Monday, October 3, 2011

Black Magic Journal Pages...

 Working on my Discovery Journal with Roni of Ink Stains here are some photos of the "Black Magic" technique.  This post is photo heavy as I needed to show different stages.  These are my acrylic blocks for use with clear stamps.  I only own a 1" square and two 1" x 3" pieces.  However my stamp for this technique is larger than these.  Maybe 4" x 6" and I went shopping only to discover I cannot afford an acrylic block to fit.  Our little town does not offer 40% off coupons and I will not be "down the hill" any time soon.
This is a clear stamp set I won from Roni several months ago.  I just knew I wanted to use these in my page.  Hmmm...what could I use to hold the stamp? Part of the allure of Roni's class is the idea of using what we have and not rushing out to buy the latest and greatest whatever.
Aha!  I have an old 5" x 7" acrylic table frame and thought it might work as it even has a handle to hold while postitioning the stamp.  Lets see...
 Here is my clear stamp stuck to the frame.  I have also inked it with white acrylic paint for this technique.
 Positioned on the black paper. Pressed it down and...
Perfect stamped image.  I love the white acrylic stamped on the black paper.  This looks like damask fabric.
 Now to use my colored pencils.  I love colored pencils and have lots of them.  These are just my basic ones.
Here is the fun of the stamped image.  By using white acrylic paint you can now color over it with pencils or lots of other mediums which you will read about over at Roni's blog.
 Here is the one I colored.
Here is the stamped image without the coloring. 
My pages are not done.  I didn't have full size black paper as mine were all cut into half sheets.  Hmmm???  Use what I have.  I still have to mount these and include my two lists...(l) What I am good at, (2) What I'd like to learn.  This was an interesting challenge to write out the lists. 
I love the Black Magic technique and definitely will be doing this again.  I can see cards made with this technique. 
Once again thank you Roni for helping me to explore and learn new art techniques.  My colored pencils are so very happy to get used and not just sit there looking pretty. 
Are you working on your very own Discovery Journal? 
Our weather has changed and we are expecting rain.  The clouds are moving in and I for one am looking forward to rain.  We haven't had any in many months and it would be so nice for some refreshing moisture.  Our Fall colors are really beginning to show their early stages. 
Wonderful Week to all...


  1. It does look like damask. Wonderful. Lots of possibilities with this. Have fun! I look forward to seeing more results!

  2. Smart use of the old photo frame! Cool!

  3. Beautiful! I love the idea of the white ink on black. Thanks for the inspiration, Sherry.

  4. very clever and inventive! Isn't funny how we almost always go to buy what we need when if we look hard enough, we can figure something out.
    I love what you are doing with your Discovery Journal and it is fun to check in every so often to see what's next... you are discovering some wonderful things!
    Rain here all day, and fog - you can't see the lake... I'm not complaining. The fire is lit, homemade pizza in the oven and wine about to be poured. Wishing you a comfy cozy evening of your own...

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  6. wow, it's fabulous, I have figured out all sorts of things to use, because i refuse to pay for acrylic blocks, you are right it really looks like damask!


  7. Very innovative of you! I love make do's :) And it looks great with the colors added!

  8. Brilliant all round. I'm still on discovering the first technique. I, too, am getting that stuff that just looks pretty or is too shy to come out of the drawer. Following Roni and you is great!

  9. Wow Sherry what an enormous stamp that is!! You found the perfect acrylic block replacement for it too! Stamped up it does really look like damask fabric, so exquisite!

    It looks like our mini heat wave is over now, still it was lovely while it lasted.

    Hope you have a good week too x

  10. Wow..super wow..i LOVE this..this is gorgeous and decadent and simply beautiful!! the black magic..magic!
    Super-Fabulous friend...shine on!

  11. Very clever use of the frame. I have plenty of pencils from my son's grammar school years. Maybe it's time I put those to use. Thanks for a great idea.

  12. Yes, what a great idea to use the acrylic frame for stamping. And a good use for the colored pencils too.

  13. I came here from Tatology and have enjoyed every post I've read so far. Got you in my favs! ( I don't "follow" but I do read!)

  14. your solution for mounting your large stamp is brilliant! and it looks stunning on that black paper! that's what i call a fabulous discovery!! xoxo

  15. WOW this is beautiful, love the elegance. Great idea about mounting the larger stamps, I don't have any yet. But, I'll remember.TFS

  16. You are such a clever girl! great idea with the frame and beautiful results!
    hugs Lynn


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