Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Favorites...

I have already posted that August is my very favorite month of the year so that is one of my two. This is a fun calendar I bought for this year 2010 while bargain shopping one day at World Market. It is a Barbie Fashion Model Collection calendar. I just had to have it. I tend to save my calendars from each year and use them for all sorts of things artistic. Hmmm...a future post I predict.
My second favorite is a bonus on the same calendar month of August. Blue! It is my favorite color and this dress is divine. So romantic and feminine. It reminds me of a time when women really got dressed and enjoyed it. Not like now when anything goes and casual is the norm.
What is a favorite color of yours? Do you have a favorite month? What might you do with past date calendars? Inquiring minds want to know.
I am enjoying my August so far by reading a good book and tending to Mr. C who is recuperating nicely from his arthroscopic knee surgery. Neither of us were prepared for how long he will be healing and unable to do all the physical things he likes to do however it won't slow us down much since we have an extremely busy August.
Happy creating...


  1. That really is a beautiful dress. I love calendars too and I used to save them but sadly I probably threw some away. Ok, for my favorite month--I think my favorite month is October because it's when the hot sweltering weather is beginning to back off a bit and there is just something about it--I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it goes back to when I was young and we went to the Friday night football games and all the fun with that. Next favorite is December.
    Hope Mr. C gets well quickly!
    Thanks for visiting today!!!

  2. If only I had room to save calendars! This one is great, showing off my favorite color... blue. My favorite month is June. I've used old calendar pictures to make cards and bookmarks, but nothing spectacular.

  3. I can't say that blue nor especially blue flowered fabric are favorites but that calendar page is stunning. Yellow is my favorite colour and I think September might be a good month. I've seen altered book people do really stunning altered calendars.

  4. What a gorgeous calendar girl! I love seeing ladies all dressed up with hats...My favorite month is July and my fave color is green. I have used some of my favorite calendars in my classroom for writing inspiration, and have laminated some with seasonal pages for wall & door decorations. I heard of an idea lately that someone was cutting them up for borders on journal pages.

  5. Beautiful dress! I always loved the images of Barbie in her fancy dresses. Always room for a little girl to dream.

    My favorite month is October. Fall in the air in Wisconsin. Still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors. Beautiful colors on the trees, and the smell of Autumn. Ahhhh, that smell. In Florida, October starts to cool off and the promise of less humid days where a body can spend a little time outside without having to change clothes! ;-)

    Thanks for asking.

  6. My favourite month is September - I think! I love the cool nights and mornings but there is still some lingering warmth in the sun, the harvests are coming in, sweaters, oven dinners after a long hot summer, there's always a new plaid shirt to find, red and gold are everywhere and for me, it's a month of beginnings. It must have something to do with being a child and going back to school! I even like to hit the stationery stores and watch the excitement - my kids are all grown up now. My favourite colour is the colour of the sea - sometimes blue, changing to green and then grey on the stormiest of days but then flecks of white. Love it!

  7. what a very cool calendar, I would have had a hard time passing that one by too. I think my favorite month is October. Here in NE the weather is cool and dry and the leaves are changing color and the trees are getting ready for their winter sleep.

  8. Beautiful post! I love your calender..and would love to try on that dress. I love the blues too..all shades from the deep blues to the aquas! I have taken old calender favorites and decoupaged them on wooden boxes..and also just framed some I like. or decoupaged a tray to put your pretty things or hang on a wall!

    Hope Mr C is getting better! Have a dazzling day!

  9. That is the most amazing dress, oh how I wish I looked like that! My favourite colour is red & months....May & September. xxx

  10. **Favorite color=Pink

    **What do I do with old calendars=make card and use in collages

    **Favorite month=November, I love fall time.

    **Book suggestion for you to read while Mr C recups from surgery=Wuthering Heights (I am re-reading and enjoying)

    Happy days to you. Dogwood

  11. I remember playing with my barbies and had a wonderful wardrobe made with the loving hands of my Grandma! She was always dressed to the nines!

    My favorite month? July, I Love summer, oh well Oct is wonderful too with all the lovely colors and Halloween and My birthday. LOL
    I've never had a favorite color. I work with so many at my job it changes day to day. Not much help am I ?

  12. Oh I love that dress. I want that dress, but where would I wear it... mmmm a girl can dream. LOL SO glad Mr. C is doing well after his surgery.

  13. Such a pretty dress! I wish things weren't as casual as they are now, and we could dress up more!

    My favorite month...Well I can't put my finger on just one...it's all of fall and winter! I'm not a warm weather person at all!

    My favorite color is pink!

    Hope your hubby is feeling 100% soon. Give him a little get well hug!

    xo Paulette

  14. What a gorgeous dress. It reminds me of lovely china.


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