Sunday, October 9, 2011

Foreign Books...

 I love to go to our local Friends of the Library monthly book sales.  Even Mr. C attends with me and usually finds a few hard cover books he enjoys reading.  Then each time he returns the books so they can be sold again to help the library fund.  I find lots of books and buy them but I am not so generous as to give them back.  Usually I buy mine for crafting and taking apart.  This month I thought I should expand my horizons and look into some foreign books.  I inquired and the nicest lady showed me right where she had staged them.  In a tiny little nook...smaller than a guest coat closet space...with at least 3 students and one woman camped out blocking the space.  I waited my turn but they never budged.  I finally excused myself and the students did move for me.  The woman however was planted on a small step stool and she wouldn't move or look up or anything.  I squeezed over and selected one of the books off a high shelf...all the while praying I wouldn't drop the lot on top of her.  Do you recognize this language in the photo above?
 Here is another book I was able to reach and it has some great graphic pictures.  Language?
This little book happens to be a recipe book.  In yet another language.  I don't read or speak or understand any of these languages but I just had to buy the books.  Mr. C could not understand why I wanted to buy these if I couldn't even read them.  I at least knew which language each one was. 
Russian, German and French.  So far so good and Mr. C and I are in line to pay.  All is going well until one of the volunteer men says, "You know this book is in Russian?  Do you read Russian?"  I politely say no I do not however I have traveled in Russia.  Now some others are all interested and going on and on about a book in Russian.  I merely want to get out of there and enjoy my books. 
I just couldn't confess that I am buying books to take apart for mixed media art projects.  The library squad would have hung me from my toes or worse. 
Now I am thinking I better not destroy these books as they truly are nice.  Maybe I shall go back another time and look for books in worse condition. 
I hope each of you understands the need for foreign text at times...You do understand don't you?
I am enjoying the beautiful weather and the Autumn colors that are emerging and giving infinite inspiration...
Joyful Creative Week Ahead...


  1. I could understand you buying books and tearing them apart. I know many people who do it. All create just like you and use it for the same reason.
    Hoep you enjoy the books.

  2. Where do you live? Send me your address & I can send you some in much worse shape! I need to clear out my parents' house & my father collected books in several different languages. He enjoyed studying languages almost to the end of his life (age 96). I'll just send them (free) because I'm trying to find good homes for a great many items.

  3. Oh, that is such sweet comment from Jane up here! You must be so excited, dear friend.
    I love love books too. Every now and then I walk to my bookshelves, catch a book, open it somewhere and let my eye read to lines it finds. Surprising and often very inspiring!
    Happy hugs to you, have a wonderful new week xoxoxoxox

  4. Totally understand. I am very pleased to have a few foreign language books in my stash and hope to find a few more. I even have an English book with some foreign notes added to the margins. Very cool!

  5. I'm with you Sherry, I totally understand. I'm always on the look out for foreign books in charity shops, but usually the only ones there are foreign dictionaries, not quite the same.
    Your finds are fabulous and I wouldn't hesistate in using them - enjoy!!

  6. OH YES, I`m doing that also--tearing apart,dear Sherry-all the time in "foreign " English or German or.french or..... never mind if they understand us -here we are surrounded of friends understanding us :)

  7. I completely understand loving old books. I love them too! I love to use them for decor or crafts. As soon as I saw the first post of the writing I knew it was greek because I once had a greek boyfriend and remember the Your so lucky that Jane wants to send you books. Good for you. Enjoy and thanks for sharing. It was fun visiting you.
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  8. I had one friend who just didn't understand why I would rip a book apart, I mean she was mad about it!! Since then I keep my mouth shut unless they are creative wonderful people like here!!!

  9. Theses would be so much fun to use on projects!

  10. I totally understand! I purchased a few foriegn books too, but have only managed to make myself cut one of them apart! There just so cool!
    Have a lovely day, Lindsey

  11. Hi Sherry,
    I love old books too and I can certainly see why you would want to take them apart. But the book police do not always see it the way we do. Like when I paint on a vintage piece and the antique dealers come unglued. LOL
    I think a different language for a background is very appealing.

    Have fun!
    Blessings always, Celestina Marie

  12. I totally get the pleasure of buying books in different languages because I do it as well! I love using the pages in cards & notes & for drawing on. Right now I have a small collection of Chinese books. Old dictionaries are great to have as well. :)

  13. I do the same thing. I just bought one that I think is islomnic, but I'm not sure since I can't read it but the letters are so beautiful!
    hugs Lynn


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