Saturday, October 1, 2011


My goodness.  I layed out some beads and lace on one of my bead design trays and then set it aside.  I have seen this tray several times over many months and still it sits neglected on a shelf.  No inspiration comes from this.  Never has and probably never will.  I think it is time to put each of these components away and use the board for another layout.  I have much better inspiration in my head with different beads and components.  I think today is the day to clean up this mess and start something new. 
I never like to force an idea.  Actually I have not been making any jewelry for quite some time now.  I really miss playing and producing with my beautiful beads.  This may just be the right time to organize my stash and see what designs come to mind. 
How do you store your beads?  By color? By type? By sizes?  In trays or baggies or drawers?  I have been re-thinking my bead organization.  I would love any suggestions you have to offer. 
This just may be the inspiration I have been searching for.  Thank you.
Awesome October and Happy Haunting...


  1. A perennial problem!
    I store most of my beads in Embroidery sectioned boxes by colour. I also store them in large margarine lidded tubs, (gleaned from the nursing home I used to work at, these where sometimes used for leftovers etc but, most where put in the trash.) These can be written on or have sticky labels with the contents on. They stack well too. My threads with machine bobbins matched threads are stored in self seal bags inside - again, they stack well. bugle beads in tubes,bags etc are in one such box, and my seed/small beads are similarly stored likewise.
    It's not until you come to select or sort out your stash you realise just how many beads you have! LOL!
    Most of my beads are in these boxes, stacked labels outwards for easy reading, on an old Tea trolley on wheels!
    I don't know if this gives you any help or storage ideas?

    Good luck!

    Sandie xx

  2. Tout est en place pour faire une merveille ! Bisous et bon dimanche

  3. Yep, been there, done that!
    My beads can get into quite a mess when I am creating. I store most of mine in clear containers in a designated area of my art room. But I also put favorite and special beads into vintage stemware, dessert cups...cut glass dishes, things like that. I like to have them out where I can see them to be inspired by.
    Happy October!

  4. I use clear totes- 1 for each color, 1 for gems, 1 for each metal, and a box for my tools. I used to have the totes visible, when I had the spare room set up as my studio, but they are all now tucked away into a dresser. I haven't been playing with my beads either, lately. I don't wear a lot of jewelery any more, and lately use my bead stash for CQing.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. That LACE! I am on a search for larger lace to solder between 1x1 (I think that's the size) pieces of glass and that just inspired me! I'm going vintage hunting next weekend so I'll be on the lookout!

  6. When I started organizing my beads I bought containers with sections and lids then sorted beads by material (stones, ceramics, shells, etc.). The containers are stackable and I plan to some day label them (lol-that might help). Sometimes I wish I sorted them by color... Sounds organized doesn't it, until you notice the misc. baskets and bowls full of beads, findings and wire! It's a scary mess in my studio!

  7. Looks very inspirering to me, dear Sherry- I hope you will start making beautiful jewlery very soon-again-Happy sunday-

  8. Creativity comes like waves -- sometimes we can't stop making things, and other times we think more than we create. I don't have many beads-- only have made some beaded crochet bracelets. My supplies are kept in a shoe box that I decoupaged. A recycled plastic tray that held containers of yogurt is used to separate beads by color as I work. I would like to make a long necklace with crochet and beads -- my to do list is long. :) Hope your day is great. Tammy


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