Saturday, February 26, 2011

Magic Pink Project Completed...

This will be a very quick and short post as we are snowed in with about 5 feet of snow and zero power. We have a generator however with power out everywhere the fuel stations are either out of fuel or not able to pump without power.
I finished my Texture Magic super pink fabric trial. I did make a purse out of the small piece I had textured. This first photo shows the fabric plain under the fun flower button and also the magic "smocked" fabric. I love this fabric and product.
This side of my purse is for the little girl in me.

This side of the purse if for the adult in me.

Fun and flirty side.

Fun and flirty side. Yes, I believe both sides are fun and flirty.
Texture Magic is made by Superior Threads and can be purchased in fabric and craft stores. I have no affiliation with this company or product except as a successful consumer.
I finished this purse this past week just before the huge storm hit.
Just a note: I always unplug my sewing machine due to power issues so the computer part does not get fried. Just like turning off all computers in the house.
Now I must sign off and I am truly missing reading all of the blogs I so love to follow. We must conserve our generator and fuel.
All in all I feel very blessed as we do have a generator for heat and lights. There were many years when we moved here that we didn't have this luxury and survived power outages for on average five days at a time.
Yes, the chain saws, shovels, brooms, axe, hoe and lots of physical muscle has been in force the past two days. I can get really creative about shoveling and brooming and chopping ice from our very steep (16% grade) driveway.
Stay warm and well everyone.
Happy creating...


  1. This is so sweet! Five FEET of snow!!! Oh dear. Take care and stay warm. Winter isn't ready to leave us yet!!! Theresa

  2. I love your adorable bag and the fabulous colors! I feel your pain with the snow - although you have received much more...crazy February here...tomorrow they are calling for thunderstorms and 40 degree weather!

  3. Oh my! I have been thinking about you, but never imagined you were snowed in without power! So sorry! We got a fresh new foot and a half of snow the other day, but didn't lose power so I feel very lucky and blessed. I'd share with you! I did imagine however, that you were using that pink puckered fabric!!

  4. Your little purse looks fantastic - both sides!! That product looks fab!

    Hope you stay safe and warm snowed in there, take care xx

  5. This is really fun. Love the ice cream theme too.
    Hugs, Diane

  6. Five feet! My goodness - we are getting snow here too but nowhere near that much. I fear this is a winter that has no desire to end....
    I have played with texture magic too but not made it in to anything yet. Your bag is fabulous and I love how it has a split personality. Clever idea!
    Stay warm and safe and cozy and enjoy some rest from all that axing and such - sounds like a Paul Bunyan story!

  7. Love your beautifull, and flirty bag, dear.
    And I`m happy for you, that in spite of storm, you can stay safe and warm- wishing you a cosy sunday, without more snow.

  8. Your purse is just darling!!!
    Five feet of snow? Come on spring!!!


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