Friday, October 21, 2011

LOG 31 Las Vegas or Bust...

 Mr. C and I have just returned from a road trip.  I was without computer access the entire trip and I missed my blogging friends very much.  Here are some photos of the trip highlights.  We actually never went into Las Vegas as the conference was in Summerlin at the Red Rock Resort which was very nice.  LOG 31 stands for Lotus Owners Group and this is the 31st annual gathering.  This is the closest West Coast venue and that is why we attended.  Mr. C can now check this off his list.  :o)  The top photo is of his beloved Lotus.  I think it is the prettiest Lotus ever built.  Mr. C loves it for the technical supercar that it is.  He is an engineer and extremely hands on!  He has made improvements to this car that no one can believe he did so amazingly well and efficiently.
 Here we are all packed and ready for the +/-600 mile drive to LV.  As you can see I have tons of room.  My family and friends tease me that I have to wear lots of layers in order to have any change of clothes for the trip.  There really was plenty of room this time in the trunk for some clothes.  As for shoes I pack them carefully in the tiny side windows next to the engine which is right behind our heads. 
 I got a tickle out of this little sign one of the cars had displayed.  Cars and owners came from all over the United States and some people came from Europe but without their cars.  Lotus is British afterall.
An overview photo.  There were approximately 200 cars in attendance and that is a lot!  All colors and models and years.  It really was awesome to see so many in one place. 
 Mr. C looking very dapper and ready for the awards banquet. 
 This was the dessert and it was not only clever but very delicious.  My photo is blurry but the cheesecake on shortbread cookie with the glazed fruit complete with real gold on the tip of the strawberry was quite yummy.  I wanted to save the clever little white chocolate welcome sign but knew it wouldn't make the trip home so I ate it!
 This is us and another Lotus on our way home.  We stopped near Mammoth in the high country and the view was gorgeous.  The weather was crisp as we were over 8000 ft elevation here.  The Fall colors along Highway 395 were gorgeous.  We met this couple and ran in tandem to and from the conference.  Very charming husband and wife that I feel certain we will see again and again as we truly enjoyed their company.  For me that was the best part of this trip...meeting some wonderful people and exchanging contact info so we can stay in touch.  We really did have fun and lots of great stories and laughter were shared.
An overnight stay in Bridgeport before completing the trip home.  We always stay and eat at the Bridgeport Inn as it is charming and historic.  As you can see the car is covered in ice and this was later in the morning about 9 AM.  Brrrrrr...  I had flip flops on and told Mr. C that if he found any toes please gather them so they could be reattached.  LOL  It was COLD!!!  Thank goodness the car has a great heater and warmed us up.  On to Reno and them home.  It is always so good to get home after being gone.
Now for completing my household and pet chores, errands, grocery shopping, bill paying and what nots. I am looking forward to catching up on emails and blogging.  I hated missing so many days being offline.  Addicted?  Yes and proud of it.  Where else can you be part of such a wonderful community of caring and cleverly talented people? 
I do hear my studio calling me however it will have to wait...if I go in there I may never come out and take care of my responsibilities...hmmm...
Our Fall weather is just right and the colors are spectacular.  It is time for Mr. C and I to take our annual tour around town and just enjoy it all.  Maybe in the next few days.


  1. Glad you had a lovely time Sherry.

  2. What a fun trip, the Mr does look pretty dapper! It's always good to get things you want to do crossed off the list!


  3. I was wondering where you had gotten to. Welcome back. I'm addicted to your blog and comments!!! lol

  4. Welcome back. You've been missed, but glad you had a great time.

  5. Sherry looks like you had an amazing time! I am so happy for you~ What fun and those cars are gorgeous!

  6. What a great time you must have had Sherry. Love your car! Who cares about storage space.
    I recently got back from Reno too, wonder if we were there at the same time?
    hugs Lynn

  7. ha-ha! Okay, I got a good laugh about your toes. :) Sounds like you had a great trip and met a wonderful couple along the way. Best wishes as you settle back in at home. Have a good weekend. Tammy

  8. My dad is an engineer... He loves cars!

    These are very nice!

    Glad to see you had a nice trip! :)


  9. How awesome your trip was! I can see why you and Mr.C do it every year (or less)!!

  10. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos - Mr C does indeed look very dapper and what a fantastic car!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip - and welcome back to BlogLand!!!

  11. WOW what a slick looking MAN and cars!!!

    Hello there dear one! So nice to see that you had a magnificent time. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME WITH SUCH KINDNESS! Oh how fun this blog world is!

    Enjoy your week, Anita

  12. Sounds like a great week for you. We had some nasty weather around here in Miami, FL. Rain, rain and more rain and then a tornado hit. Devastating. No tragedies but lots of homes demolished, including a close friends.
    Love the lotus. Your post has been so much fun to read.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. glad you had a great time and that is ONE GORGEOUS CAR!

  14. Your pictures show nothing but happy times. Wish we had this in the Netherlands too, must be sooo much fun.
    Have a wonderful new week, sweet Sherry. The sun is shining here, perfect Fall weather.. xxx

  15. Looks as if you had a ton of fun!


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