Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip Continues...

Our destination was Scottsdale Arizona for the Barrett Jackson Auto Auctions. This is the mecca of collector cars. About 200 acres filled with giant white tents and hundreds of amazing cars and other collectible items. Mr. C had this as one of his top ten bucket list items so we had to see it in person. We have watched it on TV however you can multiply that by 100 and still not get the true dynamics until you experience it in person. Overload would be quite an understatement!
Just on Saturday over 160,000 people attended. This gorgeous 1956 De Soto convertible auctioned off at $340,000 plus commission fees of 10% paid by the buyer. Who would have thought an orphaned De Soto would bring such money?!! It was so beautiful in person and every detail was perfect.

Silly me thought I wanted a Smart Car when I was traveling in Europe and saw them everywhere. Now that I have sat in one I cannot imagine driving 70 mph on the freeway in traffic with merely my a$$ being the bumper. Yes it has heated seats because the engine is directly behind your seat so you could also bake dinner on your way home from the market. :o) Too cute but not for me.
I did take a side trip to do some shopping. No photos of this so as not to incriminate myself. I visited a bead store in Scottsdale. This is a beautiful store with fabulous finds. However for me it was super intimidating. I have never gone in a bead store where you must put your purse in a locker and then you have an attendant hovering over you every minute. Who can relax and shop in that environment. Needless to say I bought very little especially after I saw the prices! One short strand of copper curved caps was $175. Ouch!

Let's continue our drive up to Sedona Arizona. This is the sacred place of red rocks and lots of lore. It is truly beautiful. Mr. C and I used to stay in Sedona several times a year until we moved north. We had not been back in about 14 years and lots had changed. Growth, commercialism and generally a sad depleted economy has taken its toll. Oh the beauty is still here however the ambiance has changed.
We managed to visit our old haunts, galleries, restraurants and the scenic rocks. The photo below is the famous Eagle rock which presides over the chapel built in the hills.
This entire area is said to be very sacred.
Enough road trip for now.
How many of you have ever been to either Barrett Jackson or to Sedona? Each is unique and well worth the trip if you like the venues.
Now I am off to the studio to finish some Valentines which must get into the mail today. I am only sending to family this time since I was gone so much.
Happy Hearts to all...


  1. Hello Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, you were right here in the valley, I could have met your for lunch or tea. Shoot. I only wish I had known. I hope you will come back again though and we can meet. I so love having a chance to meet my blogging friends.

    What a cute photo in that little bitty car. Yep, I wouldn't want to be on our freeways in one of those. I pushed that thought right out of my mind also.

    So glad that you made it to Sedona. It is such a peaceful place. The beauty is beyond words is it not?

    Quartzsite, well been there done that, and don't care to go back. It is isn't for me.

    Happy to hear that you made it back home safe and sound. There is NO place like home.

    Maybe next time we will get to meet sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Oh my husband would love to see the Barrett-Jackson Auction in person. We watch it quite a bit on TV but you're so right ... there's nothing like seeing gorgeous cars up close and personal. Although we're not really big on crowds so probably would go on a Wednesday for the smaller auction.

    Hmmm, not sure if I'd be super comfortable in a bead store that has an attendant following you closely. I'd feel the pressure to quickly choose something to buy or just leave which is not my ideal mode of shopping.

    All in all this sounds like you had a really great time.

  3. The landscape is so so beautiful in the US. I love love the pictures and the tour of your trip.
    Made me dream away for a while.
    Have a happy day xxx

  4. I am definitely a huge fan of road trips but I know that it must've been extremely hot in Arizona. I work and subscribe to DISH Network and I know that road trips can become pretty exhausting. I've been on a ton that has rocked me to sleep with a few spurts of sunshine, cows and horses along the way. In order for me to stay awake, I use the DISH Remote Access app that allows me to watch live or pre-recorded shows from my DVR no matter where I am at. It's lovely, especially since I have enough time on my hands to catch up on my favorite series. I invite people to come and explore the endless opportunities that DISH Network offers!


  5. I wouldn't be Smart, either, Sherry. My son lives in Tucson and says he is freezing! LOL

  6. Hi! I have dreamed of going to Sedona ever since high school. Some day...but thank you for these photos and dreams today!

  7. Wow what a fabulous road trip, that is a mighty small car, not so sure if it is smart? Like you said not much of a bumper


  8. Wow, that was some auction! You do look good in the Smart car even though it's not for you Sherry!
    Thanks for sharing more of your photos and memories of your road trip with us xx

  9. What a wonderful trip! Looks like you have a great time. I love those little cars. I see them alot here in West Palm Beach,but would also not want to be on the highway with one of those. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can go there one day too. :-)
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  10. Lots of smart cars in Vancouver. They're cute as a button. Soon they'll bring the four seaters here too.
    Beautiful hills! Enjoy :)

  11. Sherry, I loved reading more about your trip, and seeing your beautiful photos... Those cars are just fabulous, and you look really cute in that tiny Smart Car! I got a big giggle out of what you said about baking dinner. How funny!!! They are adorable, but I can't imagine driving on the expressway in one of those either...Have a great weekend, Sweetie! xo Paulette ;D

  12. I had to show my DH the picture sof teh De Soto, can you believe they used to crush them when he was younger and worked at an junkyard!

    Love the pictures of Sedona, I've been there several times and never get tired of it. The art gallerys and restraurants are wonderful! The last time was about 5 years ago, when the economy was still strong, its so sad its not thriving now!
    Thanks for taking us along on your road trip!

  13. What a great trip! Crazy about the bead store. My dad and brother were "gear heads" as I used to say, so been to a million car shows. Always fun, just don't tell them. Enjoy Sedona. I love Arizona.

  14. Such a lovely place to do some traveling. I love that area. My parents moved to AZ when they retired and loved the desert so much. I am a city and mountain gal but can enjoy the desert on a limited basis.
    Have a fun weekend. Enjoy the sun before the weather changes.
    Thanks for the nice Valentine card.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  15. DYING for the DeSoto! And laughing like a madman over the SmartCar. Your description is so apt!


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