Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inspiration Purchases...

This is something I purchased while in La Quinta/Palm Springs recently. It hangs on the wall and has hooks for jewelry or such. The idea is really very simple yet it makes a great statement. The entire piece is approximately 24 inches in length. It would be very easy to create these out of lightweight foam core board or one of those ceiling tiles that can be used for a bulletin board. Cover with some fun fabric and ribbon and netting. Very girlie and I love it.
This is what I purchased from my favorite fabric store in Palm Desert...Monica's. Now for me to utilize these items and not just add them to the closet of a thousand projects.

Some new fabrics too. Very fun teacups and celebration girlie fabrics in pinks. An Easter themed panel and another panel I had to buy because I just love the little scenes on it.

This is just one of the many scenes on the panel. I didn't even iron it for this photo. If only I knew what I will make with these. These scenes are just like pictures I have in a very old tiny little book from my childhood. Name unknown as the cover is missing forever. It even has my crayon scribbles on some of the pages but I totally treasure this little book.

While at Monica's every lady in the shop was buying these polymer buttons as fast as they could get their hands on them. Lots of different shapes and colors and textures.
All of these purchases are such inspiration for me. I just need to let the ideas happen as they will and not force them.
What would you make using these fabric panels? I would love to hear your ideas.
May you be inspired beyond your dreams...


  1. GORGEOUS dress! I wondered where you'd be wearing it! I am inspired. Texture Magic, I want to try that myself. What are stitching lines? The panels are so sweet. I'd be figuring how to get some into my own little book. You could tell your own story. Too cute!

  2. Such lovely things you have purchased. I can't wait to see what you make with these.

  3. Neat stuff! Wouldn't those little panel pictures be gorgeous as centres on CQ blocks? And then made into a quilt for a special little girl? Hmmm

  4. Oooh what lovely goodies you have there Sherry! I love the dress form, so very stylish yet practical too.

    Those fabric panels are very pretty, maybe they could be made into pockets of some kind?

    Have fun with all your purchases xx

  5. i love the way you shop, girlfriend......fabulous finds!! i can't wait to see how you use that wonderful button!! xox

  6. Love that girlie dress! Where are you going to hang it? That button is so cool! Can't wait to see what you create with it! I have tiny childrens books that I read every time I went to Grama's house as a very young child. I treasure these...♥

  7. Lovely goodies! That fabric panel illustration reminds me of Kate Greenaway - perhaps she is the artist you remember? Have fun creating! Theresa :)

  8. Love your new fabric and the little dress is such a cute idea!

  9. I love everything I see here, my friend.
    Happy creating today xxxx

  10. Wonderful treasures Sherry. The inspiration will come, when the idea is right. I have used Texture Magic and it's a lot of fun - very interesting results depending on the stitching and what batting you use, if any. Enjoy!
    We did a little challenge at the shop last year with fairy panels - people used them for pillows, wallhangings, tote bags, books and I made mine into the cover for a flower press.
    I'll look forward to seeing what creative treasures you conjure up...

  11. This is quite a stash you have bought. Love the button and the fabric. What is texture magic, If I may ask?

  12. I like the fabrics that you showed us here. And beautiful to me the first pictures from women's dress which can serve as a holder necklace and earrings. Like so I'll try to do. Thanks dear for the idea.

  13. I love the dress! It is so pretty, and i love all your fabric.


  14. Oh yup...ideas will come when we allow ourselves the pleasure of entertaining them! I love that first item..the black and white is just stunning, first of all..and then the idea is crazy simple and fun! I have it locked into my idea bank! thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella

    love it when you stop in to see me.

    Creative Carmelina

    have a great weekend

  15. My Goodness..You Sure Scored On All The Delightful Goodies! Especially Loved The Dress & Button! Hugs, Terri

  16. Hi Sherry,
    you have been happy buying, I can see-great things- I love the dress for jewlery-and your -create -goodies I`m sur I would love too, if I knew what it is :))
    the fabricks, are so cute.

    I wish you a wonderfull week-end, dear.

  17. Great treasures form you trip.
    Can't wait to see what you create and how you use it all.

  18. What a darling dress hanger. and looks like you had quite a shopping spree, How fun!


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