Monday, February 7, 2011

Grateful for Gifted Friends...

So many of you know and adore Paulette of Beedeebabee. She is a very gifted artist with felt, beads, needle and thread. Please visit her blog to see some of her newest offerings.
I was so fortunate to open my mail one day recently and this is the fabulous treasure I received. I am truly grateful as I cherish her handwork. Now I am able to also cherish her friendship. Once again blogland has brought the best people and their creative talents to my circle of inspiration. Thank you so very dearly Paulette. I am very grateful.
Today is the beginning of a new week of opportunity and I shall try to rise to meet the challenge. I have lots of things in mind and now all I need to do is get to them...NOW!
Happy February Hearts to each of you.


  1. Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day !!!!!! My English is not very good I hope that is understandable. I like to work rose from butter when I want to surprise your guests. I agree that Beedeebabee has a wonderful work. Bye

  2. Oh dear,
    that is truly a wonderfull gift,-I so love the sweet quilted strawberry--
    Blogland is realy a place with wonderfull, and dearly kind people.
    You deserves this sweet gift.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  3. I've just recently discovered her work. That is such a lovely gift!


  4. I love small sweet treasures. Lovely!

  5. What a talented friend you have! The shop is adorable with so many cute things. Happy Monday!

  6. Now that little strawberry is about the cutest ever~!

  7. Oh gosh, you're so, so sweet, Sherry! :D I cherish your friendship and your beautiful art as well, and I'm so happy we've become friends. Thanks so much for this lovely post...I can't wait to see what you've got up your creative sleeve! xo Paulette

  8. Oh I love that strawberry :) I must go check out her other creations...

  9. That strawberry is fabulous! These bloggers are unbelievable. I commented on a blog that I loved the gravy boat that she had found while out at garage sale. I said wow, I love that could you leave it in your will for me? She wrote back "You don't have to wiat for me to die I will send it to you!!" Well that's what she did! Unbelievable.


  10. A lovely sweet gift and generous post to match. It was lovely to read...

  11. OH I'm in love with that strawberry too! She better make a bunch of those, they'll probably be flying out of her shop. Aren't blogging buddies the best? It never ceases to amaze me at the generosity of bloggers. People we have never met, for the most part, and they are willing to practically give you the shirt off their back. Inspirational.


  12. what gorgeous treasures!


  13. What a delicious-looking strawberry! Paulette is a LOVELY person - what a sweet gift she sent you. Hurray! Theresa

  14. A very Happy February to you as well..and you are so right. There are the dearest women in the world on here...gracious, generous and sweet as all get out! What a lovely place to be.

  15. What a lovely gift. I hope that your week has been a creative one so far. I am going to stop in a visit your friends blog. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh My Goodness..What A Lovely Treasure! Thanks So Much For Your Sweet Visit Earlier. Always Puts A Smile On My Face To Know You've Popped By. And Yes..I'm In Love With The New Blick Art Materials Store In Roswell. They've Combined The Old Store With A New One Within A Larger Building..AND
    GIRL..It Was Like I Went Into A Trance While I Was There! Ended Up Wondering The Isles For Over Three Hours! :)) Have A Blessed Day Sweet Lady! Hugs From The Peach State, Terri

  17. That is so pretty! She is very talented!


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