Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance...

This past Sunday Mr. C and I were able to attend the annual Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. I truly felt like Cinderella being able to attend the ball. I have never gotten to participate in this spectator event until now and I am so thankful I was able to not only see it but to be a part of it. Of the almost 300 photos I personally took I am sharing five of them so as not to bore anyone. Our weather was perfect as it was slightly overcast with the famous marine layer which allowed the day to stay rather cool and pleasant. Monterey coastline and the famous 17 mile drive just to get to Pebble Beach. Ahhh...
Not only are the cars beyond spectacular, some of the period attire was also amazing. This adorable lady looked so perfect with her beautiful vintage automobile. Out of at least 1000 entrants only 175 are selected to be shown and judged. I can only imagine the honor it must be to have a vehicle fine enough to be selected to be a part of this 60 year tradition at Pebble Beach.

The setting is as amazing as the cars. You really are on the 18th green by the Lodge and the ocean is right there lapping along the grass. It is breath-taking to say the least.

Lots and lots of spectators, some of whom were dressed as fine as the automobiles themselves. Yes, the hats were a show all of their own. I tried not to focus on the people as much as I wanted to see the multi-million dollar automobiles that the owners have worked so hard to preserve.

When I took this photo of this simply stunning all white show-stopper I had no idea that it would be the grand winner overall of the entire day. It was perfection!
If I had a bucket list I can truly say this is one event I can now check off. Cinderella is the happiest girl and now back in the story books.


  1. great blog site - keep up the good work

  2. Now, that is a car event I would love to attend!

  3. What a dreamy time you must of had. Wowee...those cars are absolutley beatiful and amazing. What a lovely location for an elegant event. Glad you got to go!

    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  4. You know, looking back I can't help wondering if we've 'lost' something. 8)

  5. Lovely!! what a fab-u-lous post!!

  6. Wow, Those are some beautiful wheels! I'm sure it was spectacular!

  7. Loving these good oldies, especially the white one!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday. xxx

  8. What a wonderful post! Such beauties! Thanks so much for dropping by earlier. My Updates haven't been functioning since July and Blogger finally took mercy on me this a.m.

    I really appreciated your sweet compliment regarding my new glasswork series. :)) Made my day!

    Hugs of Gratitude & Georgia Sunshine,

  9. They don't make cars like they used to...that white beauty really is a show stopper. Gorgeous! Love your photos!

  10. What a neat event! Dressing up the part would be so fun :)

  11. Oh, how beautiful they all are. What a fun day this must have been! That white one is spectacular! I just love anything vintage! Thanks so much for sharing, Sherry! Have a fun, weekend!
    xo Paulette

  12. i love the concours! we go every year to our event up at amelia island. it's so much fun to see some of the owners dress up in period fashion to match their car!! glad you had a perfect day!! xox, :))

  13. Looks like you had a marvelous time in Carmel. I've never actually attended the Concours before - usually my husband and I would take a drive to Big Sur and enjoy the super cars as they passed by. Nothing like seeing a line of ten brightly colored Lambos. But I may have to try your way next time. Those cars and the hats are amazing!

  14. "Someone" sent me a little surprise "thank you" in the mail and it arrived today! You are so sweet!
    It's lovely! I will be adding it to my keychain and will always think of your kindness when I use my keys. I hope you also enjoy the ribbons!
    Blessings too!

  15. Hello! Hope all is well! I hope you don't mind but I put you in my Creative Spotlight List this week on my art blog..hope you enjoy!
    Let me know if you dont have the link and I'll send it to you!

  16. I was there after all the cars were gone, not knowing their had been a car event. It is nice to see pictures of what was there before I arrived!!!


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