Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just Right Goldilocks...

 Do you like getting new furniture?  I really like it but don't do it very often.  However this week I was shopping and found this little chair.  It is made of metal and not very big.  I think it is for a plant to sit on it, however that is not what I had in mind.  Let me see the price tag...Really?  In that case I shall carry it around with me and decide if I really want to purchase this little chair.  It is not very portable and I was traveling with the car.  It would be quite the nuisance and Mr. C would never understand nor have the patience to pack this with all the other stuff I acquired...including two new brooms for the house as mine mysteriously disappeared both upstairs and downstairs brooms.  Why I felt the need to buy them while away is beyond even my understanding.  So as I am carrying around this little chair deciding if I should buy it, too many other shoppers are eyeing my find...hungrily eyeing my little find.  Yup!  I must buy this little chair and pack it home.  Note:  even the housekeeping staff asked about my little chair I sat on the coffee table in our little room while we were in our cozy little cottage...again.  Mr. C is not thrilled. we are home and this little chair is perfect for exactly why I bought it.
I introduce to you, Anne Sherry.  She is so happy to have a new chair to sit in.  Mr. C bought her a nice wooden chair years ago, however Gwendolyn stole it from her soon after it came home.  I shall save that story for another time.  So Anne Sherry tried all the chairs in the house and just like Goldilocks she found every chair to be too big or too small.  Not this chair as she says it is just right!  Here she is happily sitting in her new chair with her favorite book she is reading.  To celebrate her new chair she is wearing her pink butterfly wings and her recently acquired crown.  It is good to be the queen!  She isn't even letting Gwendolyn get near her new chair as she is sitting on the opposite side of the room right where she can keep her eyes on the other dolls just in case they get any ideas.
I am so glad I spotted this little chair and carried it around and brought it all the way home.
Thank you Mr. C for putting up with the ackward packing of stuff in the car...chair and brooms.  As for the Cuties that spilled and rolled all over the parking lot...well that is another story.
The sky is drizzling and the sun is playing hide and seek...more hiding than anything else.  It is cold but not frigid and this is a wonderful weekend to relax and just enjoy being home. Chores are calling me and I don't even mind.
What is something you have purchased while away and then had to wrangle to get it home?
Happy weekend...


  1. Oh Sherry, your post made me laugh!Love the chair..poor husbands with wives who play with dolls and paper, and......Brooms?
    Anne Sherry look very content now she's found just the right chair.
    Things spilling over the parking lot?
    Love your post.

  2. How could you even have hesitated? ;^) Anne Sherry surely suits that gorgeous chair. And wings and a crown; my little girls will be so jealous? hmm, the new wardrobe I bought as a flat pack almost had me waving them goodbye as my guy tried to steer our little, fully loaded, and very crowded Accent home. But he shoe horned me in! lol

  3. un très bel ensemble ! Bisous et bon dimanche

  4. Hello, Sherry! How very funny and sweet, so you! I guess we all have our...things! This has actually been the month for furniture buying for Michael and me. Our sunroom is sorta done, so we have been researching and pouring through decorating magazines and catalogs, trying to discover our style and the best... So, finally we ordered a loveseat, two swivel chairs, and two wooden chairs.
    As for carrying things along on a trip...not so much. It seems forever ago that I traveled! Welcome home, dearie!

  5. Good for you for carrying the little chair around with you, while deciding if you should purchase it. With the admiring looks you got, I am sure that just confirmed you should buy it. Too funny about packing the car. I too have had to rearrange the trunk on more than one occasion. It is not only a perfect little chair it is a nice memory.

  6. A wonderful chair dear Sherry, so lovely for your sweet doll to sit in- and a beautiful "schulpture " to just look at.

  7. Anne Sherry looks so happy. Your dear husband is very understanding. What a peach!
    By the way the blue poppies are Himalayan Blue Poppies. You can Google them and get some seeds to try. I fell in love with them years ago as the blue is gorgeous.

  8. What a sweet story, just like Goldilocks. So glad Anne Sherry found this one to be perfect.
    I am wondering about the cuties rolling along the parking lot though?

    I once packed a 5 ft Blimpie sandwich on board an airplane.
    The second plane said I could not bring it on board. but after explaining it has already flown they didn't have much to say!
    What we do for sisters! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  9. Hi Sherry, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. Love the chair. I would have bought it also. I go to garage sales every weekend and always and I mean always find something. If I don't hubby will find it for me, like this weekend. I had been wanting a gumball machine for my buttons. Several people told me ebay but I did not want to pay alot of money. This weekend we went to an estate sale and guess what hubby saw, a gumball machine. The best pat $2.00. Yes 2 bucks. I also bought some other things for crafting. I have painted it twice already and plan on posting about it sometime this week.

    Enjoy your chair and your brooms. I am sure Mr. C will get over it. They all do.
    Happy monday.

  11. I love your determination! Your new chair is perfect!!
    I bought a child's desk a few months back. This is really old. It is a wood lift top desk, with an inkwell! And metal legs that are all rusty. It came with the matching chair too! Wood with the metal bottom. We were out with the boys (meaning the front and back seats were occupied) in our "crossover" car (don't exactly know what that means)so here I have my Mr. trying to get them into the back of the weird car! I refused to leave without them! For $25 how could I not????

  12. i love that little chair and it's so sweet to hear your story on how it got there! a few years ago i had my heart set on red dogwood branches to decorate with lights in our home. my husband and i walked blocks and blocks trying to find the right branches, then he was nice enough to help me cut off all of the scraggled pieces and hang them with lights as a focal point in our bedroom :)

    hope you had a lovely weekend!

  13. Your post did make me smile Sherry, your doll (great name btw!) looks amazing on her new chair - well worth all the fuss in getting it home I'd say!

    Thanks for your visit to my woyww post - so you have snow at last! Hope it isn't too disrupting for you though - enjoy it while it looks beautiful! Ours is just about all gone, we've had two mild days and it seems to have done the trick, apart from the snow that had been swept and piled up - that's still hanging around - oh and a few carrots and twigs, where once snowmen stood!

    Have a great week Sherry xx

  14. Brooms, I don't get it LOL! How they disappeared and why you would buy new ones on a trip?! The chair is darling and I love your black and rose carpet. When I was out of town at the same thrift store I scored my dress form and my white Christmas tree, 2 things that I had been searching for forever! Yep, a little crowded along with luggage! Happy Valentines Day!!



  15. Ha! Love your chair story and it looks like it was a wonderful find and purchase :)

  16. Ooops I'd already seen it hadn't I! Serious senior moments already - LOL. Hope you have a lovely week xx


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