Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Haunting Halloween...

 Last of the ATCs...well maybe.  I made these two folders for Roni and her Mom.  They hosted an ATC swap and the results of that will be posted next week.  If you have never participated in a swap I highly recommend it.  Lots of fun!
 Inside the ATC folder.  I kept this pretty simple and flat as I think my post office service is not fond of me or my artwork I pay extra to hand cancel and send safely. 
Here are the ATCs I included inside the folder. 
 Here is a piece of artwork I won from Lindsay.  Her work is unique and she has been published so many times I have lost count.  Please go see what Lindsay is up to in the creative realm. 
This is made on a Mahjong tile and I adore it.  Mr. C always says I ride a broom.
 Thank you Lindsay. 
 Here I am wearing my Halloween casual clothes.  Glittered pumpkin socks, a soft orange jacket my dear sister gave me that I get so many compliments each year when I wear it and my new Mahjong Witch pendant.
 Yes, another ATC that is in the mail.  By-the-way this is some of Lindsay's artwork that she got printed by Pinecone Press into 12" x 12" scrapbook papers.  Super cute drawings all over the entire sheet.  I only wish I had purchased many more pages. 
And you asked me to post my costume I wore at the local Chamber of Commerce Saturday as I hosted the Visitor Center.  Here I am in all my Witch glory...complete with Trick or Treat bag I made years ago. While I was at the CofC I had lots of people take a second look.  Several asked if they could take my photo and I said with a smile, "If you must".  :o)  It was a great day and I was definitely channeling my Grandma and Mother.  Grandma's birthday was October 30th and she finally gave in and always dressed up as a witch each year...of course creating her very own costumes and always out-doing herself every year.   So...
In the tradition of Halloween and my lineage I am continuing this Witch costume theme and enjoying it very much. 
Happy Haunting and Safe Trick or Treating to you all...


  1. Oh your ATC book and ATCs are fabulous! Well done! And your costume is amazing. You make a very good witch. I do love dressing as a witch at Halloween. Last year my hubby thought I looked too scary!
    Your winnings are fab too. Love that tile!

  2. Well, aren't you a sassy, saucy thang in that outfit! Woot! Gorgeous! I am thankful for your Halloween post, your smile, and the pretties here to look at as I sit with a big box of tissues (and flu and cold medicine that definitely is not working). I never got on my flight to Boston yesterday morning...too sick. Oh well, next time perhaps. It was nice to stay home with my Ellie Pup. Happy Halloween, my dear!

  3. Wishing you a howling good time!
    Wonderful atc's! Don't eat all the treats.

  4. YOU are so pretty; you look great, so festive~

    I love the vibrancy of your art~
    Hope you have an enchanted evening, :D

  5. Well, I'm speechless. You are one classy witch who does pretty classy work. Luv that pettycoat!

  6. You're far too beautiful to be a real witch Sherry! Love seeing your photos - and your ATCs are great - love the folder. Oh, and your new pendant is fabulous too!!

    Happy Halloween xx

  7. Hello Sherry
    Sue aka scrumplescrunch here.
    Thank you for paying me a visit and becoming a follower, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness I have received since Cindy posted about me, I hope we can visit each other often, I am loving your ATC's even though I do not make them, one can still be inspired.

  8. Oh wow, Sherry!! I love your creations and your costume!! Happy Halloween!!!

  9. Fabulous works! Both you and your friends!!
    Now, you in your costume? AWESOME!!! If I had that "costume" I would wear it every day!!
    Happy Halloween!!

  10. Oh how cute!! You never see home made costumes any more! Your ATC's are just incredible, I don't do any paper crafting, I would have no idea where to start, it looks so complicated, the results are stunning!

    Good luck on the stencil giveaway!


  11. Your ATC folders are fabulous! And that pendant you received is gorgeous! I love your Halloween outfit. So nice to see your smiling face. No wonder everyone wanted to take a picture of you -- great witch costume! Have a fantastic week. Tammy

  12. Your Atc's are great. I feel very honored to have received one of them. Thank you again. It is wonderful that you have kept up with your Grandma and Mom's tradition of dressing up. Your witch costume is great Love it. And the bag is great too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. You look like a very elegant witch,lol love it. Your ATCs are beuttiful. I love the holder book for them. I love swaps, so glad you did on.

  14. Very elegant Hallowe'en duds! Impressive! Love the tile... very creative use for a Mahjong piece.
    Fox : )

  15. You are a lovely witch dear Sherry, and so good looking in your Halloween dress.
    Love the ATC`s and the pocket you made.

  16. You look wonderful - even as witch! Orange is definitely a good colour for you, and I can understand why you get compliments every time you wear that jacket - it's wonderful.
    I always love to hear stories of how people "channel" their loved ones after they're gone. Dressing up as witch to honour your Grandmother is wonderful idea, and I bet it cast a happy spell on you...

  17. You look spooktacular in your witch costume, or should I say cute, not scary at all. Congrats on your win and Love your atc's and the folders you made for them. So glad you got into the spirit of things!!
    Hugs Lynn

  18. Hi Sherry,
    I love your ATCs and those sweet folders you created,
    and you really rocked both of your Halloween looks.
    enJOY a lovely weekend


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