too? Today is my mother in laws b-day, tomorrow is my brother in-laws, the 20th is my nieces bday and the 21st is my hubby and my sis in-laws bday! Whew!!!!
    Looks like fun there!
    Birthday Hugs,Pat

  5. Oh my goodness the toilet plunger game looks like it was hilarious! Seems like you had a spectacular birthday party. :-)


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