Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fractured February...

When I decided upon using a word to help me in my daily pursuit of life I thought of doing one word for the entire year.  That was in 2010.  I chose my word of focus and it has served me well even still to this day.  I find I pay more attention to my surroundings and happenings. 
Then in 2011 I selected the word now as my guide.  That allowed me to get things done and not put them off as much as I had done in the past.  Good word and I am still benefiting from that choice.
This year of 2012 my word is play and I have not really done it justice in the short amount of time we have had in this year.  I am finding the hours and days and weeks are just flying faster and faster for me.  I am not getting a lot of play time and I think I know what has happened.  LIFE!
I recently saw a quote that fits this perfectly...
“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”
John Lennon

Now for my blog title today I must explain...
I experienced "Disconnected December" from being gone several weeks with hubby to do a consulting job helping a good friend and then getting very sick on our one week vacation in Maui.  No Christmas and not even a visit from Santa was just NOT how I wanted to enjoy December.
Then 2012 brought along "Jumbled January" and my new year was off on the wrong step.  Please understand I am not a pessimist nor do I relish in drama.  I was merely hoping for a simple routine of my comfortable life of homemaking and of volunteering in my community and going to my joyous Zumba classes.  Well that did NOT happen.
As we enter February I must label it "Fractured February" as it is following in the same pattern as the two previous months.  So I shall take a very deep breath and stay on target to a peaceful and serene daily life of flexibility and happiness.  I shall give February a reprieve until Valentine's Day and then based on what happens then I might be able to re-title this post "Fabulous February". 
In the meantime my pursuit of play continues...
What are you playing with and creating? 
I have been seeing lots of beautiful hearts being created.
Our winter has remained very mild however there are changes coming this week...could it be snow???


  1. I've been stitching TAST and working on CQJP 2012, finished a Colour Theory Course on StitchMap, working on my painting, and waiting to register for my first online class with a wonderful embroidery artist! I've been having fun while being industrious. (my word for 2012)
    I hope the weather stays nice. Happy Sunday.

  2. Oh, dear. How I'd love to be able to make a few hearts this February! I know exactly what you mean about time flying. We were warned about this as children, but I never believed it. Now I know!

    Hoping you'll be able to re-post as "Fabulous February", too!

    Hearts and Flowers,

  3. Hi Sherry, I hope Fractured February becomes Fabulous February Very Soon!!

  4. Judy could not have said it better! I've been super busy too and off my schedule. We miss you but will be here when you return to posting and creating on a regular basis.

  5. I've stopped making plans, and I'm just happy with whatever I accomplish in a day. I spent way too much time stressing about meeting self-imposed deadlines. So my key word for the year is ENJOY! Yesterday I enjoyed tatting. Who knows what today will bring? : )

  6. The interruptions of life. I could easily borrow your title. I am combining my yearly words, focus, find and finish. I'm planning to get them seriously fine tuned in February. Hearts to everyone!

  7. I have learned from my hubby that you should not plan your life, but I still tend to disagree. Even though plans change you still need to have them. Even though the last 2 months were rough, you still have 11 amazing months before the year is over. Enjoy your February and hope it comes with an open door of being able to get your plans back.
    Happy Sunday.

  8. Oh Sherry I am right with you. But I am demanding a turn around. I hope it works. Now that the storms we had have passed it is clean up time. It is so sad to see trees I planted 20 years ago broken to pieces. But I shall find new ones and replant. Kind of like how I am looking at life these days. Just replant! LOL

  9. Word are such powerful affirmations . They really do work !! I chant a word for the day 12 times each morning when I walk my dogs .

  10. Oh gosh, it has been quite a crazy last few months! I hope that things will be better soon and that this will be a fabulous February!!!!

  11. As I read the comments, I was trying to come up with a cute word for M/March. But I got nothing for you....I guess that is because we are to be focused on the NOW!

  12. You have been playing. You made that gorgeous fabric piece and I got an ATC from you!! But I have to agree, my new year is NOT at all what I was hoping for!! There is always the best intentions, but little results. Keep trying! Don't give up!! I am going to keep trying too, and maybe we will accomplish something awesome!

  13. Oh yes, you have to take care of yourself! Take all the time you like we aren't going anywhere! Wishing you a fabulous February!!


  14. Here is to a fabulously, fantastic February!! Your creations are wonderful as is your wonderful writing!

  15. I loved John Lennon. He was actually much smarter than people gave him credit.

    Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse for a visit! I love meeting new people and am going to take a few moments to take a look around your blog.

  16. Oh Sherry, you don't sound like a pessimist at all! I understand how frustrating it can be to have plans for simple and wonderful things and have them fall by the wayside as life gets in the way.... I hope your month settles and that it's clear sailing from here and that you aren't in for March Mayhem!


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