Friday, February 24, 2012

Finish It Friday...

 Friday of another week and it is already coming to a close.  I decided that my Fractured February could be turned around and become Fantastic February.  This past week I worked at lots of those unfinished projects that always seem to hang around.  Nothing huge but those little nagging piles of small things to finish.  I DID NOT make this adorable little lingerie bag.  It belongs to a dear friend of mine and she needed it to be able to close so she could use it as her purse for a special event.  She had the black elastic lace for the inside rim and had tried gluing it but her fabric glue was a disaster.  The lace did not adhere and it left an unsightly residue. I tried Fabri Tac by Beacon but had the same horrible results.  Hmmm...what would Grandma do?
Forget the glue and do it properly.  Hand stitch the lace with needle and thread.  It took a lot of time but I am so much happier with the results.  Then I added the polka dot ribbon to disguise the glue residue from the Velcro tabs she had tried to add.  I hand sewed the ribbon to the top edge before I sewed the lace on.  Lastly I hand stitched some large black snaps for the closures.  I am very happy with the finished bag.  Unfortunately I have not been able to give it to my friend as she is going through Bone Marrow Transplant and could use some loving prayers.  So many ups and downs and through it all she remains very strong and positive and never complains.
I also lined about 75 card envelopes with silver foil on the inside flap.  It took me several hours but now I can put them away for the holidays when I will need them.  I save a lot of money buying inexpensive envelopes and adding my own touch of elegance.
I also got a few other things worked along and will share them in another post.
Our weather is so bright and not at all winter gloom and doom gray.  It is cold but I am so happy to see sunshine and blue skies.  I am one of those people who really need sunshine and daylight.  It gives me more energy and I really think that is part of why I was able to get some things completed this week.
My daughter Jenifer has written some affirmations and I would like to share one of them that really summarizes my week...
It's an amazing feeling to accomplish so much and be so grateful for my life today! Jenifer Smith
May you each enjoy a wonderful weekend of bliss doing what gives you joy...


  1. Great repair job on that bag Sherry.
    Your poor friend is having a tough time.She will love what you have done with that pretty "sassy" bag.
    Good on you for doing it.

  2. Dear Sherry,
    I so hope for your friend, that she will come out on the other side of this, being well again-
    the bag will surely make her smile, when she sees the result,-
    and you are fantastic,already having done the envelopes for next christmas.
    Happy week-end.

  3. Looks like you fixed the bag so that it is better than ever. I hope your friend will be better, too. Great idea to embellish cheap envelopes. We are having a very gloomy, drizzly, dark day here. Perfect pajama weather. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Tammy

  4. The closure looks just right for the bag. hope your friend gets better soon to enjoy using it. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Best wishes for your friend's recovery Sherry, she's sure to appreciate the lovely repair job you did on her bag.

    Jenifer sounds as wise as her dear mother.

    Have a great rest of the weekend xx

  6. Isn't that the sweetest thing, so nice of you to help her out!
    hugs Lynn

  7. To accomplish so much and to help out a friend! I hope she is better soon. You did a really nice job on the bag. When this post scrolled up on my google reader and I saw that first photo....I was wondering what you were creating and who it was for! LOL

  8. You are so awesome Sherry!! To do that for your friend during her time of trouble. I hope she will use it as soon as she is well. I will keep her in my thoughts!
    Lining all those envelopes was ambitious! But now you have them ready to use!
    Your daughter's affirmation was beautiful, and so true. I wish I was as positive as her!!
    Keep enjoying the weather!!

  9. Aww, that is awesome, Sherry and I hope your friend will be feeling better and I love the affirmation by your daughter. ((((hugs))) to you,

  10. Sending special thoughts your friend's did a marvelous job on the bag - hand sewing is always the answer! :-)


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