Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FW QAL February Blocks...

Welcome to my February Leap Year post that is photo heavy and may take a while to visit.  I am so very excited that I have joined the Farmers Wife (FW) Quilt Along (QAL) with Donna of Brynwood Needleworks and 24 lovely participants.   I got a late start to this and I am a total beginner when it comes to quilting precise blocks of fabric pieces.  I am learning so much and there is such a sharing of tips and techniques from so many wonderful quilters.  Thank you all so very much.  First you must have the proper tools to do the proper job.  Of course I know this from Mr. C who must have special tools all the time for his projects.
 At first I tried to use the paper templates to cut my pieces and then stitch them together.  Not so accurate as the paper would get cut and the size would get distorted along the way.  So I ordered a template set...or two from Marti Michell.  I then labeled them with the corresponding FW numbers to match my book of blocks.  I also used some handy grips on the backside of the templates because my friend who quilts told me about them and I am so grateful as the grips lessen the possibility of the template slipping and ruining my cutting.
 Here is another tool I am so glad I bought one day...a rotating cutting mat.  What a time saver for cutting around these little templates.
This tool I just received today and I am so excited.  It is the 1/4" quilting foot with guide for my Pfaff Expression.  More than several quilters insisted I must have this.  I had tried putting the blue tape for a reference guide and it helped.  I had other suggestions that would have been very helpful too.  
 I haven't sewn any blocks with this foot yet but just doing a couple of sample seams shows me what a huge difference it will make.   Now to show you my FW QAL blocks for February.  There were a total of 10 that Donna suggested and we could make with our Template Set B.  I selected seven of the blocks to make.  The remaining three I may make at some other time when I get more comfortable with the process.

Block #9 - Box   
Block #16 - Calico Puzzle
 Block #21 - Contrary Wife  (Oops...I never saw that when I looked so carefully and matched it to the book and even showed it to Mr. C...the Master Engineer...who pointed out flaw after flaw but not this glaring one). 
Block #21 - Contrary Wife (Now Corrected)  She really must be contrary! 
Block #41 - Friendship Star 
Block #69 - Practical Orchard
 Block #81 - Snowball
Block #84 - Spool 
I must admit I am pretty happy with each of these blocks.  Some I favor over others however I have not decided on my final layout as of yet.  I am embracing their flaws and hopefully will look back some day and be able to see lots of improvement from this beginning project.  This is part of why I am challenging myself to do this so I can learn and grow.  I love to sew and find it to be quite relaxing...well maybe not so while de-stitching a mistake.  I can also see how I like some fabrics together much better than others.  This too shall be a learning experience.
I am enjoying "meeting" the QAL participants and seeing their blocks and fabric choices they are posting on each of their blogs.
Whew!  I made the February deadline.  Thank goodness I had this extra Leap Year day.  :o)
Now I am ready for March and the blocks Donna suggests.
If you are still reading this post...thank you for hanging in here.
Our weather has turned extremely cold and it is supposed to snow for two days and nights.  My elevation is 3400 feet and we are predicted to get up to 18 inches of snow.  Tahoe at 7000 + feet is to get about 5 feet. Tomorrows high temp is to be about 35 degrees F.  We have been in the low 60's and quite pleasant for this time of year.  I think Winter is finally here.  We certainly need the rain and snow.  I always dread fire season here in the forest trees so the more moisture the better.
As long as the power stays on I can sew quilt blocks.  I do hope I have the right templates for March.  LOL
Stay Safe and Joyful Creating...


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! Won't be long now...the new blocks will be listed on March 1st. I'm so glad you're having fun, my friend.

  2. Love your Big Girl Toys Sherry. You must feel so proud of these blocks.Love how you are working out of your comfort zone. People are so helpful out there in Blogland aren't they?!! Cheers to you!!

  3. You're doing a beautiful job with your quilt blocks! I find that fabrics I don't think I'll like can really make a square pop, and fabrics that I love just don't cut the mustard at times. It's all a grand experiment, and it's great fun to see the final results.

    Happy quilting!

  4. You have done an amazing job. with the right tools and the patience you have accomplished lots.
    Are you planning on making a quilt? Can't wait to see what you create next.
    Stay inside and stay warm.

  5. Congratulations Sherry on completing your first set of blocks, they do look great - and I love the names of them (especially the Contrary Wife!)

    Good luck with your next lot - and I hope the weather doesn't get too bad where you are. We finally have signs of Spring here - the birds are becoming more active and our daffodils are beginning to bloom.

    Happy Quilting xx

  6. Your blocks look great we could never tell you are a beginner! Enjoy the snow, we have had very little really cold weather here this winter. Severe storms here today,,,,,I will take the snow!

  7. Your blocks are really beautiful. I love Donna and would love to do this with you both but I don't think I would be very good at it. You though are really doing a great job.
    I can tell too how much your enjoying it which is the best part of all.
    Hope you don't loose your electricity and you can sew and sew.
    Hate to say it has been so warm here I am having to mow which I can't remember ever mowing out here in Feb.

  8. Your blocks are fantastic. Love those colors. I also have the 1/4 inch guide (Pfaff) and love it. I am wishing you warm too! :-)

  9. Hang in there with the quilting. You will love it and don't be worried about being perfect!! The quilt police will not come after you! Embrace the mistakes and go with it. Loosen up and allow yourself to enjoy the PROCESS not just the result!! Once I learned that, I began to enjoy the quilting process as much or more than the finished product!
    Gmama Jane

  10. Oh Sherry, sew you should be pleased! You are doing a very good job. I believe even experienced quilters have the "I should have" thoughts. Just relax and enjoy the whole new creative adventure.

  11. Sherry your so diverse in your art and seem to do so effortlessly.
    Enjoy your new quilting classes.

    Our temp has taken a turn for the worse also. Snow again. yuck. just when I thought we might be seeing some flowers soon :0(
    hugs Lynn

  12. Hi Sherry, WOW you are amazing. Your blocks are beautiful. You sure are doing a great job and isn't it helpful to have the right tools for the job? Like when I have good brushes versus bad ones!! LOL
    Enjoy and have fun.
    Happy March and hope you have a great weekend and not too snowed in. It is predicted to be 80 today.
    SO ready!!

    Hugs, CMD

  13. Looks like you've embraced quilting with open arms - GREAT job! You're gonna' LOVE that 1/4" foot...the one foot in my machine that I would kill over! :-) Happy March 1st! Tanya

  14. Looks like you've embraced quilting with open arms - GREAT job! You're gonna' LOVE that 1/4" foot...the one foot in my machine that I would kill over! :-) Happy March 1st! Tanya

  15. Your quilt blocks turned out just wonderful Sherry! I think it all involves a little too much thinking for me :) but I love quilts so much and appreciate all the hard work it took to make them. Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you stay cozy and warm during this next snow storm...hugs and love, Dawn

  16. Your blocks look beautiful, the floral fabric looks lovely. You are doing a fantastic job!

  17. Quilting away, Sherry - looks like you're busily doing a wonderful job! Soon you'll have a warm and cozy quilt for those snowstorms!
    xoxo Jane


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